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Join a Grassroots Movement to not the local media determine Avila's New Nickname

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It has already started.  We are going to let a group of toupee wearing has beens who can't write a complete sentence create the new nickname for SLU's newest star, the biggest national star for SLU since Easy Ed.

We can't let this happen.  Step 1 submit your best ideas in this thread.  Let's have some great suggestions by the time the press conference hits and flood social media with the best one and force Bernie, Frank, and the Bens to submit to our nickname.  If that doesn't work I have 4 cases of clown noses in my Amazon cart ready to ship today to the offices of the Post Dispatch, 590, 101, and KSDK.

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The best part is that you don’t have to pick just one nickname!  Cream is the best one, but the dude is famous for having a bunch of nicknames.  Adding the St Louis and SLU specific ones is great.

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