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  1. Not to sound like a broken record, but we're now in October and we don't seem like we have any players close to committing. I don't think that's a problem in and of itself, but it underscores the fact that in the past two offseasons we've lost two experienced recruiters in Bailey/Macon and replaced them with zero experienced recruiters. Granted, Stuen did a great job with Strickland and Lorentsson, and seems like he has a really high work ethic. But building these recruiting relationships takes time and resources, and we're not doing ourselves any favors in the resource department lately.
  2. You're welcome to take this viewpoint if you want, but I can promise you that recruits are not going to think like this so you should prepare to continue being disappointed. Memphis does offer one thing that SLU (and Illinois) don't offer and that is playing for a coach who was a generational talent in the NBA. My guess is that is likely why they won this recruitment. Like I said, I think SLU would've been a better choice. But I also can see why someone would want to play for Penny.
  3. If you're a big guard, the chance to play for Penny Hardaway is a unique opportunity. I think Nesbitt would have been a great fit at SLU and that we would have been his best choice. However if I were a 17 year-old in his shoes and Penny Hardaway said he wanted to groom me to be a point guard, I can imagine that would be very tough to turn down.
  4. I think I would have a pretty compelling recruiting pitch about his role and how he'd be used: 1) He would have the opportunity to be the number 1 or 2 option on offense early in his career, and would get a lot of shots as an underclassmen (primarily as ballhandler in the pick and roll and posting up smaller guards) 2) Even when Yuri is in the game, he would still have plenty of opportunity to initiate halfcourt offense as a ballhandler similar to Goodwin the past couple of seasons 3) Lastly, Ford could show him tape of similarly-sized perimeter players who have been really successful under his system (James Anderson, Markel Brown, Marcus Smart, Jordan Goodwin)
  5. One question I have on recruiting is why have we not hired a 3rd assistant coach? It seems that we have been recruiting with 3/4ths of a full staff for several months now. I'm sure Travis, Tate and Stuen are working hard to make up for that, but I don't see how this wouldn't be a disadvantage in recruiting. Has anyone heard anything on the assistant coach front?
  6. Realistically, it was always going to come down to the wire with this commitment in my opinion. Nesbitt knows our staff well and he knows our players well. If he feels somewhere else is a better fit, then more power to him. But SLU handled his recruitment well and we won't have to spend any time second guessing whether we recruited him hard enough. These are 16/17 year old kids trying to make decisions with a million people in their ear telling them what to do. Sometimes they make good ones, sometimes they make bad ones. Sometimes decisions are rational, and sometimes kids change their mind. All SLU can do is continue to put ourselves in the best position for recruits like Nesbitt who are interested.
  7. The only thing I’d push back with slightly is that basically every coach has come out against it, including big coaches like Saban and Izzo. The proposed rule gives coaches less control over the players, and coaches don’t tend to like uncertainty.
  8. There will come a day when we lose a star player to a bigger school via transfer, and this board enters full meltdown mode. Just as there have been days when important players from smaller schools have decided to transfer and ended up at SLU (Isabell, Henriquez, Mcbroom, Barnett) all come to mind. If you have a bad coach, a bad culture, or you aren't winning games then these types of transfers are question not of if, but when. Fortunately, we have a good coach, a great culture, and we are winning games. Any player who transfers away under the current #TeamBlue culture, either doesn't think he is going to play enough or wasn't bought in to begin with. As others have said, Goodwin and French could've transferred to just about any school they wanted, any of the past 3 seasons. If Perkins wasn't happy with being a 6-man I'm sure he could transfer to and start at any number of Big 10 or Big 12 schools. Yuri and Jimerson could transfer to the vast majority of D1 schools and play major minutes. If Demarius Jacobs wanted to leave, he could probably go to an A-10 caliber school and be a focal point of the offense, as opposed to the 4th or 5th option. If we invest in our program, facilities, culture, coaches, recruiting, fanbase, etc. we will be a net beneficiary of transfers. I could be way off, but I really think it's that simple.
  9. If we land Nesbitt, I think it will be our second best commitment after JGood. We’re losing a lot of big time players after this year. Offsetting that with a potential first team all conference guy like Nesbitt who can plug into any lineup is the type of recruiting move that keeps our program on the progression to the next level.
  10. We sort of already do have that with Kroenke owning teams in multiple leagues, Dolan/MSG owning Knicks and Rangers, TimeWarner owning the Hawks and Braves, etc. I know you’re probably more referring to the branding of the teams. I do think some day we’ll see multiple sports teams in the same city share a logo / colors.
  11. Well, to be fair we did end up landing the commitment of Phil Russell, who is a local player. Secondly, we landed the commitment of Francis Okoro, who played for the Eagles and has local roots. Overall, Ford has landed commitments from (by my count) 8 local guys if you include Thatch and Okoro, who both played for the Eagles: Goodwin, Gordon, Mike Lewis, Perkins, Yuri, TJ Hargrove, Thatch and Okoro. We are in great position on maybe the two best guys in St. Louis for 2021 in Nesbitt and Kern. From my vantage point, we have never been in this strong in terms local recruiting as we are right now. Lastly, 2020 was always going to be difficult from a recruiting standpoint, because we had no play time to offer.
  12. It could be a reference to being the Class of 2020. I'm not going to read anything into it regarding Fred.
  13. Whoops, thanks for the correction. I must have gotten turned around. Sorry to @Speyburn for unnecessarily and incorrectly responding to that post.
  14. More broadly in terms of Americans in the premier league, there isn't a ton of representation. Tottenham has had Kasey Keller, Dempsey, Brad Friedel and a little bit of Deandre Yedlin. Claudio Reyna was at Man City, where Zach Steffen is expected to play next season. Obviously Howard and Donavan at Everton. I think a number of players have made pitstops at Aston Villa, including Brad Guzan who was there goalie for an extender period. Currently we have Pulisic at Chelsea, and it sounds like Weston Mckennie is likely to move to a premier league team this transfer window. Deandre Yedlin is at Newcastle, though he is also likely to move.
  15. NM, had thought hyndman hadn’t played at Fulham but was incorrect
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