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  1. The Season Ticket Invoice is now out. Does not look like an increase from last year.
  2. If you have Fiber, you might want to check the age of your modem and/or wireless router. We upgraded to a Mesh Router with one satellite and our modem since they were out of date. It made a load of difference and no lag on the stream. Also, just dropped DirecTV after 20 years for YouTubeTV and not looking back.
  3. Pretty sure he is going into his senior year at SIUE
  4. I assume Judy posts on the board!!
  5. I glad that Gibson made a full recovery and chipped in 2pts in our win against, Iowa. https://www.whatifsports.com/ncaab/boxscore.asp?gameid=12229038
  6. If Gus officiates basketball games, I want to find his schedule and attend one of those games. What an experience that would be!! It could be a Billikens.com field trip!!
  7. I think thetorch meant he is a basketball referee
  8. The initial foul on Evans was announced. The media timeout occurred, band was playing and the next announcement by Gus was after TJ had the ball announcing he was shooting two free throws. Perkins was not announced as shooting or the reason why, that is my complaint.
  9. It was not a T on Rhodes according to the official book and TV.
  10. I was curious about that as well but after watching the broadcast it was Flagrant One on Evans for the foul against TJ then a Class A Technical on Evans for something after the play. Only knew about the T cause of Stu and Carter. Our dic* PA, Gus only announced the free throws for TJ, with no mention of the T.
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