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  1. I'll be watching Sunday and hope all you Bills fans going to the game bring home a huge win.
  2. Too bad we couldn't have Javon Bess for one more game to blanket Powell. I just don't remember SH having all the bigs I saw in last nights game against Sparty. Let's play our best game of the young season and see what happens. Oh! Hitting a decent % of our FT's would be a big help too.
  3. I did watch the game last year. I don't remember No. 13 going off on us like he did Sparty. Sure Bess was guarding him a lot in that game. They got a lot of size we will have to do a good job on the boards.
  4. Since he's playing with IMG near my home I'll have to go check Markhi out.
  5. With Kim English now an Assistant at UT he said that he will also recruit in MO. Apparently, they have interest in Caleb Love.
  6. Don't think James Holzhauer has a problem in Final Jeopardy holding the leads he has so far. I believe that he has only missed one Final Jeopardy in his run.
  7. This will be our 3rd trip to the same resort. We really like Aruba a lot and compared to several of the other Caribbean Islands we have visited it is one of the cleanest. We snorkel as my wife is unable to scuba anymore. Having been to the resort 3 times we know a number of the people who work there and they are always so kind to help us with any of our questions/needs. This resort is on Eagle Beach which we prefer over the more crowded Palm Beach.
  8. See James has a Wikipedia page and it states he received his degree in 2005 with a major in mathematics which makes sense seeing as he is a pro sports gambler. This season is already taped and it would be interesting to know if he was still champion at the end of the season.
  9. We have always liked trivia and Jeopardy is an every night must for our house. We even figured out what channel it was on for our recent NC and TN trip. Could be more of a challenge next month when our travels take us to Aruba but we will sure do some channel surfing. James is incredible as he rarely answers a question incorrectly and I believe he has only missed one Final Jeopardy. Saw where he attended University of Illinois but said he was busy playing online poker in those days. Not sure he got his undergrad degree. He was on one of the sports shows by telephone and they asked him about facing Ken Jennings and he said he would enjoy it and that he heard he would be favored in that match up.
  10. Curious on Donte Houston why he did not have a Rivals Star Ranking?
  11. Perhaps Coach Ford and Dr. Chaifetz got the message that cheating now is fine and they can now go about buying the best basketball team in SLU hoops history.
  12. OK I left St. Louis in 1996 and I do not recall a Catholic HS named Trinity. Where is Trinity and when was it opened?
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