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  1. Yikes. Weber has obviously done a great job at KSU, but sounds like the program might be on life support a bit if all the above is true. Losing over half your squad from an 11-win team. Looks like they have a strong recruiting class coming in at least. Should be plenty of minutes available for Bradford/Kasubke.
  2. Was supposed to be June but NCAA has recently discussed potentially moving it up to April.
  3. This feels like it would be (at best) a Rashed Anthony-esque move IMHO.
  4. Depends on whether the NCAA approves immediate eligibility for transfers. I think that decision is expected to be sometime between April and June. If not, Mitchell twins sit out first semester and Martin sits out all year (barring the grant of any waiver).
  5. Rhode Island picked up three transfers today: the Mitchell twins from Maryland and Malik Martin from Charlotte. Good work by Cox in quickly restocking the cabinet. Things looked very bleak for a minute there and while there is no guarantee Rhody will be competitive, these transfers at least give them a chance.
  6. I think moreso it is because our local Vashon insider speculated earlier in the year that this might be a possibility. Agreed with those who think it is looking increasingly unlikely, which is probably fine for all parties. Best of luck to Mr. Stockard in his senior year at KSU.
  7. I have a very good feeling about Strickland. Look for his name on the all-conference list in 2-3 years.
  8. Aaron Cook would be an awesome Grad Transfer for us. That said, I think I would prefer a big like Stockard (if he ends up transferring) or an underclassmen like Alan Griffin (who I know we are out of the running for). If those options aren't available, would love to add a guy like Cook for a season.
  9. Elite Yuri thread on Twitter: If he comes back next year with a more reliable jumper, we have a potential all-conference player on our hands.
  10. I agree but, if we can’t, Stockard would definitely make our team better for next season.
  11. I wouldn’t want to kick out UMass. That should be a decent program. Fordham and LaSalle can go, no questions asked.
  12. Why would you say this? What an unnecessary, useless thing to say.
  13. Cuomo does not "rue" the shutdown. Just today he extended school closings and shut down additional construction activity. All he said in that NYpost piece is that he thinks there may have been more effective ways of shutting down. 134 people died in New York yesterday. Nurses have died. My girlfriend has a significant fever but was told not to get tested so as to not overwhelm the system. Lots of people have left New York to go back to their original home, and the virus is spreading that way as well. I can't speak for other cities, but New York City is nowhere close to returning to normal or being able to open back up bars/restaurants.
  14. I made zero accusations about Roy. I made accusations about the purposes that the phrase he used serves. I agree this should not be about politics, and it should not be about fighting people. Using the term “Chinese Virus”, whether intentionally or not, serves the purpose of (i) politicizing the pandemic and (ii) increasing division within our own country. I am not taking a political stance by making this claim.
  15. Pandemics don’t have an ethnicity. That is not the name of the virus. That name only serves to increase xenophobia and harassment towards Asian-Americans living in our country. If you need to change the name of the virus to “Chinese flu” to make yourself feel better about it, then that’s one of the more immature reactions I can imagine having.
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