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Former Billikens Updates


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Kwamain Mitchell - playing for Usti n/Labem in the Mattoni NBL, the top league in Czechoslovakia. Leading the league in points with 21.9 a game and steals with over 3. Also dishing out 4.5 assists a game. Usti n/Labem is 9-6 and won their last game on Wed 90-83. Mitchell had 40 points on 15-20 shooting along with 7 boards and 4 assists.

Cory Remuken - playing for the Rhoendorf Dragons n the German ProB league, the 3rd tier of German basketball. The Dragons are 5-5. Cory starts at center for them and averages 12 points, 7 boards and a league leading 3 blocks a game.

Willie Reed - Toiling in the D-League for the Springfield Armor. He's rated as the 6th best prospect in the NBDL. Through 3 games he's averaging 13 points, 10 boards and almost 2 blocks.

Brian Conklin - Playing for the 3-5 Townsville Crocodiles in the Aussie NBL Conklin is averaging 16 points and 4 boards a contest. He had a 33 point outburst in a game last month.

Kevin Lisch - Playing for JSF Nanterre in France ProA with Trent Meachem and former RI player Will Daniels after tearing up the Puerto Rican league in the summer. He's listed as injured and has yet to appear in a game this season.

Chris Heinrich - 36 years old and still in the top German ProA league playing for Crailsheim. He's a backup center and barely plays after spending the last several years putting up good stats in the German ProB league.

Marque Perry - Still playing now he is a 6th man for Istanbul in the top Turkish league getting 10 points a game. He's played in several different countries, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia among others.

Justin Love - Also still playing, he appears to have made a home in Odessa, Ukraine. He's played for BC Odessa since '11. He's the starting pg for a 6-2 team this yearand is among the league leaders in points with over 16 a game.

Marcus Relphorde - plays shooting guard, despite being the 2nd tallest guy on the roster (maybe Majerus was wrong), for Salon Vilpas in the top league in Finland. 13 points, 6 boards a game.

Christian Salecich - He's begun to play better and solidified his standing in the starting lineup for SIUE. He led the Cougars in scoring in their last game, a victory over UT Pan American with 16 points.

Jeff Reid - Playing his final season for Washburn Reid is averaging 11 points and 7 boards and is a key starter for the 8-0 & 22nd ranked Ichabods.

Emmanuel Tsalentakis - Coming off the bench mostly for NJIT he's getting 15 minutes a game scoring 2 points a game.

Femi John - Starting all 7 games for the 5-2 UMSL Tritons John has led them in scoring twice on the season, averaging 11 points and 5 boards while leading the team in assists and steals.

Justin Jordan - Somehow this kid has become IPFW's version of Femi John. He tore his knee up in the summer, torn acl and mcl, and his playing career is over. He's finishing up his degree while helping assist the coaching staff.

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That clip of Justin Love playing in Odessa a couple of years ago is one of my all-time favorites.

+1. Complete insanity. Should have gone viral, or at least made Deadspin. The shirtless Odessa fan is forever imprinted in my brain.

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The shirtless guy was outstanding, but the best part was the shark mascot being removed from under the basket by the refs.

I also noticed at that point that a cheerleader looked to be yelling at someone - maybe an opposing player or the ref. I also enjoyed that moment in this classic video.

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torch -- Thanks for the updates! Much appreciated.

That shark mascot interaction is almost as funny to me as the shirtless guy. Together it's 3 minutes of amazing viewing. Just made my Friday.

I agree. The expression on the shark's face just amplifies the hilarity.

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I had forgotten about the shark. You're right, Box, his face is perfect. Or the cheerleader outfits that appear to have been left over from BASEketball.

Honestly, this makes me want to visit the Ukraine and take in some basketball games. It seems like fun on so many levels.

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