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  1. I know that Javon Bess has already hit the 1000 pt club for his NCAA career, but he is only 25pts away from joining the 1000 pt club solely as a Billiken (440 + 535). Time to join the club Friday night!
  2. Lincoln High School in ESL was the basketball school - they had 4 AA state championships - 81-82, 86-87, 87-88, 88--89 with LaPhonso Ellis and Cuonzo Martin. Lincoln closed in 1998.
  3. Yes he posted after the game. But how do you know that video was from after the game. It’s also French’s Birthday and it’s a long bus ride back to the airport.
  4. Was wondering the same thing. Biggest game of the year and online only.
  5. His wife/girlfriend is from O'Fallon. He did a podcast with Tim McKernan last year as well discussing that along with golf. http://insidestl.com/the-tim-mckernan-show-ep-50-marcus-allen/2012404
  6. Here is another story about Syracuse's Howard Washington that was posted last week regarding his stroke he suffered in Sept. https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2019/02/syracuses-howard-washington-reveals-chilling-story-i-had-a-stroke.html
  7. I was going to ask your opinion prior to game tonight, but Ray’Sean is a bucket getter. VerbalCommits also has UMKC and North Florida with offers listed as well. I could see him start getting more mid major interest after the summer circuits.
  8. I think this year they marked the season ticket seats with reserved signs on them.
  9. Enjoy the “Purple Palace” $5 bucks gets you in. Should be a nice crowd, both are ranked in Illinois
  10. Didn't everyone see the Tweet earlier this morning that Guy Phillips took over the AD's Twitter account today?
  11. We have been over 10,000 in attendance 14 times in Chaifetz history.
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