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  1. I put him on ignore many years ago skip. Best thing on this board I ever did.
  2. The biggest issue is Nesbitt walking away from the line on both misses. The first shot it appears Jimmerson tells him to go back on the line. Next his lack of blocking out Lofton could have cost us the game.
  3. Fred had a layup ..Yuri went for the dagger 3 . Just tie the game . It drives me crazy how teams pass up a sure 2 pts . Time and score matters .
  4. That was our 4th home loss to quality teams. Win 2 of the 4 and we would have had a solid chance but unfortunately losing all 4 ends the at large hope..only way in is to win the conference tournament
  5. There is a pattern here ...all of our losses except Memphis have been the same
  6. Not correct ..his stats 2018-2019 40.8 2019-2020 32.3 2020-2021 33.9 2021-2022 24.2 4 years since he shot 40 % This is also a step up in competition as Roy points out . No one is Yikes just making some valid points that perhaps he is not what we thought we were getting.
  7. Seems to be more to it...he isn't starting..minutes are down ..Dad is tweeting about Ford and even tweeted the staff are concerned he has gained weight etc. Not sure it is a quick fix. As Roy said a kid filled with fun and joy has lost that.
  8. That's because to the previous point we play to the their slow down needs. This team must play fast and as Roy mentioned it has been obvious for awhile. Look at the Boise State win and pre last 7 minutes of the losses at home to UAB ,Auburn and Belmont. Travis has to chill out on the mistakes that happen with a faster pace which . We win those 3 at home and we are ranked today even with the UMASS give away at their place.
  9. We went to a zone for some reason in the second half which was really when the drives to the hoop started . Traore is still learning basketball and okoro is not good in a zone as he is also is not used to playing zone from his Oregon experience. Some of it is on the scheme we went to.
  10. When okoro went back in Travis kept him switching on defense which put him in a mismatch with Fernandes whi gets the and 1...you have to go small ball then and bring in Nesbit etc not traore with no experience. Inexplicable why the most important possessions end in his hands. Just really dumb decisions.
  11. Talk to the players ...he already has
  12. Travis went off on the players post-game that they have to make plays "at this level" ie D1. Let me say that someone is being paid 2 5 million to coach "at this level"
  13. Okoro fouled out because Travis kept switching on defense and put him in a mismatch .
  14. Your center has 4 fouls and you keep switching on defense
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