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  1. Kwamain had 26 as a freshman against La Salle.
  2. Jimmy Bell is playing as much as he is not because he is adding value to the team currently, but because we are a very undersized team who needs to bring him up the learning curve as quickly as possible. In an ideal world, he would not be playing more than 5-8 minutes a night maximum. But it's crucial to our success this year (and next) that we add some length, rebounding and defense at that position. Whoever said Santos and Gordon leaving is really hurting the team this year was spot on.
  3. Just watched the game (replays on ESPN+ are really nice). I’m not as down on that game as some people seem to be, but I did have a couple concerns: -We are an undersized, guard-dominant team. As such, we cannot afford to turn the ball over 17 times. That will kill us against better teams. -Perkins needs to be better. If we’re going to be good in the A-10, he’s a really important piece. He was a non-factor tonight. On the plus side, I thought Jacobs was really good defensively. Yuri is also the best passer I’ve ever seen at SLU. We have a big test on Saturday, I’m excited to see what we bring
  4. Averaging 17.3 ppg on 43/37/72 shooting. Pretty strong start from Javon all things considered.
  5. Agree with those who complimented Yuri’s mentality. He wasn’t always effective, but he looked confident throughout the game. While were on the (limited) positives, I was impressed with Perkins’ aggressiveness. Thought he showed a different tear. If he can defend and rebound enough I think he’s a more effective option than Hankton when French is out there.
  6. Yeah but we had crucial turnovers forced by their length, multiple lost possessions from blocked shots and gave up a ton of offensive rebounds. In short, I think length (disrupting shots and passing lanes, getting second chances) is what separates a lot of the elite teams and it’s not something we’re well set up to combat right now. It certainly wasn’t the only thing that cost us tonight.
  7. We are going to struggle mightily against size and length. Fortunately we don’t play too many teams who have that in spades. I’m very bummed about this game, but am Trying to be optimistic that our team will learn and grow from this loss
  8. NH


    A lot of folks such as yourself are quick to call out Gordon for being immature. But I would recommend some self-reflection and consider that you’re rooting against a 19-20 year old because he quit on the college sports team that you root for. That’s about as immature as it gets. I don’t blame people who don’t feel sympathy for Gordon. His issues are self-imposed. But suggesting you get satisfaction in watching him fail is childish. Also that’s not how you spell schadenfreude.
  9. Just to be clear, Thatch spent a decent amount of time guarding Powell last year (I just recently re-watched to confirm). The key will be Thatch staying out of foul trouble, IMO.
  10. I think we have a tough challenge on Sunday, and Seton Hall is certainly the favorite, but SLU-Seton Hall is not comparable to Evansville-Kentucky. This is a home game for a 3-0 team that made the tourney last season. Not to mention against a team we beat last season. I hope that our players expect to win.
  11. This is kind of an interesting discussion. If you were able to merge this team with both the '11-'12 and '13-'14, these are how I think the rotations would shake out: 2011-2012 Mitchell McCall Goodwin Conklin French Bench: Loe, Jett, Evans, Ellis, Thatch Commentary: I think French is a guaranteed starter on this team. He is currently a better scorer, rebounder and defender than Soph. Evans/Loe. You can't start all three of Evans/Conklin/French because of the spacing issues, which is why I put in Goodwin (who is a better player right now than Jett was a sophomore). This is not a great 3-point shooting team, but it can score from all 5 spots on the floor and is also elite defensively. 2013-2014 Jett McCall Evans French Loe Bench: Goodwin, Thatch, Glaze, Collins, Hankton (?) Commentary: I actually think this might be the better of the two teams, even though the names aren't as strong on paper. Unfortunately, you can't really start a back court of Jett/Goodwin/Evans because you need McCall in there for spacing. I actually think Goodwin could come in off the bench for any of these except McCall (could sub in for French and push Evans to the 4). The one disappointing thing is that even in combining these two distinct, exciting teams there are really only two reliable bigs in French and Loe.
  12. I get what you mean. Neither player ever looks especially frantic. Tommie was so smooth, especially with the ball. Perkins is a little stiff in terms of his ballhandling and movement, but has a much quicker release than Tommie did. Sometimes I think people forget just how graceful Tommie Liddell was on a basketball floor (not saying you specifically 05). I think he's probably the most talented offensive player we've had since Larry Hughes.
  13. All due respect, but I don't see this comparison at all. Very different styles of player.
  14. Agreed on Jacobs. What's exciting about him is that his game has improved a little bit in every facet this year. He's better at handling the ball, has a more compact release, is making better decisions and has improved defensively. But he can still improve in all of those categories. He has the skillset to end up being a very well-rounded combo guard.
  15. Apologies, as I know this has been covered already in this thread, but is it fair to say the top local recruits for 2021 (heading into this high school season) are Kern, the Desmet bigs and Jordan Nesbitt?
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