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  1. I think that stat includes years prior to us joining the A-10 (for instance us being ranked in 1994-1995 would count towards the total).
  2. I’m sure it varies by team and that there are plenty of instances of teams who came back from COVID and looked fine. I also saw firsthand with my second favorite team (Vanderbilt) how out-of-shape a group can look when they come back from not playing for an extended period. Fortunately, I think SLU has two big advantages that some other teams who have struggled in their return may not have had: 1) we are playing a rival who beat us in two emotional games last year. If there’s any game in which our guys will have a chip on their shoulder and will be ready to lay it all on the line it’s Da
  3. Hughes is growing into his body, growing into his role as a scorer and growing into his athleticism. He has the tools to be a plus shooter and defender. And personally I do place some value of coming from a basketball family and having an NBA father like he does. He is a classic case of a player who could be a late bloomer and I would take him at SLU in any class, even if his dad were not a former Billiken.
  4. There are a number of posters on this board who are more interested in getting into arguments online about what they perceive to be biases than they are in discussing Billikens basketball. I would highly recommend putting these posters onto your “ignore” list so that you don’t see their posts. It greatly improves the reading experience. And for any posters who choose to continue reading their posts, I personally would hope you don’t quote tweet and/or engage in their senile lines of argument, as it’s the only way those posts get shown to people who would otherwise be able to ignore them.
  5. @HoosierPal thank you for continuing to post these updates.
  6. I don’t understand what you are saying. It seems like you are drawing a distinction between knowing and assuming, but we are assuming based on publicly available information provided by primary sources. Perhaps you are pondering the deeper philosophical question of whether humans can actually truly know anything?
  7. The women’s team is practicing without a full team whereas the men’s team is waiting until all personnel have been cleared before resuming activities. I assume it’s because the coaches are handling it differently but we also don’t really know why and I’m not sure we will find out.
  8. We know that the men's team protocols have been stricter than the women's team protocols. We know that the quarantine will have lasted longer than both conference and local city/state regulations. And we know that from day one of this process, Coach Ford has been adamant that he didn't see us returning to practice for some time. It definitely feels like there is some other issue(s) at play that we aren't aware of and I guess my only hope is that it's strategy by the coaching staff as opposed to some health issue.
  9. What do you mean? Injury or something like that? I have had similar questions but it’s just so hard to speculate given how little info we have.
  10. This is a hard year for freshmen to play, with a decreased level of practice time and minimal offseason practice. Strickland and Lorentsson don't appear close to getting pt for us, and we are all excited about their futures. I have no idea whether Kobe Clark would look to transfer, and have no idea whether he would be a good fit, but I think it's short-sighted to write off any freshman because of a lack of playing time during the COVID season.
  11. Sounds like Carry is likely going to transfer whereas Austin is expected to come back. Tough blow for the Dukes.
  12. NCST also was shorthanded, ran out of steam, blew a lead and lost the game. I doubt Travis’ takeaway from that game was that the move is to get back on the court as soon as you can even if you’re not ready.
  13. Crutcher is having a great year. He had a great year last year. He's really good, and has a chance to be first-team all-A10 again. With all due respect to Kevin Lisch, I think Crutcher is a definitively better player. Any Dayton fan who is turning on him is, in my opinion, a moron. I generally think Dayton being good is good for the A-10 and probably good for SLU. But this year they're not good enough to be a resume booster for us so I'm not sure it really matters. I think Grant deserves a little criticism for not adding more help the last two seasons, but they have very strong recruiting
  14. The NCAA needs to push back March Madness to give teams more time to play games. It is absolutely ridiculous that they are still pushing ahead for March.
  15. I heard your guy Mark Titus make the point that it’s not as simple as just asking the players whether they want to play. Football teams don’t ask players whether they want to play when there is lightening, they make that decision for them. Dambrot decided he’d rather have the players be with their families for Christmas than practicing/quarantining, so it’s not like he’s just making excuses, he’s actually doing what he thinks is best even if it could hurt on court performance. I say that all to say I do sympathize with coaches as I think this is a tough predicament. That said, they g
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