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  1. Never mind the fact that in my dream the game was a combination of basketball and volleyball and took place underneath a hot air balloon. I still think it’s predictive
  2. Guys, I had a dream last night that Bills won by 4. The game's in the bag.
  3. Huge. Bookmarked. Thanks. Infuriating how infrequently the NCAA updates their own rankings.
  4. I understand the quad designations, I'm just confused where you're getting the NET rankings from? NCAA only loads last year's for me on their website. I was wondering if you were using Kenpom to determine the cutoffs.
  5. Which ranking system are you using to determine Quadrants? I have a feeling both BC and Belmont will end up being Quad 2 wins.
  6. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2019/12/9/20999396/saint-louis-yuri-collins-gibson-jimerson-atlantic-10-best-young-backcourt-jerry-colangelo-classic In what appears to be the most baffling omission of the article, Tramaine and DJ were mentioned as key players that graduated, but no mention of Javon.
  7. If I had to summarize this season to date in few sentences, this would be how I would do it.
  8. I don’t know when the serious diminishing returns in margin of victory start kicking in, but I’d have to imagine it’s around 10-15 points. considering our closest win was by 9 (sans Belmont, which wasn’t a team we were supposed to “crush”), I doubt this is a huge factor.
  9. Ford saying Has played sick. Was puking at half time.
  10. “Good post” doesn’t cut it. This is a phenomenal idea
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