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  1. Don't underestimate the power of conference USA...the casual fan of basketball would walk up to the box office with all the great teams and programs in our league. Numerous ooc games were also better Kansas...UCLA. U Mass with Calapari....Mizzou etc
  2. Just sent a text to a friend ...so passive ...no fight in the second half makes no sense
  3. Tired of Travis and his oh well we can't shoot free throws
  4. The big 3 of French... Goodwin and Thatch did not bring their game today
  5. Agreed Taj..I am into manalytics not analytics..ask the Houston Rockets how well that has worked out for them.
  6. Wiz..the problem with one game analytics is that it is not indicative of who the real person to stop is. Javon Freeman-Liberty is their star not Fazekas . He is the one who we must stop to win.
  7. Josh Harrelson . Local kid who was from St. Charles
  8. Goodwin and Bess Have to get involved. We are back to the first 2 months of isabell dominating the ball and making too many decisions
  9. Goodwin and Bess MIA in the first half. Need them to step it up to get this done.
  10. It's hard to be a Billikens fan..as we all know too well.
  11. You missed the point . We are talking DUQUESNE ..
  12. Even more depressing is that Duquesne in Dambrots year 2 is 6 and 2 and on the upswing with a true point guard in Carry and a better overall roster ..at Duquesne!!
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