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  1. If I remember correctly, he was even in the dunk contest for "midnight madness" his freshman year.
  2. Really well done. I'll be sitting down with my son to watch the film and his reads on certain situations. I learned a lot watching this.
  3. I just saw this, too. Weird that it was from a couple hours ago and there's complete silence.
  4. Is French still playing? I feel like I've seen him doing modeling/acting on social media more than hoops?
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Remember last year, they literally didn't get their jerseys until the morning of their first game.
  6. Those are the balls they'll use in Europe.
  7. He's headed back to Europe to resume his playing career.
  8. Love seeing them having fun!
  9. Anyone ever been to a game? All you can eat and a pep band plays your walk up music. The whole experience sounds awesome! https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2022/07/03/savannah-bananas-putting-show-mlb-would-smart-watch/7800003001/
  10. I'm pretty sure Tate didn't "officially" sign til later when Ford hired him. Could it be he isn't bound by official rules if he hasn't officially signed yet?
  11. Check out the 18 second mark!!! Do those look like possible retro shorts or am I just too excited?!?
  12. Red Panda performing at half of the NBA Finals.
  13. Can we please get some upgrades to Grand Forest?!
  14. With The Thermometer moving to Evansville, what does that mean with regards to Bol's situation as his guardian?
  15. I bought a little of everything for the exact same reasons. I'm really digging the Bread & Butter Kickers. A little sweet at first but the spice kicks in after. Really good stuff!
  16. Ha, great find! This guy is a keyboard warrior if I've ever seen one.
  17. https://instagram.com/stories/dwaynesworld_1/2843780514484533178?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= Looks like Evans hit a game winner. @thetorch would know better, but that stadium looks pretty big. Is the Japanese league growing ala Australia?
  18. Williams definitely. Wiley, while it's all part of the circumstance, was injured the entirety of his time here. There were a couple games we would've lost if not for him.
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