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  1. VCU, the flagship program, being down is going to be an unmitigated disaster. We are solidifying as a one-bid-league. Anyone wanting to seriously compete should be looking to jump ship(Dayton and VCU are standouts to be trying to get out of this nightmare)
  2. The Jim Crews era saw Aaron Hines(walk-on) have the highest MPG in the conference. We had Austin Gillman, Matt Neufeld(to name a few) as our "starting center" .. Likely our most talented player was Davell Roby. We had WBAT(Worst Billiken of All Time) Brett Jolly fire up 3s and then talk trash to opposing teams and get technical fouls. Nothing will ever be that bad. I do agree that this team will not be as good as last years, which was pitifully inadequate and underperforming.
  3. You seriously think Perkins and Jimerson, our best offensive players, excelled in an up-tempo run game? What team were you watching? Jimerson is a Princeton special and Perkins needed a set of crutches. I'll elaborate: last year's team strengths were our shooting and rebounding. We had a couple of tall, elite-level percentage shooters and could often outsize inferior low tier opponents under the basket. We got exposed every time we ran into teams that could match us in size and best us in speed.
  4. Yes it does. Only to people who don't care about winning. You have terrible opinions on everything though, your bad ideas are not only sports-related.
  5. He didn't make the tournament. He was injured when he did manage to get us to the post season. I'm good, dude. Time to move on from this era of coulda woulda shoulda. If we are really using a Pujols comparison; AP won the world series, is a hands down Hall of Fame professional player, one of the greatest baseball players in history, who played a clean game on the heels of "the roid era" and is literally a living legend not just in some podunk college program, but in worldwide baseball lore. Good grief, man.
  6. Then it's a good thing you aren't in charge, BAB. I'll take my chances with LHJ and Medley. I think the ball sitting in one guys hands 70% of the time and having no other ball distribution was a problem. It was also a problem having a 6 footer with terrible shooting skills on the floor for 40 mins a game.
  7. Yep. These guys are pro athletes and deserve the same scrutiny that pro athletes get.
  8. He has to. This year is it. My hopes are not high; if there is one season for us to actually OVERPERFORM, rather than the usual underperform.. this is it. Tournament or bust.
  9. It's good legislation to have, as other states will allow for this. No reason to have limitations that other states don't. Recruiting is about NIL $$ now. You are living in billiken_roy world. This is pro athletics. Deal with it. Honestly we likely need to start reducing coach salaries as their jobs will be less about recruiting. We need more talent scouts and more money to sign contracts for players.
  10. I watched some NBA ball last night. Impossible to play that game if someone can't shoot. Jimerson is a better NBA prospect.
  11. There are not enough likes on this forum for this quote.
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