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  1. The original exemption did not specify spring and summer, which I'm sure you already knew as it’s clear you’ve read the original exemption within the past couple of hours to help you pivot your argument accordingly. You continue to change the goal posts, which is fine, your call. But you said ICE could not allow those student to get visas under extreme circumstances even if it wanted to, which we both know isn’t true.
  2. Yes, that was part of ICE's statement in March. However, they quite literally issued an exemption to the rule that students in the country on certain student visas must attend most classes in person. There was no expiration date on this exemption, and it was not exclusively tied to state and local health directives. Whether you agree or disagree with it, their announcement was a modification to an existing exemption, not solely a clarification of existing law. If helpful, please see direct quote from ICE's press release yesterday: "Due to COVID-19, SEVP instituted a temporary exemption regarding online courses for the spring and summer semesters. This policy permitted nonimmigrant students to take more online courses than normally permitted by federal regulation to maintain their nonimmigrant status during the COVID-19 emergency."
  3. In March, ICE, citing the unusual circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus, changed its policy so as to allow students who were taking online classes at SEVP-certified schools to keep their F and M visas. Yesterday, they reversed this policy change, leading to the visa issues that have been discussed earlier in this thread. In neither of these instances did a congressional vote or change in law precipitate ICE's determination on how to apply visa policy. I think your explanation oversimplifies the situation and understates the leeway that ICE has in interpreting visa laws as written.
  4. It's a fun discussion because they are both such good players. Jordair was a dominant defensive player for 2 years and a dominant offensive player for another. I'm not sure we've quite seen Jordan dominate a game in the same way that Jordair did, though I think we will see more of that this year. Neither of them are great shooters, but Jordan is a better 3-point shooter than Jordair was. I'm hopeful Jordan can sneak up to around 33-35% from 3 this year which would greatly improve his scoring efficiency. Like 3-star said, Jordair was a better player as a sophomore and junior than his stats would suggest. If you go back and listen to the Brad Stevens interviews after our Butler game, you can tell that Jett and Evans were the two players who scared him the most on SLU. In terms of players taking over a game, I would add Sophomore Tommie Liddell in the mix. I know I seem to be the only person on here who feels this way (and am sure I also sound like a broken record) but Tommie's stretch where he scored 20+ in six straight games for a Soderberg team that played at a slow tempo was very impressive. Perkins' stretch in conference play reminded me a lot of that (though Perkins did it for more games and was frankly more dominant).
  5. You could be right. My gut tells me Dayton was going to be pretty good even without him. But if he can play the full season that really helps their front court depth. Id like to think that one of Bonaventure or Duquesne could also get in the mix for an at-large. I don’t love Umass’ team overall next season, but Tre Mitchell may be the POY, so perhaps he can will them into at large consideration as well.
  6. I went to college at an SEC school with 6 male sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Cross Country and Golf. Of those 6, there were female teams for 4 of them: Basketball, Tennis, Cross Country and Golf. So they had to make up for 90-100 scholarships between football and baseball. These came from the following female sports: soccer, lacrosse, swimming, track and field and bowling. I have no point to make with any of that, just wanted to give context.
  7. They don't have a money spent requirement. It is equal number of scholarships and some other items, like you originally thought.
  8. I agree. Like I said, I'm confident he has the work ethic to maximize his potential on both ends. I just disagreed that he was a good defender as a freshman.
  9. We must have watched different Auburn games. In his limited minutes, Gibson got 15 points scored directly on him (worse than any other SLU player), including one play where he wasn't quick enough to recover defensively and two others where he wasn't strong enough to box his guy out, even though he was in front of him. There's a reason he played fewer minutes than Jacobs, Yuri and Perkins in that game. For the season, he was last on our team in defensive box plus/minus and last in defensive rating. So we got scored on most frequently when Jimerson was in the game. I think Jimerson is a much better offensive player than Diener ever was, and he's probably the most dangerous offensive player on our team. We'll be at our best with him on the floor, assuming he proves he can defend and rebound at an A-10 level.
  10. Respectfully, what exactly did Jimerson do that was more athletic than you expected? I think he's a great player, but I thought he had trouble getting separation and thought he was easily our least athletic defender. In order for Jimerson to reach his potential, I think he'll need to get quicker/stronger. I have faith that he has the work ethic to accomplish that.
  11. I think that last season every game was on some form of TV/Streaming.
  12. Agreed regarding the Kasubke comparison. I will say that given LHJ’s frame, potential versatility and his dad being Hughes, some major programs will be willing to bet on his upside.
  13. Nor has anyone ever said this. One of the biggest straw man arguments on this board. We just had a class with players from Florida, Nigeria/Illinois, Sweden and Germany. And I haven’t heard a single person say anything disparaging about that class (because it’s a great group).
  14. We’ve lost two veteran, likely well-compensated D1 assistants in the past two years. On paper, Ford Stuen is equivalent to a budget signing. If we were to promote someone like Lowe; it would be a worrisome signal to me that our budget for assistants/staff has fallen well below what it was just two years ago.
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