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  1. Wisconsin 23 Dayton 14 at the half. Dayton cant hit a lick from outide, shooting 2-16 from 3pt land (12.5%). They have missed about 3 or 4 wide open 3's... Wisonsin hasnt allowed Dayton to get the ball inside at all and gladly let Dayton take deep shots. Overall its a big physical defensive battle and the refs are letting them play. 10 turnovers for Dayton to Wisconsins 5. Dayton with a slight edge in rebounding 25 to Wisconsins 21. Malachi Smith is on the floor for Dayton while Kobe Brea did not make the trip (out with an illness)
  2. Get 1 in foul trouble early (ideally Reese) and LETS RIDE!
  3. Flying into Hartford CT (BDL) on Friday, then its about an hour and fifteen - thirty drive to our place. Our place is about 10 mins away from the Mohegan Sun. Agreed though, there isn't really an efficient way to get there unfortunately...
  4. Hey all, I have 2 tickets for Saturday at the Hall of Fame Tip Off Tourney - Lower Bowl Section 25, Row N, seat 9 and 10. I messed up as I already have 2 tickets for Saturday and I swore I had the Sunday tickets filter on. If anyone is interested please let me know...
  5. Just my 2 penies, for screen recording software I recomend OBS, Its free, may look a little daunting on first launch, trust me a quick Youtube video will give you all the basics you need to record your computer screen. If anyone needs any help setting up the software feel free to PM me.
  6. The myocarditis enhancer is not required for games. Per SLU's website... Campus Updates: Fall 2022 We will not be limiting capacity at events, requiring proof of vaccination for campus visitors, implementing physical distancing in our campus spaces, or restricting university-sponsored travel. Details about our layered approach to COVID-19 mitigation can be found in the Safeguards FAQ.
  7. You're right, I have HULU TV and it has SEC Network on there. My thought process went straight from, not on ESPN+ to looks like I'll boot leg.
  8. Looks like we'll be going back to the ole Stream East for this one...
  9. Fast turn around on shipping, already got my shorts
  10. The 97-98 shorts are a must have, order is already in.
  11. I transfered up to the Tennessee State game just fine... strange
  12. Also if any other MBM's are making the trip shoot me a PM
  13. Does anyone know if a ticket is for both games? I bought my ticket for Saturdays game because it said 1 PM on them and thats when SLU plays Maryland. I'm hesitant to buy my Sunday tickets as we dont know who will be playing when. Any insight is appreciated.
  14. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe they can have an NIL deal, In theory really any student can have an NIL deal. The beer mug boy for the bonnies had an NIL deal with T shirts. I dont know all the details besides hearing he got a % of the money from the T shirts sold. From the outside looking in, it seemed to me he was just a student at every Bonnies game wearing a beer mug hat.
  15. Soley going off 2023 Champ betting odds SLU: Anywhere from +9900 to +13,000 Dayton: Anywhere from +8000 to +10,000 Without witnessing either team play a single game, I think its fair to say its 50/50 or around those numbers at this moment. Maybe 1 team gets a slight nod over the other after we see some games but nothing jaw dropping.
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