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  1. This is a bit off topic, but does anyone know what happen to the foil panels, balloons, and hypnotist wheels they used to hand out to the students at half as free throw distractions?
  2. I was solely pointing out that there are teams that play with more depth. Texas Tech was Number 2 in defensive efficiency... anyway not the point of the post.
  3. I am not saying one is better than the other but, IF you have quality talent on the bench why not use it. Great example of this is Texas Tech, fresh legs constantly subbing 3 to 4 guys at a time allowing them to pressure you on defense the whole game. They had 10 guys over 10 mpg... if you can count the 9.9 I will say this is one of the only teams off the top of my head that I could think of this past year that would be in this discussion.
  4. 100% agree, I lost my mind multiple times last year seeing 2 guys wide open on the arc while Okoro has 3 guys dogging him down low with no kick out. Regarding rim protection from what I saw there were alot of baseline plays that Okoro was just a second or two late getting to, which usually led to a dumb foul or wide open lay up. You fix those two things Okoro is All A10 First Team
  5. Beat Dayton at home, beat Boise on the road in OT... The loses to Belmont at home and UAB on the road were the brutal L's in my opinion.
  6. If we want a run in March or even an at large we need a back up to Okoro period.
  7. I'd be in for Belmont, UAB, or Wichita State.
  8. I honestly thought he would see some more minutes this year, he's a sound all around big so I was a little suprised when he announced the transfer. Hope Long Beach works out for him!
  9. You can make a solid argument, Ford letting Yuri have the keys to the palace and recruiting weapons around him the last 3 years has helped him. No doubt he's a gamer, but only time will tell once he chooses where to take his skills.
  10. Frank put it best, spent 3 years (not including recruiting) making the kid what he is just for him to lie to the staff and then send a text that he is hitting the portal. Total lack of character. Pretty greasy move. If he would have left at the end of the season I would have had no problems but to do this during crunch time. Gross. He will not be missed.
  11. After all this drama... No thanks. Give it to francis, Gibby or Perk. We saw some sort of team head butting this year. Yuri coming back would really be something else for team chemistry. Wish Yuri luck, he will be soon forgoten.
  12. In my opinion the portal should revert back to normal. Unless a coaching change is made within the program, then the athletes of that team should be granted 1 time transfer immediate eligibility waiver. Seems fair and simple.
  13. @MidtownMadPod - “Turnbull was an AAU teammate of SLU signees @Nick_kramer03 and @KellenThames - the trio helped @BradBealElite to a second place finish at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam last July.” I don’t know if this has been stated on here yet, but to me it seems like an easy sell for SLU over Mizzou, excluding NIL deals. That’s also if he even wants to stay in state.
  14. McCormack is so hard to defend underneath. His release is so high it's nearly impossible to get a hand on it, and his foot work. He is truley a specimen.
  15. With JP3 secured for next season we need a big. I wouldnt mind Jimmy Bell coming back home. Rumor is hes making an annoucement today or tomorrow.
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