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  1. I’m not sure I agree with this, but I would guess the coaches thought Hightower was a better matchup against Dayton big guards / wings.
  2. Lamelo (potential top 3 pick in this year's NBA draft) and Liangelo (left UCLA after a semester) are the only brothers.
  3. I think the logic for starting Jacobs over Perkins is primarily a positional thing. We almost never play Perkins/French/Bell at the same time. Like most coaches, Ford sticks with 3 guards most of the time. So the primary debate is probably whether Perkins should start over Bell. And I think we know that the reason Bell starts is primarily to help keep Has out of foul trouble early.
  4. The thing I’ll always remember most about McCall is how much he shut down Rotnei Clarke in the A-10 tournament. Mike wasn’t that big, but he had really long arms. I think he’s as good as any perimeter defender I’ve seen at SLU other than Javon Bess (was too young during Josh Fisher era to really remember).
  5. I think you’re still comparing apples to oranges. Mckillops has been overwhelmingly successful at Davidson. That’s something that I think just about any fellow coach, fan or college basketball diehard would agree upon. He literally elevated the program to an entirely different level. There is a reason why he’s won 9 coach of the year awards.
  6. I think you're oversimplifying things. If "nothing but success" is too hyperbolic for you, that's fair. Records and tournament appearances for coaches don't work in a vacuum, the jobs have to be comparable. Mckillop didn't meet your criteria in any of his first four seasons, but the team was improving year over year. Those are successful seasons. And Mckillop has been consistently successful at Davidson. Grant had a failed coaching stop. I personally think there is a fundamental difference in track records there. Coaching is also all about finding the right situation and fit. Grant is now at his alma mater, and it sure looks like he's building a consistent winner at Dayton.
  7. I think you're missing my point. Travis Ford and Anthony Grant are both examples of coaches whose stock rose quickly, who have been in charge of major programs at a young age and who, at one point or another failed. If you compare that with a guy like Mckillop, who has had nothing but success the track record is much spottier (more down moments). Mark Schmidt gets graded on a curve because of the program he has been tasked with running. But his teams never underachieve, which is something that cannot be said for Grant and Ford. I don't really rate Dambrot as highly as Mckillop/Schmidt. Too soon to say for Rhoades. There is not one standard by which you can judge coaches. It's perfectly reasonable for people to think of Mckillop and Schmidt as better coaches than Grant because they consistently get the most out of their talent. That said, I think Ford and Grant are both in great situations now and will continue to run successful programs. There’s not a single coach in the A-10 who id want instead of Ford, and I’m guessing Dayton fans feel the same way about Grant.
  8. I never said there was shame in his struggles at Alabama. I said he was Dayton's Travis Ford. I have also said that I think Ford is a great fit for SLU and that I'm really happy to have him. Grant never coached in the A-10 prior to this stop at Dayton.
  9. Grant has a much spottier track record than those other guys. We have six years of mediocrity at Alabama on Grants track record. Even less successful than Ford was at OSU. This is now his 3rd season at Dayton, and will be his first NCAA tourney appearance. He’s Dayton’s Travis Ford.
  10. The offense was much better in the second half when we stopped trying to force a French post-up on every possession. I love Hasahn and think he is a great player. But he's shooting under 50% from the floor and we all know about the free throw woes. We have 2.5 years to suggest he's not an offensive centerpiece. I also am a huge fan of Jordan Goodwin, but if defenses are going to sag that far off of him he needs to be willing to shoot from outside. Even if he shoots 30% from 3 that is a big upgrade to our spacing. I am a big fan of Travis Ford and am very happy he is our headcoach. But our offensive gameplans recently have been head-scratching,
  11. Season isn’t over. Winnable games coming up. We’ve never looked like an at-large team this year. But we can keep growing and improving. Need to finish strong in the A-10 to set us up for next season and hopefully steal an NIT bid
  12. Our offense sucks, and has sucked ever since the Tulane game. Painful to watch
  13. We have absolutely no idea what we are doing on offense.
  14. I live in New York so it isn't on local TV, will have to watch via streaming service.
  15. Does anyone know if there will be a replay available online after the fact?
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