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  1. AGREED, we shoot 100% on free throws we win! Why is it that guys who want to play Pro Ball don't practice enough that they can make the low pressure shot. They need to shot hundreds. Bell out scored their 2 7' footers, maybe we should have played diaria more in the first 3 games to bring him in to help disrupt. I like CF but he could have done more. Hopefully this was a great learning point for our team. Seton Hall was better yes, but not great. Too many trees for us and we didn't stop Powell or Mamu anywhere near enough. Come on Bills!
  2. 37-35 Auburn at the half
  3. Chicken? How did they play? Win? Duh!!!!
  4. Then why for Gods Sake do you feel the need to post your obvious crap?
  5. Marquette, Creighton, Xavier, almost anyone BE, but not DePaul, yet. I have no desire to welcome Cartere to our home ever again.
  6. nice write up https://www.richmondregister.com/sports/eku-hoops-weaver-tranferring-to-st-louis/article_dd41081b-6778-5b04-9c0f-48e6e8b5eb28.html
  7. Somebody here must work for the University and should be able to answer the question of Trademark? Though I suspect that at least the older ones are no longer if ever protected.
  8. Congrats Steve well deserved!
  9. Billy, I'm confused, a 4 + year old story link?
  10. Dayton hosting several NCAA Tournament games every year, apparently a great bene. Still unbelievable?
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