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  1. I wouldn’t be very happy with that final possession if I were Nick Smith
  2. Biancardi is a horrible analyst / commentator.
  3. I could be wrong, but I think the game us at 4pm ET / 3pm CT and then they have the 16U final on after that.
  4. I also don't really think Gonzaga needs to move. They already have a top basketball budget and pedigree (think their basketball budget is bigger than every Pac 12 school except UCLA). They play on national tv all the time. What are they really missing out on?
  5. I don't really see how this move would change anything with respect to the NCAA tournament? It would be the same schools wanting to separate before and after all this shakes out. Even if the Big 12 falls apart they are going to have those schools in the BCS or equivalent universe for football. And the NCAA has no financial incentive to keep schools like Gonzaga (let alone the whole of the Big East) out of the basketball tournament. It's not like Duke/UNC/Kentucky are really splitting the NCAA tourney revenue with the mid-majors today.
  6. Bummer that Tarris Reed doesn’t appear to be playing. Very nice 3 by Kramer near the end of the half over a closeout. His release has gotten quicker.
  7. BBE takes on MoKan tomorrow afternoon. Should be a fun one.
  8. Thinking about some of these Texas kids has had me wondering, how many top ~150ish recruits have we gotten from outside of the St. Louis area and/or how many non-local players with more than 2-3 offers from top 100 programs have come to SLU. I can only really think of a couple: Hasahn French and Kwamain Mitchell (HM to Davell Roby, Marcus Bartley and Demarius Jacobs who were all top ~300ish players). And then Cody Ellis and Rob Loe were both highly-touted as well. If Forte is able to land some of those type of kids from Texas, it will be very impressive. It is very difficult for schools at SLU's level to win out-of-state recruiting battles for highly ranked players. Honestly I don't think I appreciated enough how significant landing Hasahn French was at the time.
  9. Kramer has the green light to shoot from 3 for BBE, and he uses it. But he doesn’t have the ability to be a selfish player but on his AAU team. The reason he’s on that team is because he’s a great fit next to star players, and he’s doing a great job of taking advantage of that role.
  10. What am I missing on this guy? Almost no interest out of high school. Two low major offers in JUCO. Didn’t start for his JUCO team and averaged 3.6 ppg. Non shooter. It’s very rare for a 6’10” 230 lb player to slip through the cracks so I’d be surprised if this was the exception. Personally would prefer a Rashed Anthony one year type who only plays when Okoro/Linssen have serious foul trouble or in case of emergency.
  11. I'm not necessarily saying one is a better team than the other. In many ways, 2019 is a very similar year to this year. Kasubke got more minutes on that Mokan team than he would've on BBE playing behind Cam Fletcher and Moses Moody. Branson would've gotten zero playing time. MoKan won the Peach Jam and BBE was pretty bad that year, if I remember correctly, so clearly BBE's strategy was not an effective one. But I think the point still holds that those top 100-300 type STL kids will get more playing time leaving the area than they would staying to play for BBE, which is trying to get the top ranked regional talent. I wish BBE were focused more on keeping those kids in St. Louis and personally think it's silly that the Kansas City team has more kids from St. Louis than the St. Louis EYBL team does.
  12. You're right. Role player is too strong of a term. Reed is certainly good enough to start and play big minutes for BBE. I think Mayo, Hughes, and Rob Martin all get more minutes/shots playing for MoKan than they would for BBE. Another way to look at is that Hughes, Mayo, Kramer and Thames are all roughly in the same sphere in terms of their high school pedigree, position, recruiting, rankings, etc. But Mayo and Hughes play bigger roles on MoKan than Kramer and Thames do on BBE.
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