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  1. The date mentioned in the announcement was Nov 4
  2. Jeff Goodman dropping scheduling news!? Sioux Falls on 11/4??
  3. Jeff Goodman approaching Stu Durando levels of engagement farming
  4. Agreed. I also don’t think having a very very localized/specialized recruiter is as valuable in this era of CBB, but that’s just me.
  5. Don’t think he’d fit Dirty’s system personally. But I am shocked at his 3 pt percentage pushing 40% last year
  6. Or is Texas in the SEC next year? I’m losing track. But the point still stands
  7. Gimme Avila and swope from the tree contingent and I’ll be fine. I didn’t think Larry was high level big 12 calibre tbh
  8. And if he doesn’t have to play 38 mins a game, that is undoubtedly a great thing
  9. The del taco gift cards are a bridge too far
  10. If Kellen Thames gets $100k, the nil market is outta control lol. Like him as a player and think he’s got potential, but $100k? Same with LHJ
  11. Thank you - was just curious, might have to give it a go.
  12. is trilly’s discord worth a subscription?
  13. Do you think nikola jokic is extremely fast and athletic?
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