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  1. Latest polls show Auburn drops 2 spots in AP and 3 spots in Coaches after our game yesterday. Guess pollsters thought they did not deserve to win either.
  2. Yep, had the game in our grasp. Hit the FT's and we win this game. It was a defensive struggle that came down to the foul line.
  3. Lost this one on the line. Too bad they weren't fouling Gibson today.
  4. Gotta make our FT's...we would be in great position to pull the upset.
  5. Bills need a run as we being the road team we best not leave this one up to the zebras!
  6. This would be the time for Javonte to have a huge game today! Let's Go Bills!!!
  7. Saw a quote from Bruce Pearl that he believes this year's Bills team is much better than last year.
  8. Also it will really help the case if Yuri stays out of foul trouble. Have to handle Auburn's press too! A couple more keys to giving us best our best chance.
  9. This will be a very tough road test for the Bills. On the good side Auburn's best players from last year who were key in their comeback win last year at our place are gone. If we play our best game of this season we could pull the upset.
  10. Wow Old guy so you are/were a Dr? My lovely wife of 44 years was a critical care nurse almost her entire career. I've always felt that the people who received her care those years were extremely fortunate.
  11. Billiken Rich...not sure why you feel that way...is it because I am critical at times. If so, I thought that was part of being a fan of a team? I am critical of other teams I regularly follow at times and normally receive a lot of likes to my posts. Why? I suppose I'm normally recognized as knowledgeable fan who also has many good things to say when they are warranted. For the record, I've enjoyed reading your posts whether I was in complete agreement or not!
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