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other NCAABB tv 2022-23 season


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Latest poll on A10 Talk:

VCU (5), Dayton (3), Saint Louis, Mason, Duquesne, Richmond, Bona, Davidson, Geedubya, Umass, Fordham, La Salle, Rhode Island, St. Joes, and Loyola.  First place votes in paranthesis.  Posted before today's games went down.



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18 minutes ago, Slu let the dogs out? said:

Providence down 6 to Marquette with 6 minutes left to play in Milwaukee (which is Algonquin for “the good land”)

Leads one to ask the question: Whatever happened to Tia Carrere? She could sing, dance, was funny, and gorgeous. How did she not become a star?

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A map was posted somewhere here today that showed Texas Tech as one of a few teams in the country that had not won a conference game.


Guess what.  TT was losing at home by 23 in the second half and came back to beat #13, first place, Iowa State by 3 in overtime.  You never which team is going to jump up and bite you on a given night.

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