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Primer on the Wizards and Goodwin's NBA chances


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7 minutes ago, thetorch said:

There aren't many NBA fans on the site so I figured I'd write something up about the Wizards and Goodwin's chances of making the NBA

Goodwin signed an exhibit 10 contract with the Washington Wizards.  

What is an Exhibit 10 Contract?  An Exhibit 10 contract is a one year non guaranteed minimum contract which gives an NBA team 2 options.  They can turn the contract into a 2 way contract, or they can release the player but designate him an affiliate player for their G league team.  The player would be then awarded a bonus up to 50k if he stays with the G League affiliate for 60 days.  So an Exhibit 10 contract allows teams to build their G League teams and entice players to stay in the G league with bonus money instead of going overseas for a higher salary.  Salary in the G League is about 26k, so a 50k bonus is pretty lucrative to a player who doesn’t want to go overseas.

What is a 2 Way Contract? Teams can have 2 players on their roster signed to 2 way contracts, and are granted extra roster spots for them, so a team can have 17 roster positions instead of 15.  Player on 2 way contracts receive 75k per year while on the G League roster and can spend up to 45 days a season with an NBA team.  While with the NBA team the player is paid the NBA minimum salary by the day, so if the player spends the max amount with an NBA team they can make around 200k per year.  While not an ideal situation for all athletes this is the next step for players on an Exhibit 10 Contract.

Wizards Roster Composition

PG Aaron Holiday

SG Brad Beal 

SF Kyle Kuzma 

PF Rui Hachimura

C Thomas Bryant


SG/SF Kentavius Caldwell Pope

SF Davis Bertans

C Montrezl Harrell

SF Deni Avidja

SG/SF Corey Kispert

SF Chandler Hutchison

PF/C Daniel Gafford

PF Anthony Gill

SG Caleb Homesly 

PF Isaiah Todd

Free Agents

Robin Lopez, 😄 UFA

Ish Smith, PG: UFA

Raul Neto, PG: UFA

Alex Len, 😄 UFA

Isaac Bonga, SF: RFA

Cassius Winston, PG: RFA 2 Way Player

Garrison Mathews, SG: RFA 2 Way Player

Roster Outlook

The Wizards roster is very much in flux.  Their plans obviously center around Beal.  Question remains if he will he stay with the team.  So they are trying to gain more payroll flexibility, while acquiring more tradable assets, and preparing to possibly acquire another star piece to pair with Beal or dismantle the whole team if Beal chooses to leave.  There are many trade scenarios out right now involving the Wizards, acquiring among others Pascal Siakam, Spencer Dinwiddie, or even Damian Lillard.

They have plenty of options to trade, Harrell, Pope, Bryant & Hutchison are all on expiring deals.  They have a logjam of similar players at the wing and the 4.  Bertans has a large contract and will be expendable with Avidija & now Kispert at the wings.  Kuzma could also be a trade piece as the Wizards will be hard pressed to play both he and Hachimura at the same time, even in a small ball lineup.  Hutchison’s role on the roster seems in doubt since they have drafted players at his positions in the first round the last 2 seasons.

Of their UFAs only Raul Neto & Alex Len really played well for them last year. They are somewhat thin at C so resigning Len at a minimum price might be a good idea but he has probably played his way into a multi year deal.  Neto has a ceiling as a backup PG and the Wizards have a need for depth there as well but really need a starting PG.  THeir restricted FAs only Garrison Matthews is possibility for a resign.  He’s a sharpshooting wing who the Wizards have developed as an undrafted FA the past two seasons.  Winston and Bonga were underwhelming last season and will most likely be let go.  Their other 2 way player, Caleb Homsely never made it to Wizards last year and faces a logjam of players at his position on the roster.

The Wizards glaring deficiencies are rebounding and defense.  Their roster is now filled with wings & small ball 4s and 5s.  Of their new additions I would only expect Pope to stay, because he is now their strongest perimeter defender by far.  The other will be moved to acquire a starting PG, and a rebounder who can space the floor.  So Holiday, Beal, Hachimura, Bryant, Pope, Avidja, Kispert and Gafford are now the core of the team with the remaining roster being expendable or deep bench players.

Goodwin’s Fit

While I have doubted Goodwin’s ability to make an NBA roster, his agent has made all the right moves thus far and put him in about the best position he could be in signing with the Wizards.

The Wizards have no PG depth, so Goodwin will get plenty of reps as a ballhandler in Summer League and training camp.  While the Wizards have tons of wings, they all play the same.  Good to great 3 point shooters who play little defense and can be secondary ballhandlers.  As a wing Goodwin fills an entirely different role as a defender and rebounder who never needs the ball in his hands.  Finally Goodwin’s two best assets, rebounding and defense, are what the Wizards sorely lack.  Even their bigs can’t rebound well.  Hachimura is more of a combo forward, Bryant is soft on the boards and Gafford is more of an athletic shot blocking big who gets outmuscled at the rim.  

Goodwin has a couple other huge things going for him.  Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard has shown he gives opportunities to undrafted FAs and will readily shake up his roster during the season so even if Goodwin doesn’t make the team out of training camp he may get a shot down the road.  Also it doesn’t look like any of the 2 way players will be returning so Goodwin, Isaiah Todd, Jay Huff will be competing for those spots against no returners.  You can’t discount the relationship he has with the Wizards star Brad Beal either.  New Head coach Wes Unseld Jr not only has already professed to being a defense first coach but also has a SLU connection, he is Earl Austin Jr’s cousin.

