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  1. With all the moving around this guy does, Bounce U may be in his future.
  2. Eh, Few is only 58. He could be there another 10 years. That's a long time to wait for something that you can get today. My memory tells me that Mike Hopkins was due to take over for Boeheim at Syracuse. Boeheim is still there, Hopkins is at University of Washington as HC.
  3. Best Wishes to Philip Russell!!
  4. I hope he gets a scholarship to a good school where he can earn some pt. Thank you and best of luck to PR.
  5. I'm guessing that they wanted to wait until after the tourney.
  6. Sean Miller out at Arizona. A little surprised.
  7. He may be a coach's son, but who is his roommate?
  8. Looking forward to the final. Early line has Gonzaga -4.5. I’d take Baylor so that means Gonzaga is in good shape.
  9. Has anyone heard any whispers about where he might land? I hope it's a good situation for the school and a better situation for him.
  10. Sorry to see him go, but I didn’t see both him and GJ staying. Maybe he saw himself as being recruited over. Maybe not.
  11. I think we've seen the ceiling of French, a high ceiling, but his lack of height exposes him against better/taller competition. I don't think he has the skills to be a 4. I still think French is a very good player. Goodwin could still develop more of an outside shot, so him coming back could be something.
  12. Whittenberg was 3-25 in his last full year in the Bronx. Started out the 2009-2010 season 1-4 and was fired. He took over a bad team and he did lead some respectable teams. There were rumblings of some personal, non-criminal, non-sexual, issues, but I shouldn't repeat their nature as they aren't verified. At NC State, he got let moved from Assistant Coach to University Community Relations, so he's not that connected to the basketball program anymore.
  13. It also closes off their avenue to win more games.
  14. I would tip it in the Bills' favor only because of the possibility of a COVID layoff 'thumb on the scale.' Doesn't guarantee anything, but I'm trying to be optimistic.
  15. It’s easy to say you want to play someone when you know you’re out of games.
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