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  1. Hope those Left Coast football players don't freeze to death when they have to go to Big 10 team stadiums in snowy extremely cold Temps!
  2. Maybe this move could benefit the Bills as Coach McKillop sure did have CTF's number!
  3. Just saw a report from Tucson, AZ newspaper that Ramey will transfer to Arizona.
  4. Saw recent speculation that Ramey could wind up at West VA with his former teammate of last year Tre Mitchell.
  5. See the Hall of Famer died at 73. He led St. Bonaventure to the Final Four and was a great NBA player besides being an ambassador for basketball.
  6. Give me Rick Majerus over the Bills current HC any day of the week as he can coach rings around Travis Ford!
  7. Needless to say the top players that have or will enter the portal will be looking for their best NIL deal.
  8. Lived in a couple NBA cities (actually 3 including St. Louis since I remember the St. Louis Hawks and when they beat Boston for the NBA title). Worked at Kiel Auditorium before they moved to Atlanta. When we were in Seattle area they had the Sonics. Remember a game we saw there when they played the 76ers, and my family cheered when Larry Hughes scored. Fan in front of us turned and said Saint Louis U and we said you bet. We lived in South Florida when LBJ played for the Heat, and won two NBA titles. Still root for the Heat, and hope they have a run at another NBA title this year.
  9. Sorry like many on here I don't know you from Adam, but it does seem to me you like to deal in a lot of conjecture. I can tell you this I don't have any facts on why Yuri decided to get in the transfer portal, and I don't care to guess his reasons. What I do know for certain is after deciding to enter the portal...he decided to come back to play for the Bills, and that is the only fact that matters today. As I've said all along it's Yuri's decision and if he's happy then I'm happy for him. As far as I'm concerned speculation on what did or did not happen is conjecture, and doesn't matter now.
  10. If you are referencing Sunrise Christian Academy as a pretend HS then please humor me...what is Montverde Academy in my home state of FL? If so, the Bills have a player from one of those HS.
  11. No where in what I just wrote did I mention that the UT Assistant Coach contacted Yuri directly and neither did the author of the article I read.
  12. I read a recent article and the writer said the UT connection for Yuri was a young Asst Coach named Rod Carter. He's originally from Kansas City, MO. Had an Asst Coaching stint at Sunrise Christian Academy, and also one with the MO-Kan AAU team.
  13. FYI Yuri never made a visit to Knoxville, TN.
  14. No, I was mentioning something I saw about Oklahoma's football team. For the P-5 conferences football pretty much runs their athletic department. Those schools will spend crazy money to compete with NIL instead of trying to get away with cheating as it used to be.
  15. Nope...by big I don't think there is anyone who can sub at the 5...when FO needs a rest or is in foul trouble. I don't recall seeing Thatch sub in as a 5.
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