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  1. If anyone knew, they'ed be lying/guessing!
  2. URI coming in at 9 in the A10 @138
  3. Ty Brighton, nice to watch the Billikens in March even if history. I understand the cancellation this year but do miss basketball at this time of year.
  4. Now I understand how glazedandconfused you are!
  5. Will be our pleasure and just so you know, we intend to beat you again soon .
  6. I'm hoping someone like Jimmy remembers the pick that was set brutally around half court against Yuri and returns the favor. Personally, we always need to beat Dayton, VCU, Davidson, RI, UR, GW, Duq. and really anyone else in the A10. If we ever aspire to the BEast, we have to man up! Go Billikens!
  7. Yup. We disagree. You are not Rammer!
  8. I'm far removed from campus and haven't seen any shoot arounds but does French, Diara or Bell ever attempt a 3? Not that that is whats expected of the position, but would practicing be unreasonable?
  9. What a game! so close. Well, now we have more reason to win @ Dayton GO BILLS!!
  10. The Rammer is wrong! Surprise... Jul 3, 2019 - Eastern Kentucky graduate transfer Dujuanta ‘Tay’ Weaver committed to Saint Louis on Wednesday, possibly signaling that the Arizona Wildcats are done making offseason additions. Weaver reportedly received an offer from Arizona recently despite the fact the Wildcats already have 13 ...
  11. Ya think Stu was a Billiken grad of 71?
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