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  1. The first time I saw Nesbitt play he made something like six threes including a couple of really tough, contested looks. I was surprised when I later found out that shooting wasn't necessarily considered one of his biggest strengths. I think Nesbitt has the tools to be a high-level shooter, though he'll likely be more comfortable off the dribble than in catch-and-shoot situations early in his career.
  2. You’re forgetting about a crucial third reason: 3) the NCAA’s sham amateurism model is quite possibly illegal, which is why they are spending so much time having to defend it in court and in front of congress for the past several years. The NIL rule is an easy way for the NCAA to allow student athletes to get paid and to appease the regulators and lawyers without forcing the schools to actually pay the players out of their own pockets.
  3. The McDermott interview was great, I really enjoyed it (especially as someone who isn't plugged into SLU soccer as often as many of the more die-hard fans). The pod has proven to be a great way for me to keep up with the non-basketball sports. You and Peter are doing a great job; the production quality and your ability to have a natural conversation is impressive for such a relatively new podcast. I have to add though that I disagreed with a lot of the Jordan Goodwin discussion. I think at one point Zac compared him to Yadier Molina or some of the older Blues players which didn't really m
  4. Richmond will be very good, but IMO their ceiling is limited by their lack of athleticism and ballhandlers who can make plays off the dribble. Francis had his issues, but he was the only guy on that roster who could really create his own shot 1v1. Maybe Burton grows into that role.
  5. In 2019 the NCAA implemented a new rule which basically allowed players to declare for the draft and sign with an agent but still maintain college eligibility as long as the agent came from an NCAA-approved list. I don't know specifically what agency Bones signed with so I can't confirm whether or not he has the option to return, but I believe he made it clear in his post announcing his departure that he was not considering a return. Here is the list of NCAA certified agents: https://web3.ncaa.org/AgentCertification/#/AgentDirectory It used to be that if you signed with an agent you could
  6. I think we can probably take this thread down since we know Goodwin still is open to the option of returning. Verbal Commits is not a news source, they are simply aggregating the news from this weekend that Goodwin signed with an agency and missing the part about it allowing him the option to return.
  7. Thanks, Taj. Great summary. I think Dayton, VCU and Mason all did well in the transfer portal. Coulibaly is nice pickup by Schmidt who should be an improvement on all of the bench guys who left. If I had to give my personal preseason favorites at this point (with still much uncertainty in the portal) it would look something like: 1) St. Bona 2) SLU 3) Richmond 4) VCU At this point in the year it feels like there is a clear drop-off after those four though I wouldn't count out Dayton or Davidson who are both talented and well-coached. SLU will almost certainly be picked 4th in t
  8. Hypothetically, would you be opposed to a coach recruiting a grad transfer (e.g., Tramiane Isabell) and saying something like "our plan is for you to be our starting point guard and play the majority of the minutes next to Jordan Goodwin in the backcourt"? Obviously if Isabell comes in and he sucks, that plan has to be altered. But it's not like all players enter the season with the same opportunity to win playing time as everyone else on the roster (which I know you're not saying)
  9. Yeah I pretty much agree with everything you said and think that is probably the pitch the coaching staff will make. But if it's not what the player is looking for, then the mutual fit just isn't there. The good news is everyone involved knows each other and knows what both parties are looking for so it should be easy to communicate and get to the right answer (as they are already doing). I expect Cook will probably wind up with a major role on a top 50-100ish range team and I don't expect him to be at SLU. But I'd be happy to be wrong.
  10. Fair enough. I'm just saying that Cook will likely not be coming to SLU if what you described is what the coaches are communicating to him. My understanding is that he's already told the staff that he'd only be interested in coming to SLU if he's expected to start at point guard. One thing about graduate transfers is that they tend to know exactly what they're looking for in a new school and you can see why Cook wouldn't want to leave a top 5 program just to play a similar role in the A-10. Hopefully the staff can convince him that enough minutes will be available off the ball to be entic
  11. I agree they can definitely play together. But the scenario you described is not how transfer recruits tend to think about things and not how Cook is thinking about things from what I’ve heard. I think he wants to hear “you will start at point guard.” I would love for Cook to come and think he’d be a great fit on our squad as a ball-handler and playmaker who can play on and off ball and guard multiple positions on the perimeter. I hope the staff can convince him it’s the right fit.
  12. The main issue with Cook to SLU is that Cook wants to be a starting point guard and he’s aware that SLU already has a starting point guard. I’m sure the staff will try to talk around that but don’t be surprised if the fit doesn’t materialize and he goes somewhere he’s handed the keys from day one. We continue to see that (guaranteed) playing time is often the most important thing on recruits’ minds, especially transfers.
  13. Hargrove has played almost exclusively at 4 for the past two years. When he plays next to Perkins, JP moves over to the 3.
  14. I think VCU will still be good without Bones. They’ll need to figure out scoring but they have multiple potential breakout guys on that side of the ball. And they have good defenders up and down the roster, including Hason Ward, who is maybe the second best defender in the conference behind Osun.
  15. Illinois-Chicago is the only place I’ve heard
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