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  1. Idk what quad it would be but it would definitely be a shot to the groin
  2. The only offensive period this season worse than that was the first 10 mins against Boise St. And Boise st is actually decent, Rhode stinks
  3. How many games in a row is this with this message being needed? Like 4? Yet, 2nd guard off the bench.
  4. First of all, I bet they don’t have a hard and fast rule that they always pull them. Second of all, I’d bet the 10% of coaches who don’t are more successful than the 90% who do.
  5. This tells you all you need to know. If you have a rule that you automatically yank players with two fouls, with little room for adjustment, I can’t take you seriously as a Division 1 basketball coach…and neither do other A10 teams, apparently
  6. His press conferences are just run of the mill Coach-speak and nobody ever asks him hard questions. Disappointing
  7. I feel like Ford has to play Pickett or he starts having a conniption fit or something. He should be getting less than 10 mins a game.
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