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  1. Every game we can't close out on our opponents 3 point shooters. It's no mystery who they are but our defense against them is MIA!
  2. Hard to get offense going when all we've done in the 2nd half is turn it over.
  3. Too many TO's...have to take care of the basketball.
  4. That thread about Travis Ford leaving was laughable. He's got us what one Big Dance appearance in his tenure, and he had to win 4 A-10 Tourney games to ge the bid. He hasn't done anything for a Power Conference to be interested in him!
  5. Bills never even got off the bus tonight. Totally dominated in a game that they should have been aware from the the opening tap that we are going to get Dayton's A game.
  6. Empty the bench the starters stink. I have not seen anything from French to think he should get big minutes.
  7. This is a horrible effort on Bothe ends of the court. Down 18 this looks like a total Arse wiping!
  8. This one of the scary games left on the schedule. We can win it but someone needs to guard Crutcher as he has been a real thorn in our side. While the game is winnable stout D is a must.
  9. Two of my relatives who live in MO seem to be jumping off the CCM bandwagon. Having the UT Vols as my 2nd favorite team I told both of them I jumped off a long time ago when he had one of his brief 3 year stints at UT. Vols fans cannot stand him.
  10. Nice revenge win tonight by the Bills. There is another one waiting in Dayton on Friday night. Jordan had a great game. We need another one on Friday. Get out on their 3 point shooters as we did not do a good job in the game on our home court.
  11. Think he's a good HC and IMO Dayton would have been a tough out if there had been a Big Dance last year.
  12. Will Yuri play or sit our for Friday in Dayton?
  13. I was concerned with Vols inside game and did not know Fulkerson had Covid before season started. Pons hurt his knee recently, so unless the two Frosh 5 Stars Johnson and Springer get the running game going UT is lucky to be competitive.
  14. Saw a film of the Vols 5 Star recruit Kennedy Chandler listed as No. 1 PG who plays for Sunrise Christian Academy. Very impressive.
  15. Jay Bilas has an article up on ESPN+ now listing the top 68 teams. He has SLU at No. 41.
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