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  1. Do you Know he got paid? … maybe you should shut up?
  2. He hasn’t transferred yet, somebody at SLU needs to figure out how to help him with nil here. And fast! this isn’t on Ford as nil. Someone else needs to step up now.
  3. Perhaps that’s why we can discount you contributions. Suggest you find a higher level of experience than a 2nd grader! Chance 2 Dance... The Bills ....59%... Day.............58%... VCU............44%.…
  4. Okuro has soft hands. Jimerson is afraid. We gave up early.
  5. Why is Jimerson running around like a chicken instead of shooting??
  6. A10 talk article written by a Bunnies fan , nice write up. https://www.a10talk.com/bonnies-to-face-red-hot-billikens-in-st-louis-on-friday/
  7. Buffalo Article on Schmit saying they Are confident. Lays out the coach's plan https://www.tapinto.net/towns/greater-olean/sections/sports/articles/confident-bonnies-will-battle-red-hot-saint-louis-friday
  8. we should never lose to Dayton!
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