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  1. If Fred is healthy there is no comparison... Fred is a great athlete with a high level desire and motor. Jacobs was nicknamed the ghost by many as his tendency to disappear in games was noteworthy. Yes he has talent but I would take Fred if healthy and I don't think it is even close.
  2. Classic Heinrich story...I was at Kemper Arena Dec 30 1999 when we were playing well and up by a few points on Kansas in the second half. Heinrich was all by himself under the hoop , went up for a dunk and put the ball awkwardly to the bottom of the rim and fell to the floor. 18000 Jayhawk fans let out a roar that was almost like they were laughing ...we lost all momentum and after a Boschee three we were done. Think we lost by 11 but it all fell apart after that disastrous try for a dunk.
  3. A wonderful man who I was privileged to know. A true Billikens fan who put a smile on many children’s faces over the years. I will always remember him and his devotion to the kids.
  4. Yuri is the straw that stirs the drink. Go back and watch the season.... without him we may have won 18 games. Had some turnover issues as he was learning but shot well enough over the last half of the season to overcome people laying off. Handles the ball so well and has such great court vision that defenses still play him tight....no matter how many shots he takes.
  5. I give you credit for lasting this whole thread and still trying to convince Billiken Roy ...it hasn't happened on any topic for a decade so your persistence is amazing
  6. Donald's normal behavior....he was the leader of it's the flu businessmen he is now discarding....wasn't long ago he tweeted the cure can't be worse than the disease ...not sure what changed his tune other than his own political survival
  7. Agreed. The board mirrors society where depending on your chosen media taking point of view that is all people believe. Yes the flu killed 37K and car crashes killed 38K but the truth is that if you open your mind and LISTEN to experts the potential is there to kill millions in just America which would affect everyone on this board. 51 doctors have died in Italy ...ever here of a doctor losing their life during flu season? It is not the flu and is not a hoax or many smart people would not have taken the steps to mitigate it's potential damage if it was .
  8. You own or run a business...hire a person who can't do the job. Great person but inadequate do you just keep them (don't think so) or do you try and find a better fit or suggest they try another option ( probably) . Travis I believe will handle things as he should given his responsibility as the coach. If he didn't and had a Jim crews mess on his hands we would want him fired and wonder why the team had no talent.
  9. I lived in Ohio so went to a couple of games in 62 as an 8 year old falling in love with basketball. Met Oscar on the floor during warm-ups and that same year was able to stand next to Wilt to see how tall he was... different times then.
  10. If Jacobs the ghost remains unseen not sure it makes a difference other than a depth issue...TJ playing better and we did it going 6-7 deep last year.
  11. My bad...I may not be glazed but definitely confused
  12. My bad we would be 5th. .. sorry Carter
  13. Carter's take has another mistake...we would not be 5th if all 3 win Saturday...we would be 6th
  14. True but that was a while ago and we should have never blown that lead ..went conservative and stopped playing to win . We played to win today and kept pushing the ball.
  15. CBS at the half said Rhode Island’s loss today was a “really bad loss” . How about a little respect for the Billikens.
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