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  1. Fixed that for you
  2. This is an absolutely fantastic setup for us then
  3. It's his commitment to Mizzou picture from high school. He's commenting on how far he's come since then
  4. After a cursory look at their roster from last year, only 2 were seniors. And that was the team that beat Temple for the 11 seed play in, and only lost to 6 seed Maryland by 2 points. Im assuming most of everyone will be returning for them, so they could be really good this year.
  5. Belmont's a solid get as well. At least, they usually are. Don't know what they're going to be like next year.
  6. I’m conflicted. I feel bad he gave Raboin a concussion by posting up on him.... but that’s f***ing awesome
  7. My thoughts exactly. The decision to have seasons 7 and 8 combined 13 episodes was a really dumb move. However, once you acknowledge and accept it, I think they're doing a pretty good job.
  8. 0 percent chance that all of the books have been finished. I could definitely see The Winds of Winter being (almost) finished, and GRRM and the publishers announcing a release date at the end of this season, but no way the last book is even close to being done. (and that's assuming he can wrap up the series in 2 books anyway)
  9. The beers I've tried from Wellspent remind me a lot of the beers I've tried from Rockwell. So I think if you like one, you'll like the other.
  10. It’s pretty good. Not enough of a dark ale selection though, unfortunately. Haven’t gotten the food, but I’ve heard great things about the burgers.
  11. This theory is so good, that I'll be very disappointed if it's not what happens.
  12. Books haven’t been finished yet. Last book came out in 2011. The show’s plot line passed where the books stopped 2 seasons ago.
  13. Lewis is also following Ford, SLU MBB, and Hargrove on Twitter
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