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  1. We need to win! According to the Beast Board, we have no history of winning. At least a couple nice runs in March.
  2. Clicking on the underlined I GOT, Christian Williams @MousethePG Class of 2025 Vashon PG 4.0gpa
  3. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/19645 Dayton
  4. A10 cracks the list as URI 7 IN A10 @121 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/19594
  5. one of our opponents https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/19582
  6. did I read correctly that Goodwin had the most minutes playing of all listed players.
  7. Crushing news, may he rip! So sad, he seemed such a bright earnest young man
  8. is their a payout for teams in the NIT and WNIT?
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