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  1. He’s also not particularly quick, which is usually a pretty important skill on defense. Nobody knows whether he will be a great defender or not, but it’s a fair question. Same applies to Yuri due to his size. That question is less applicable to Hargrove, who has shown D1-ready defensive abilities.
  2. Sargent being in the MLS in 2022 would be a very bad sign for his development
  3. I agree with your overall conclusion about how crowded the 1-3 spots are. The only opinion I would add is that I think we will see a lot of Hankton/Hargrove/Perkins at the 4 spot. I actually think Hargrove could be an instant contributor at the 4 given his length and rebounding ability. Hankton and Perkins at the 4 also would stretch the floor nicely, if they’re able to rebound and defend that position. This could all change if we get another grad transfer big, which seems not unlikely.
  4. Wiz, I really appreciate all the analytical work you do. But wouldn’t it be easier to use something like effective field goal % or offensive rating to judge a players bucket getting ability? Raw field goal numbers feel a little outdated given all the data we have available
  5. -Known for player development -Standout reviews from G-League circles -NBA pedigree will help with recruiting
  6. All of the Vandy fans I’ve spoken with are pretty excited
  7. My Dad is from Webster but went to college out east. When he moved back to St. Louis in the mid-80s, he bought SLU season tickets. He started bringing my brother and me to games in the Romar era when we were little. I became quickly obsessed and convinced him to take me to the CUSA Tournament and eventually A-10 tournament; I think I went to ~6 of those tournaments before I got to high school which effectively cemented that I’d be a lifelong fanatic. Favorite early billikens included Marque Perry, Reggie Bryant, Anthony Drejaj and Tommie Liddell
  8. While I would love to see McKissic playing for SLU, my sense is there are probably other programs which would give him an opportunity to be a lead guard and impact player. The more I think about it, the only way I can see him coming to SLU is through his friendship with Goodwin or relationship with Tate from BBE.
  9. It will be interesting to see how many non-grad transfers are given waivers to play immediately for their new team.
  10. They actually won the valley. I’m a little surprised Porter hasn’t gotten more looks for some of the Midwestern jobs, though there hasn’t been any one that’s felt like a perfect fit.
  11. Would love for you to keep us posted if you hear of any connection with SLU
  12. I think that I would be open to taking Wetzell and/or Ryan, but would also guess there are much more impactful transfers on the market. Wetzell can provide rebounding and post defense, but isn’t quick or athletic enough to be a difference-maker offensively. Ryan is a really good three point shooter, and is big enough to grab some rebounds, but that’s about all he does.
  13. He had a strong sophomore season after not playing a ton as a freshman: 30.2 mpg 8.7 ppg 2.8 rpg 2.0 apg 43.6% / 36.4% / 86.2% slashline
  14. With Miles officially out at Nebraska I would move Thomas Allen to the top of my wishful transfers list.
  15. Why does that mean we’re playing from behind? I’m sure you know more than I do here but I think Kasubke has been on SLU’s campus multiple times.
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