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  1. Im less content with this result than I expected to be. But I think that’s a good thing, as it feels like the fan base is starting to get fed up with being an underdog all the time. We expect to win, as we should. I have a couple of bigger takeaways that sound negative, but I think set the stage for what we need to do better next season to take the next step as a program: -In modern basketball, you can’t be a good offensive team and not take 3s. Our lack of spacing and ball movement in the second half and overtime was painful. We’re not good enough at scoring inside to not take 3s. We absolutely can not afford to be in a position where our team can’t space the floor at all after this year. -Goodwin and French are fantastic. All-conference players. Billiken legends. I think Goodwin will pass Marque Perry and Tommie Liddell as my all-time favorite Billiken. Nonetheless, neither of them should be a #1 option offensively. Goodwin can’t successfully create his own shot against top teams. French is a good passer and ball-handler, but not an efficient scorer out of the post. Going into next season, we need to decrease our reliance on these guys as scorers. Their best contribution will be in all the other areas of the game.
  2. I feel like Soderberg did an ok job recruiting St. Louis. He certainly brought in a number of local guys (Polk, Meyer, Lisch, Liddell, Dustin Mcguire). His problem was moreso that he just wasn't a great recruiter. It seemed like he did a good job of putting in the time seeing local kids. Through a combination of health- and style- reasons, Rick Majerus wasn't really the type of coach who was going to be going to open gyms at Vashon or Chaminade. Then you combine that with a staff which included Harriman (who spent a lot of time recruiting in Australia, New Zealand and the west coast) and Alex Jensen (someone who we know did not enjoy the recruiting aspect), and you can start to see how that staff didn't get to local schools that often. Crews' staff of Platt, Cheaney and Bronson had no local roots and seemed more focused on their contacts in other parts of the midwest (I'll admit to not following recruiting quite as closely during this era, just given how dreary everything was). Ford made local recruiting a big priority early with the hiring of Tate away from Mizzou. Then you add the fact that his son was playing local high school basketball, and you can see how the pieces start to add up for a more significant local recruiting presence.
  3. Did you have this DVR’d? If not, do you know of somewhere online to watch it? Thanks.
  4. Absolutely. Fred is a key member of our team. Getting him back and healthy is a bigger deal than anyone we are recruiting currently, in my mind.
  5. I only want a grad transfer if they’re going to be a major contributor. I think we’d benefit more from an underclassmen transfer if the alternative is a grad transfer who would only play 10 minutes a night. (I’m speaking more generally, not about Stockard specifically)
  6. All due respect but I feel like this is a straw-man argument. SLU is not always there for local kids who transfer. In fact, I can’t even think of an example of a local kid who transferred back. I don’t think there’s anyone inside the program or out who thinks that SLU swill automatically be waiting with open arms if a kid wants to transfer back.
  7. He’s talented enough to play at SLU but unless we had to a really good reason to believe that the suspension wasn’t a real issue, I’d rather use the scholarship elsewhere.
  8. I still like the idea of pressing against weaker non-con opponents next season. I think the higher tempo and increased pressure is a good way to bury teams like High Point or FGCU early. It also lets you play more guys, which could be an issue early in next season.
  9. Respectfully, shooting is better today that it has been in any time in history. Throughout just about every decade in history, basketball players have been better at shooting than they were the decade prior.
  10. My latest theory on French is that he should be shooting right-handed, not left-handed. There is some precedent for this happening to lefty big men before (Tristan Thompson). Hasahn finishes and handles very well with high right hand as well. Probably sounds ridiculous but I think I've talked myself into actually believing it.
  11. Is it just me, or does it feel like we're not chasing anyone from this class particularly hard right now? Feels like we might be waiting until the spring for transfer season to keep our options open.
  12. I wouldn’t say it’s incomplete. These stats illustrate the most frequent lineups used, which is all it’s intending to do. Could KenPom’s source data be incorrect? For sure, but I am generally inclined to trust them. Your other point is a really interesting one. I would love to know what stats Ford and staff look at. Don’t get me wrong, I think the data available to college basketball coaches is very limited. At the end of the day, any good coach is going to have to rely primarily on gut/film/observations. That said, I do sometimes feel like our coaching staff could better scrutinize the efficiency of the plays they’re calling. I could be way off, though.
  13. Those are the most frequent lineups, not a comprehensive list of all of the lineups used.
  14. One main reason we haven't been good at free throws is that we haven't been good at shooting in general. We've been a below-average 3-point shooting team every year except 2011-2012. We've been a below average 2-point shooting team the past 6 seasons.
  15. I agree with you that it seems the positions are flexible. But in general, you are always going to see 3 of the following on the floor: Jacobs, Collins, Weaver and Goodwin. Per KenPom, Perkins has played 0.0% of the minutes over the past 5 games (screenshot below).
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