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GDT: NIT First Round, SLU vs. UNI

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4 minutes ago, MattyMo213 said:

A few ugly turnovers early 

He fell down a couple times, including off the ball. Think he had some ankle pain. Playing through it. Now we have no Collins or Jones on the floor. Yikes. Gonna need effort.

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5 hours ago, Taj79 said:

I flipped around last night ..... Dayton Arena was relatively empty; Colordao was relatively empty; even Siegel was empty in both end zones and they "always" sell out; ditto Oklahoma; and Vandy's sightlines make it hard to really tell.  ESPN lists tickets tonight at Chaifetz starting at $34.  Seems steep.  What are they charging you guys with seats from SLU?  

In DC, we bought tickets with the SLU Ticket Manager.  Thursday's were $40 each.  Friday iot went to $55 each.  And Saturday was $60 each.  At least we got two games Saturday ---- wasn't going to forsake free drinks and food to go watch Fordham play Mason or Fordham play Davidson.  Did however hang around for Dayton and Richmond.  Got back to da'couch in Gettysburg for Sunday's final.

Vandy had a full house in its Student section last night. About 8k total fans for the game.


Their top 5 ranked baseball team was also hosting Michigan next door at the exact same time. 

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Note to coach Ford fix your 3 point defense.

Second note to coach Ford fix the turnovers.

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