It looks like Goodwin is all in on his NBA dream and won’t consider overseas for awhile.  I predict he earns a 2 way contract with the Wizards and will make his NBA debut sometime this season on a rebuilding Wizard’s squad.  

If there was a level up for great post I’d have given it

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Just goes to show you how bad the Wizards are or how out of otuch I am with the NBA but i've never heard of  Holiday, Bryant, Bertans, Avidja, Hutchinson, Gafford, Gill, Homesly, Todd, Smith, Lopez, Neto, Bonga, or Matthews.  Alex Len played at UMd or I wouldn't know him either.

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Taj, sometimes there may be a better opportunity for newcomers getting in through the back door if the team they sign in with is having a major upheaval. It is going to be difficult to capitalize on this opportunity for Goodwin, but I still think he may have more opportunity to come into the NBA through the Wizards than what he would have in a better run, more stable team. Of course, once he is in (if he gets in) the problem becomes staying in for long enough to transfer elsewhere. At this time there is no way to predict how this will play.

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Oh sure .... this appears to be about the best situation for JG possible.  I've never heard of any of these guys so that might be a good harbinger for things to come for him.  I hope so.

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Wizards Summer League Roster


Jaime Echenique
C 1997 Gipuzkoa (Spain) Free Agent
Dewan Hernandez
PF 1996 RGV Vipers (G League) Free Agent
Austin Hollins
SG 1991 Zenit (Russia) Free Agent
Jordan Goodwin
SG 1998 Saint Louis (NCAA) Free Agent
Caleb Homesley
SG 1996 Washington Signed
Corey Kispert
SF 1999 Gonzaga (NCAA) Drafted
Jay Huff
C 1998 Virginia (NCAA) Free Agent
Isaiah Todd
PF 2001 Ignite (G League) Drafted
Kyree Walker
SF 2000 Hillcrest Prep Academy Free Agent
Cassius Winston
PG 1998 Washington Signed
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2 hours ago, cgeldmacher said:

Does anyone know the rules about how locked in Jordan is on this Exhibit 10 contract?  In other words, if another team likes what they see in the summer league and wants to sign him to a better deal is is stuck with the Wizards?

I believe the Wizards have 1st option to assign him to the G League if he doesn't make the 15 man roster.  

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6 hours ago, cgeldmacher said:

Does anyone know the rules about how locked in Jordan is on this Exhibit 10 contract?  In other words, if another team likes what they see in the summer league and wants to sign him to a better deal is is stuck with the Wizards?

He is a wizard until the end of training camp unless they cut him prior to that.  The Wizards can offer him a 2 way deal or a G league contract.  He can turn those down if he wants to, until then the wizards control his rights.

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Thank you Torch that sounds like a proper contract to me with every party having plenty of options available. By the way, thank you very much for your very informative posts about the wizards, you must have spent a lot of time writing all that. Really appreciated the information you  provided.

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Wizards have now added Spencer Dinwiddie and brought back Raul Neto since @thetorch's original post.  Dinwiddie is coming off a lost season due to injury, but was a very good player for Brooklyn 2 season ago.  I expect him to start next to Beal with Holiday and Neto backing up the PG position.

Not necessarily positive toward Goodwin making the Wizards roster, but it was always going to be an uphill battle for him.  He needs a combo of excellent play on his part, potential injuries to others, roster fit, and luck.  The roster fit got a little tougher, but neither Dinwiddie and especially not Neto are rebounders so there is room for Goodwin in that regard.  Key will still be to work his butt off to try to get one of the 2 way contracts.

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40 minutes ago, HoosierPal said:

Matthews was on a Two Way contract with the Wiz.   6'5" shooting guard.  Seems to be an opening on the Wiz for a guard.

This is a good example of what @thetorch was talking about with Goodwin's profile filling some holes for the Wizards. 

Matthews started 24 games for them last season and they could've kept him for a minimum salary.  That makes this kind of a surprising move.  However, his skillset (good/excellent shooter, bad/mediocre defense and/or rebounding) largely overlaps with a bunch of guys they already have in place that are better players (or just recently drafted) such as Bertans, Kispert, Thomas Bryant, Aaron Holiday, Raul Neto, KCP, and even Beal to some extent (just at a higher higher level than the others).

Given Matthews experience and shooting ability, he is very likely better NBA player in a vacuum than Goodwin at this point in their careers.  However, he is superfluous on the Wizards.  Goodwin, however, potentially brings the defense & rebounding skills that the Wizards are lacking.

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Wizards also traded away Hutchison in the Dinwiddie deal, that is somehow an extension of the Westbrook trade.  They also released Caleb Homesly.  Right now he is just a summer league attendee.  These moves get the Wizards below the luxury tax threshold but low enough for them to use one a mid level exception contract they have available.  Barring another trade, which seems unlikely, this will be the Wizards roster going into the season.

Wizards Roster as it stands

PGs - Dinwiddie, Holiday, Neto

SGs - Beal, Kispert, 

SF - Avidja, Bertans, Pope

PF - Hachimura, Kuzma, Todd, 

C - Bryant, Gafford, Harrell

14 spots already taken, 1 spot left, with 2 more 2 way player spots available.

Homesly, Gill, Bonga, Huff, Winston Kyree Walker are the main competition with Jordan for the final roster spot and the 2 2 way spots open.

Still think there is a great chance the Wizards make a move or two in season.  They have some desireable young assets that teams are asking about, Hachimura and Avidja, and way too much depth at the wings and inside.  

One thing not in Goodwin's favor is Bryant is out until December with injuries.  Their depth at the 5 is low with just Gafford and Harrell there.  Harrell as the starter makes them a very small team.  They may need to go big with the final roster spot.  

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