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  1. Looking for 4 for Auburn game next week - any help appreciated!
  2. Brian was also able to recognize an assist on a basket! Something Gus has never done in his 20+ years.
  3. Games on ESPN+ are available in the local STL market as well, there is no blackout of A10 if it is on Ballys. I’ve been without FSMW/BSMW for almost 2 years with YouTubeTV and no issues with accessing content on ESPN+
  4. I hope that the new media rights deal in 2025 for the Big East does not include FloSports as there women’s basketball and Olympic sports contract runs through the 2024/25 season. https://www.flosports.tv/2022/08/15/big-east-signs-multi-year-agreement-with-flosports/
  5. Last season TFord said that the Memphis return game was going to be durning the week, since our game there was during the week.
  6. Looks like training camp for the trip might of started yesterday per the teams Twitter.
  7. Did the Philly double in 2020 prior to the shut down, was a great time and saw the Gola swimming pool.
  8. Jordair Jett - 2013-14 Atlantic 10 Player of the Year Bobble Dreads night!!
  9. CITY2's last home game on Sept 18 has also been venue TBD since the schedule came out. My bet is that CITY wanted to have a club game as the first match rather than Golden Boot.
  10. I think he was just on a visit. Yesterday, he was at Louisiana-Monroe per his Instagram.
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