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  1. When the Catholic 7 formed the new Big East, the remaining members poached the hell out of CUSA to have a halfway respectable conference. CUSA retooled with what they could.
  2. GBL_Bills

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    Rammer just said we have 5 healthy players with 2 more who can dress. One must be Bess. Who’s the 2nd?
  3. GBL_Bills

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    i can’t think of a recruit that’s been more public with his excitement to be a Bill than Hargrove
  4. GBL_Bills

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Literally the video I was thinking of while commenting
  5. GBL_Bills

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Respectfully disagree. Parody songs tend to come back and look incredibly embarrassing 4 years after they're made. Especially if music videos are involved
  6. GBL_Bills

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    What were they in each of those years if you take out Gonzaga?
  7. We went up 2 spots. Not that many games yesterday, so not much movement for anyone else
  8. The men’s basketball twitter posted a highlight video that has a good shot of Hasahn doing it from a different angle. https://mobile.twitter.com/SaintLouisMBB/status/1086649080875503616 @1:05 in the video
  9. Go to the url and save it from the website itself
  10. GBL_Bills

    NET, et al.

    No idea. I’m just throwing up differences between us and Murray State that could contribute to the seemingly inexplicable 20 spot NET difference
  11. GBL_Bills

    NET, et al.

    Haven’t checked efficiencies, but a brief look at their schedule has them beating most of their cupcakes (and conference opponents) by 20. Edit: Kenpom has Murray States Offense Eff 32, Def 84. We're Off: 239 (yikes) and 17 (yay!)
  12. GBL_Bills

    NET, et al.

    I feel pretty good about Pitt ending up as a Q1 loss. I think they’re going to end up surprising some more ACC teams. I think they have a shot winning @Louisville, @Clemson, and beating VTech at home.
  13. GBL_Bills

    NET, et al.

    Not great. We need Dayton to stay 75 or above to have a shot at a Q1 win
  14. GBL_Bills

    NET, et al.

    I wonder if our NET would have dropped had we won by the max margin, 10 pts Edit: also, I hesitate to say the NET is biased against us (and other non-P6 teams) because it ranks us 20 points better than Kenpom. And 30 places higher than Sagarin. If anything, it looks like it’s biased towards us