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  1. If this was a home game for Davidson they'd be playing. https://atlantic10.com/boxscore.aspx?id=7ltyipP022aUJKmSgYVs3wXi7up73ghniwD5ElWyd07J7BNseBaMQePf0fY%2F3yUPBxQUwg2BBeQp%2FbmUjoCbslf2lFW4i5Jo%2FyMvxz6Xs1EiXvTVrezq9mPLLkW0Gbuz9006cEaklXA6VkCR%2B0jzkCz6jMViF3BReLRcxy1Yvy0%3D&path=wbball Their senior night they were apparently healthy enough.. three days ago. Suddenly they're not "healthy enough" for the road trip.
  2. Does that include walk-ons? They likely have walk on players and can play with them. This is shameful and bush league for Davidson; i never thought they were a good addition to the conference and that's just proving right. They were healthy enough to play THEIR senior night against GW.. then suddenly cancel. They need derision, not sympathy. Knox College are ballers; kudos to them again. They didn't have to do this but they are ready to hit the court, unlike Davidson.
  3. i would take Pitino as the SLU coach in a heartbeat. I've called for hiring Pitino on this board before. In his defense, he did 100% do the right thing when that idiotic assistant and his wife took the criminal path and tried to blackmail Rick. He didn't give in to the embarrassment and instead did the right thing by sending that scum to federal prison where they belonged. Pitino does some goofball stuff and is a grade-a a$%hole. He's not an idiot nor a loser. That doesn't make the whole situation not-funny, and Pitino rightfully should be derided by opposing fans. Heckling is a great American tradition.
  4. Hookers and blow? Fancy suits? FBI wire taps? Banging the strength coach's wife in the back of a restaurant? Pitino is a shoe-in for Senate.
  5. Good move by SLU to schedule a game. Cool for Knox College for being willing to make the trip down and play. Very high class by them, and an actual smart move by May to make sure there is a game of some kind for senior night. This was very quick moving by SLU. Can't say enough positive about Knox College and those ladies for making it down to play with barely 24 hour notice. That's a hefty pull and a real favor to the Lady Billikens. Not good by Davidson. Bush league. Hope Davidson is reimbursing SLU for the cost of travel for Knox College and SLU for canceling a home game.
  6. Didn't we already honor Gibby? He's not technically a senior either. Is he gonna come back again? I think we will have had like 3 or 4 senior nights for him at that point. Just part of college hoops getting sillier and sillier. Hargrove is gonna be a tough goodbye. Not one of the best Billikens, but one of my favorites.
  7. What a bunch of stupidity. The MAC f%&$ing sucks a$$. It's a horrible conference. Horizon league. Worse than MVC. UMass went there because they need to be able to schedule for their football team. The MAC was only willing to take them if they could sponge off of UMass in other sports like basketball and so on. The A10 is lightyears ahead of the MAC in everything except playing bad, nationally-irrelevant football(UMass is a perfect fit here.) They wanted to keep playing football. The price was having to join the MAC. simple as that.
  8. We need to add Lindenwood and UMKC so that CTF can finally compete.
  9. compounding on why i stated that IMO he's the worst PG we have ever brought here. I don't see potential. We have to scrap and start over at that position.
  10. URI by 7. Wiz still hasn't factored in the "CTF Factor" CTF factor is worth -3 in this game.
  11. he's too short to play at this level, Roy, and he is no "Pee Wee Leonard" before you bring him up. He just ain't it. I have never seen a guy get beat on the drive like he does. He overplays his man, tries to compensate with dumb fouls, and just doesn't bring the kind of skills or talent needed to overcome his height. We have to get a new PG to compete. Aaron Hines was better than what we have now. Our inside play is marginally better than the Crews-era useless stiffs, our PG play has seriously downgraded from what ole "Temu Bob Knight" brought us. Agree with you on Thames. I guess a lot of people don't really watch the game and just look at highlights afterward or whatever; but Thames is just constantly getting beat on defense, making dumb fouls and amateur mistakes over and over again. He's someone that theoretically should benefit from coaching. Is he just not absorbing it or does the teacher not know how to teach? Open question there.
  12. I wonder who's fault that could have been? Maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin? (disclaimer: this is firmly tongue-in-cheek, a child is not responsible for the sins of the father)
  13. I would happily take the RM era all over again knowing what I know now. Why are people harping on this health thing? He gave us one of the best and most memorable Billiken teams of all time. The problem was hiring f'ing Jim "Temu Bob Knight" Crews. If we had hired Moser or something things would have been just fine. That team was GOOD. Columbus was the best Billiken memory i have in my lifetime. STFU Old Guy. Shove it. RM was awesome heart disease or no. I'm tired of reading this crap from you.
  14. You need to add a "CTF factor" to the computer calculations. That might make it more accurate. Billikens abysmally bad; worth at least a couple points in the red. Vegas was handing out FREE MONEY last night. Wowza. Also FIRE FORD NOW!
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