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  1. Yeah I mean I want Yuri to get the bag as much as he can. But have a plan and maybe realize that this program/university deserves at least a little better than being held hostage. That’s my problem with it all
  2. Johnny deserves some minutes Saturday imo
  3. Apparently cause of a lack of credits from UNC…how the heck do you not have enough credits transferring from UNC (of all schools), given all they do to “help” student athletes lol
  4. I don’t think this is the same guy…Alfons Pleister is his name, not Alfons Pilan
  5. And we need bigs that just don’t turn it over as much as Okoro/Forrester last year.
  6. Other than some of these highlights looking like he’s playing against third graders, I’m intrigued.
  7. The commitment post REEKS of major tool
  8. Disclaimer as I didn’t watch games either…but that is a ROUGH stat line for Yuri. The percentages for Perk look good, however.
  9. I thought we were gonna have a skilled big for the first time in a minute…what was I thinking lol
  10. If he’s a junkyard dog type (see Fred Thatch) I would be thrilled. Film I’ve seen indicates as such, even if he’s not quite as bouncy as Fred. You don’t just stumble into being a top 100 recruit, either
  11. Excited to be able to watch J Good in person tonight against Tatum and the Celtics. As a St. Louisan, I can’t think of a better NBA game to watch in person. If only Brad Beal was healthy….
  12. Travis and Calipari are just gonna switch places
  13. I was gonna send the exact same message but you beat me to it. Some of these passes are unreal
  14. The first 4 minutes (which is when i originally posted the first message) he looked good. I’ll admit it didn’t end up being a good outing due to the foul trouble.
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