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  1. Well the one thing to worry about was a hangover from the Dayton loss. By the looks of our starters I'd say they were shite faced (17 points). No way to paint this but as a bad loss. Davidson was ready to play their game and the Bills were not. Back to the drawing board.
  2. Courtside...Watched Pippin's kid Saturday playing my wife's Vols at Vandy. The game in the 1st half was typical game for UT this season butt ugly. They were better when they ramped up the D in the 2nd half. I'll keep my fingers crossed as many of my fellow SLU Alums here have and say I hope Master Hughes II stays at home when he signs a National LOI.
  3. Didn't root much for D Wade at Marquette because they were a rival of SLU; however, when we lived in South FL during his prime years with the Heat we became a huge fan of his. Of course, the 4 years he played with LeBron were a lot of fun. They will be retiring his Heat number soon.
  4. Pretty much agree as the players really gave it their all, but I'd hope in the time out before Yuri knocked down two pressure FT our HC would have put pressure on the inbound pass.
  5. Heck we beat them in last year's A-10 Tourney.
  6. I think tonight was almost a must win to stay in the hunt for an at large bid. Loved the effort by the Bills but our FT and not as stellar D in the 2nd half did us in. Don't see us beating Dayton at their arena!
  7. Not really the bad guys won the game!
  8. 20 for 37 in a close game will have a whole lot why we lost this home game!
  9. They made a lot of their run in 2nd half with Bell in the game.
  10. Why the Bills were not pressing after the made 2nd FT is DUMB!!!
  11. Well in preseason they were picked to finish 13th just above Vandy.
  12. I think we can all agree our Frosh PG Yuri had a very good game on the road last night.
  13. We did hit our throws to close this sweet road game tonight!!!
  14. Great Game by the Bills...Blowout Richmond on their floor. Next up Dayton!!!
  15. Close it out...Let's Go Bills!!!
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