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  1. Totally right. I know plenty of young(30s) and healthy people who have seen long term after effects on their breathing and aches/pains. There's a certain attitude that tries to say the virus is just the flu. It is absolutely not. Just because someone recovered doesn't necessarily put them in shape to play competitive sports. What I hope is that those effected recover quickly, no others come down with it, and we don't see anymore outbreaks at all and get our guys vaccinated ASAP. Any other hope is just cruel and insane.
  2. This is terrible. The other thing that is terrible is maclaughlin. This game is depressing. Please tell me we have a better team than this. The kangaroos lost to semo.
  3. If the Billikens don't take and hit 3s we won't get wins. This is a team that needs 3 pointers.
  4. This is a HUGE game. I'm very excited. Wow!!
  5. I don't believe games against some of the worst competition in the country is worth the risk, no. Hopefully we can play in three days and maybe schedule a BCS opponent for Christmas week. If Illinois or Mizzou want to play tomorrow, go for it. I can't think of anything that gives more of a reason than playing with a guy who has active virus. Let's go ahead and continue the season rather than risk derailing games against quality competition. I wasn't entertained during Pine Bluff. The game was over in 3 minutes. This team needs quality opponents.
  6. The attitude of some here to the health of our players is infuriating. Keep in mind ONE positive test or even invocation of COVID protocol could result in the cancellation of CONFERENCE games. If we played the Aces today we could be cancelling the Minnesota game. I'd rather play Minnesota thanks.
  7. Who cares if we play sub-300 evansville. Let's get to conference play without positive tests. We are scheduled to play in 3 days. A cancellation should be expected this year, if we get one positive test 3+ games are gone. It seems caution is wiser than the hope we might get to beat down on a crummy team. Bring on conference play.
  8. Hard to find teams willing to play. This is PBs 5th game already.
  9. Basically don't do it while up 40 against Arkansas..... Pine bluff. Good learning moment for Strickland. I'm fine with the call.
  10. I don't know which is worse, the billikens play tonight or the hyperbole of this thread. It's a successful season when we can have a full NCAA tourney meltdown. We are having a meltdown like the big boys now. Go bills!!
  11. I want to add that Roby is an education major.. Will he be doing student teaching next year? He is a real class act for the university. Real courage and integrity.
  12. It is real hard work being a Billiken fan. It is not getting easier.
  13. MVP of the game was the red panda acrobat. Its worth showing up just to see that act. Seriously. Im shocked she still does it after so long. Jordan Goodwin is a real ball player. His shot is starting to show at least mediocrity. He's obviously been working on it. He has a real will to get assists and make plays happen. Give him time and a real point guard (TY GRAVES) to work with. He will be part of an excellent and aggressive backcourt. Fire fred pestello. The administration is a joke.
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