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  1. With all due respect to the young man, I hope we are aiming higher than that.
  2. Just my opinion, but I think it was more of a semantic debate than a factual debate. I know that Tyler's source is Tate and my guess is that the staff member Ross talks is Forte. Tate likely was having conversations with Yuri and/or Yuri's circle that Forte was not. The staff may have been "blindsided" in that they did not officially know until today, but anyone who was close with Yuri's circle during this time could not have possibly been shocked by the news.
  3. If the season started today I can't imagine we'd finish top 100. We have 0 ballhandlers and 1 big man. The roster makes zero sense right now. There is still time to fix it but anyone who thinks we'd finish 34th is taking crazy pills.
  4. I hope you're right, because I think that's what it will take to remain relevant.
  5. I was in the same boat as 3-star in that I thought the Javon Bess, Javon Pickett, Francis Okoro transfers we bring in could outweigh the Yuri Collins transfers we lose. I still think that's possible, but also think that NIL might ultimately be what spells doom for schools like SLU. If you can transfer to another school and not sit out, and that other school can pay you real money when a school like SLU cannot, there is not much we can do to shift that paradigm back. Agreed that it's not good for the health of the sport. I don't think anyone really thinks it's good for the health of the sport.
  6. I'm excited to root for Javonte Perkins, a great Billiken and SLU representative, to have an amazing senior season.
  7. Your understanding of elementary math is apparently not sufficient for understanding how athletic department budgets work. You said the men's basketball program supports the entire athletic department budget, which is false. The men's basketball program supports most, but not all, of the men's basketball budget. The program is not profitable, nor is it intended to be. The athletic department itself is not run to turn a profit. Revenue from basketball does not support other budgets. Does basketball generate more revenue than the other sports? Yes, obviously. Does it also cost more than all the other sports? Yes, obviously. If your judge of how important sports are at SLU is to look at how much money they are making for other areas of the university, then no sports at SLU are important. As SLU fans, most of us are able to see how the importance in terms of university profile, fundraising, reputation and culture matter.
  8. Do you know any of what you said to be true? What is the financial breakdown of men's and women's basketball? How much profit would say the men's basketball program makes? What about the women's program? Your entire response is unfounded and counterproductive. At no point was the decision made that the men's basketball program will support the SLU athletic department. That is a cop out used to diminish the importance of the other sports. Saying there "isn't any additional revenue that goes along with" increased women's basketball is also not based on anything and not true for many women's basketball programs. There are a lot of fans, supporters, alumni, boosters, etc. who care about women's basketball. That is what drives the investment in the program.
  9. Nesbitt's mother actually passed away a couple of years ago. This is a kid who has had a lot on his plate the last couple of seasons.
  10. Smart move by Yuri. Even if the advice is likely to be things he already knew (continue improving shooting, cut down on turnovers, lead team to tournament) this is still a good way to get his name/tape in front of NBA scouts and will set him up to get more looks next year.
  11. He certainly has the skills needed, and he’s definitely not soft. His main issue coming into college will be strength, he’s pretty lean at this stage having gone through a recent growth spurt and that sometimes leaves him a little exposed defensively. He’d be fine against the majority of teams we play but would have more difficulty than someone like Linssen against teams with really aggressive big men like Auburn, Memphis and Dayton. In an ideal world you’d probably prefer another big to go along with Okoro/Turnbull, but that’s a tough sell from a playing time perspective.
  12. I don’t care what you would prefer me to call him because I have no interest in an argument over semantics. The debate about playing 2 big men together was decided several years ago when college coaches themselves (including Self) admitted it was over. Whether or not MBMs want to agree with what those coaches decided is totally up to them.
  13. Jalen Wilson is a perimeter player. I knew the old days of 2-big lineups were dead when Bill Self pronounced them dead on Jeff Goodman's podcast a couple years ago. Bill Self is famous for the traditional PF/C high-low offense. He said that it took years for his assistants to convince him but he's finally acknowledging that you can't play 2 bigs at the same time unless one of them is a great 3-point shooter.
  14. It’s not wishful thinking, because it’s a strategy that is proven to not work in college basketball. Ford played 2 bigs a lot longer than most coaches did.
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