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  1. https://youtu.be/cdX184vBnpI
  2. He didn't have them prepared in this must win game on the road??
  3. Need to get it down to 12 with 6 min left
  4. We must be intimidated by the cardboard cutouts and the hostile environment.
  5. Put in Russell and Strickland
  6. I hope they don't, but they deserve to lose.
  7. This is all a big steaming pile of crap!
  8. Two things are going on here. The first is that transfers are so common in college basketball today that these are the thoughts that first come to mind for so many. The other is that we have what we've been screaming for throughout the years - true depth. Let's not halt the parade before all floats have even started. What's happening with Hargrove is what should be happening in a good bball program. It will help his development and truly push him to earn minutes on the court.
  9. I didn't see this anywhere on here. This is terrible news. A female student was shot multiple times today in a parking garage on Lindell Blvd down from campus. She is in critical condition. Prayers for this young lady.
  10. Congratulations! Thanks for all you do!
  11. Exactly! I would make him shoot underhand. If after all these years you can't make free throws, then go underhand. I know that will never happen because of egos, but if you could make five more points in addition to your current scoring, why not? If a guy hates doing it enough, he should spend more time on his own improving his free throws and prove he can shoot 70% or better shooting normal. If not, it's Rick Barry time.
  12. The refs may have been bad, but you also have to play smarter when you get early fouls. Travis was really bad in the second half. We don't get in foul trouble, we are 10 - 12 points better. On to the next.
  13. Broadcasting career? https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900040837/an-inside-look-at-slc-stars-center-willie-reeds-chance-to-job-shadow-jazz-broadcast-team.html
  14. Agreed and arguably our best or second best player in conference play.
  15. SANTOS had a picture of Crews in his locker???
  16. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/famous-youtube-ace-family-dad-accusations-tweets Austin is making really big money, as mentioned before on this page. He has one of the top YouTube channels in the US. Will this latest news derail that? Some of the tweets mentioned happened when he was a SLU student.
  17. Yes they are, Skip. If you look at conference play, which is the second half of the season he was a very good player. One would think that would only continue. The guy shot over 82% from the FT line in conference play, which led the team. For a team that was 335th in the country in FT's, that's a big loss. Jalen shot 43% from 3PT in conference plan, which led the team. And for a team that was 314th in the country in 3PT shooting, that's another big loss. He protected the ball relatively well too. His defense was not great, but I don't think he was a complete liability either. Also, he appeared to be a great teammate and stayed out of trouble. I think this is a pretty big loss. In the end, I'm not sure what the overall impact will be (if any), but it would have been nice to have another experienced player going into next year. Best of luck to you, Jalen.
  18. Initially, I tried to be optimistic and thought this might be SLU's way of covering their butts and going to thorough levels to do so. This way, if the player's punishments are reduced they still look like they are working hard to protect everybody. Then, I thought about the people administrating this and I don't think they have any intention of reducing punishments. I hope I'm wrong.
  19. I wonder if this all would have gone down the same if not for the all the people coming out of the woodwork about sexual abuse. Is SLU doing this to send a message out that they don't tolerate this stuff? Not sure what "this stuff" even means, but since the words "sexual abuse" were given from day one I felt like SLU would drop the hammer, especially when all the hollywood stuff started heating up. If anybody wants to talk to Cuonzo, I can tell you where to go see him in person right now.....Webster Groves.
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