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  1. Make sure you bring up their 0-19 record and make sure to mention they lost to Vanderbilt. That crowd will love it.
  2. Shirtball It's a play on the old spoonball. I grew up in that era and I'm sticking with it. I hope we don't shoot like Virginia did though
  3. I'm absolutely over the moon for this hire. The news is great and just gets better. Even if the honeymoon period this is great. The recruits mentioned have been great, the assistant and staff hires are great. SLU is finally getting things right for once. I don't think we will have HCJS for long, but by God it is going to be fun. Let's go!
  4. I think it's difficult because Schertz needs a stretch but that can shoot the ball. A guy like SVB or Bruce would not be it, even if they did develop. A 6 8 shooting forward like Hargrove would be more effective backing up Avila due to the style. Hello Kellen Thames?? If Thames can develop his passing game I could see him serving that role. Otherwise we have to hope to find a guy. But 7ft isn't as much of a requirement as the ability to be patient, pass well, and shoot the ball effectively.
  5. Billikens.com as crazy as ever. Enjoying the sycamores crushing the P6. Schertz to SLU is already done you guys are crazy. There's been zero talk of him anywhere else, SLU is pursuing noone else. What do you think this is? Indiana state is poor even by Missouri Valley standards. The Louisville spectacle should have put this to bed. Y'all goofy.
  6. Nice win. Best part of the NIT is the home games! Play on!
  7. When national media reports on it, it's done. You can relax now. Current SLU players? You mean Jimerson and Parker? Thames? Thames is already home. Parker's gone bro, and playing time is not going to be a factor for Jimerson. Jimerson can talk to Dr Chaifetz about the money. Has little to do with Schertz coming. If Jimerson stays Schertz will use him; if he moves on we will be fine. The other guys? We wouldn't be bringing ISU's team in if we weren't trying to move them on to future endeavours already. Were you watching this team this year? This is a purge and replace situation; that's why we pursued Schertz. Maybe you meant Medley; who is definitely gonna stay to be the "back up PG" .. lol Additionally, you do know that we are already reaching out to guys in the portal right now .. of course you'd know this if you were paying attention to the news that you claim to care so much about. Take a time out for mental health.
  8. It's already done. you are just nuts. Ford is gone, he can't hurt you anymore.
  9. They are fun. i was yelling at the TV for the first time in a long time(well something other than "fire this guy now") Magic can go on for a little more. i hate the big 10. take 'em down.
  10. So the computer is saying Flyers and Rams are in trouble next year? I like the computer.
  11. They sure are bitter on that board. I'm not gonna absorb that bitterness. We have been suffering enough over here in St Louis. Josh Schertz is gonna be beloved here. Winning has a tendency to do that! I hope they land another slam dunk coach in terre haute! They should try hiring Ford or Jim Crews if they want to know true hopelessness and suffering. Edit: we also had Romar poached by Washington back in the day. I was mad as hell. Got over it. He sent us some great video acknowledgments from when his former players were honored and stuff. He would still get a nice ovation here in STL if he makes a retirement stop. It's not the same as when the players go now too, sure, but still.
  12. He has good hands and skills. Some of those assists were straight nasty. We haven't had a big guy with finesse for a long time.
  13. You're back, BAB. Also screw the big 10. Time to go Caddyshack on the gophers.
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