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  1. Not surprised that Billiken Rich would say that. Metz 2.0
  2. When you play like this, you'll lose to fordham.
  3. Tv situation is ridiculous. Pathetic on espns part.
  4. Bad post. You don't want to play? Give up, go home, stay there. Great players.. they play. I remember the naysayers talking trash about the CBI. That team wanted to play and we had a great time. You either want to play or you don't. Non-players should sit at home and leave the players to compete.
  5. And we should accept it enthusiastically. If we refuse to play, it says a lot more about our team than this bad game does.
  6. The people going after Ford have short memories and are comparing him to The Great One, Rickma. I remember the coaches we had in between Spoons and RM. Ford can recruit and make us competitive and entertaining every year.
  7. If you didnt lose twice to dayton I'd agree with you. You have to achieve two things for the Bills. 1. You have to make a case for A10 to get three teams in the tourney. 2. You have to make a case to take the Bills over other A10 teams. With SLU loss today unless Davidson wins the tourney the A10 is a two bid league. VCU and St Bona In. If SLU lost to VCU in the final then it's st B, SLU, VCU. That's the issue.. and with this how do you make a case for either davidson or slu? Nope. SLU NIT bound.
  8. NIT. Anyone thinking we had a chance at ncaa without being in the championship game drank too much of the blue koolaid. That happened when we lost to a horrible la salle team.
  9. This happens a lot for French. When he isn't effective he refuses to adapt his game and just plays frustrated. Chief weakness of his game. These guys are too tall for doing this. You end up having to either pull him or having him be a liability.
  10. Terrible, terrible post. Travis ford is the right coach. We have players that can play and are in the upper portion of the conference and won the 2019 conference tournament. Im guessing you preferred the Jim Crews school of recruiting/coaching. Lame. Terrible post.
  11. Because they got blocked. Silliness. Playing from behind like this, with bad defense, you are either hitting 3 pointers or you are losing.
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