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  1. billikenblue

    S Hall over the Bills by 21

    If anslytics was all it took to win the dodgers would have won the world series and the rockets would be NBA champions. I appreciate Wiz and his take on this but his data is limited being early in the season and with the shooting stats being a key part of the grades bad shooting will continue to affect the AVERAGE. . I prefer MANalytics which is more than numbers.
  2. billikenblue

    Practice Tuesday

    Based on practice and what I observed you are spot on. The best part of the top 7 is they are all active and can be interchanged due to versatility. I could even see DJ , French and Gordon on the floor at the same time depending on matchups.
  3. billikenblue

    Practice Tuesday

    Happened to be at practice when Jacobs was told the news. Great to see the reaction by the coaches and the team as he ran to the locker room to get ready. Lots of offense / defense transition drills with top 7 players rotating as the white team and the blue team held it's own. Thatch is SO strong and has a motor that does not stop. Tramaine and Dion both great shooters Chemistry of the team still a work in progress but will definitely be there soon Gordon is talented but still learning how to play at this level. His effort is there though which is encouraging. French and DJ both ready for a big year Goodwin and Tramaine have not figured out their roles as both of them like having the ball. Since they will both be playing lots of minutes together still a work in progress. Once the season rolls and Travis gets into a 8 man rotation may not see the freshman alot but they are a solid core of talent for the future and definitely push the starters in practice. No matter how this all plays out Travis has turned the team around very quickly after the disaster that Crews left. It is a great time to be a Billiken fan again.
  4. billikenblue

    2018/19 Discussion/Optimism Thread

    Roy is so right. Thought we were getting Larry Hughes 2 and after the first viewing you knew he was not even close to a D1 player. I think he was gone before the season was over .
  5. billikenblue

    Grad Transfer & JUCO Tracker

    Kassius Robertson from a small school was the best grad transfer in the NCAA and Mizzou's best player.
  6. Rick was in a serious health condition much earlier than the public knew and was actually in the hospital praying for a heart to be donated . I personally know that Rick from my many talks with him did not bring Crews in to be his successor.
  7. Rick did not bring in Crews as his replacement. He actually did him a favor as he felt bad he had been fired from Army and over the years they had developed a relationship having dinner together and Rick saw him as a good guy . Alex Jensen was Rick's pick but they had a falling out right before Rick's health took a turn for the worse. To the Crews debacle May was told by many people including chaifetz crews can't and won't recruit the right players and we should look elsewhere. The only 20/20 is that May blew it by not doing the right thing and making the easy choice for him.
  8. billikenblue

    GDT: Crash the Flyers

    Exactly. Hines is so uncontrollable and then doesn't cover the lane in the zone letting a pass to the basket.
  9. My take is the photos on the phone and then sending them was the decisive issue.
  10. billikenblue

    GDT La Salle vs SLU

    He is an intramural star playing at D1 . He will hit a shot once in a while but he does not help the team's chemistry when he is out there. 6-2 since DJs minutes have increased and his have decreased. Maybe not a stiff in your eyes but obviously a detriment to a winning team He pays zero minutes if we had one other guard on the bench
  11. Taj. Sad to see it all end this way. All the lows of being a Billikens fan were at times worth it with the highs ,while limited , were special. But this is a blow which will not be able to be overcome. The special part is the great fans like yourself that we were able to get to know through the journey . My son and I will be in D.C. For our 8th straight father / son conference tourney as a fan of basketball but not as a fan of this mess. Hopefully the proximity of Baltimore will get you off your couch and we can grab a drink together in DC. Ted 

  12. billikenblue

    Injury updates 2017

    Welmer will not return this season. His career might be over which is a shame as he had real promise to be a great player for us.
  13. billikenblue

    GDT: SLU vs. WMU - Busting the Broncos

    I said this last year also. We will not be successful with Hines playing. I sit near the bench and see Travis virtually grimace when he has to put him in . Unfortunately he is the only guard and has no other option.Frustrating for him l am sure.
  14. Totally agree Roy. Or at the very least communicate something. I was close to Rick and the handling of a similar situation with Willie etc made him very angry to the point I thought he might leave the program. Travis may be going through the same thing.
  15. billikenblue

    Mike Lewis

    I personally believe that he could be our best guard with continued improvement on our existing roster.