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  1. Yeah our at large chances are behind us. Top 4 finish is what we need
  2. I was listening on the radio when the dunk happened in the game. Rammer and Earl were extremely impressed. They kept going back to it over the next few minutes to talk about how impressive Yuri’s pass was.
  3. RIchmond spanking VCU about right now. Probably passed them in the at large conversation with this one. VCU needs to beat Dayton badly on Tuesday to have a shot.
  4. 1) They're obviously not the same person. 2) Neither are likely tilky. Tilky was here to sh*t on the program and had a very distinct spacing style among all his alternative accounts. Spoonball18 is here just to call people snowflakes and spam subpar memes.
  5. Guarantee we’re the last team Dayton wants to see in the conference tourney
  6. I think it’s OK to dream. But the way to (maybe) get to the Big East and the way to enjoy the A10 are the same: consistently be a top quartile team with annual tourney expectations
  7. You calling everyone a snowflake the second they disagree with you isn't really a discussion. Limiting your posts is more like putting a blanket over the cage of a particularly obnoxious parrot.
  8. So now we're speculating about the intellectual capacity and agency of a dead coach?
  9. K state’s 6 pt loss moved them up one spot. As close to being a Q1 win for us without actually being one.
  10. Concur. Great wins mean more than a lack of bad losses.
  11. We moved up after our 6 pt loss to Auburn
  12. Yeah I was only being slightly facetious. I mean, the A10 did it in 2014. Don't see why we can't do it again
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