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  1. I think the Frosh from Montverde is expected to do some damage next year from beyond the arc.
  2. We beat those guys last year! Do it again this year!!!
  3. Hope we had a ton of future Billiken recruits watching this game!
  4. Congrats to Coach Travis Ford who has gotten his share of tough love here. He had a lot to do with this necessary 4 game winning streak!!!
  5. The team that was supposed to win the A-10 by the season predictions did it the hard way...4 tough games in 4 days. Hats off to our Bills!!!
  6. Let's Go Bills! Revenge that earlier loss to St. Bonaventure!!!
  7. Hope they are not a factor today. Team Blue play your game today and come home with an A-10 Tournament Banner and NCAA Tourney Game!!!
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