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  1. Agree Roy...our game plans continue to be head scratchers. I believe we were obsessed with getting Osun in foul trouble early ...which was not how we played when we best them a month ago...utilize your bench and speed up the game . Still blown away we never pressed Ace when Bones was out against VCU.
  2. This was on the game plan..obsessed with getting osun in foul trouble stopped our offensive flow. Remember we beat them by 10 with little inside focus a month ago . Not sure why we went this direction.
  3. Why are we doubling Osun and we didn’t Mitchell yesterday and Mitchell is a much better offensive force
  4. French after a quick start is missing 2 footers also...he should have 20 points by now
  5. Right now after COVID what is our identity..we had one before COVID...rotations confusing ...no offensive flow...quick hook ...if I was a player I would be confused
  6. Right now we have not one 3 point shooter on the floor...
  7. My sentiments exactly ..Jacobs pressured Baldwin once and got a steal and a layup...he played all 40 minutes and we let him feel comfortable..nor sure why Travis who was a point guard didn’t use that more..
  8. We all have different opinions but there is no denying for whatever reason we have not been the same team since the COVID layoff ...don’t forget that not only did we have a layoff the majority of the team and Travis actually had COVID
  9. Linden not athletic enough for this game
  10. Disagree ...competition was part of it ..we are a step slow on our defense ...look at the last 2 fouls by Goodwin and Perkins
  11. Our defensive basics were lost in the COVID pause
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