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  1. Nice line from Rammer to close out the game: "Billikens come from behind to beat North Carolina State. Where have I said that before?"
  2. Yes! Rest of the way NC State has some new fans here in STL
  3. it won't matter for tonight's outcome, but we haven't looked great in this last little 30 sec stretch as they press us. small details they can clean up for upcoming games. Coach is using it as a teaching moment on the sidelines
  4. Excellent point. We learned something about this group today. I like what I see.
  5. 79-65 Bills, 56.4 with DJ on the line for FTs
  6. Jacobs dunk! "Emphatic 2 hand throw down" -- Earl
  7. I'm with you. It looked like we couldn't get anything together. This is a big turnaround. Now time to lock down and finish.
  8. I really like the minutes Linssen is giving us. Jacobs too. They are playing with confidence. Great to see.
  9. Agreed. Big bucket from Perkins at 4:48. 67-60 good guys
  10. The end of that Davidson game reminded me of Billikens games past -- Davidson hung on, but it shouldn't have been quite that close at the end. If Davidson's shooters get hot, they could be a real threat. But very nice point about the lack of bench contributions.
  11. Thanks Steve! too much traffic because of Billikens excitement and a big W in game 1 is a good problem to have. Hit us up if you need a special upgrade fund for this season. Great start to the season!
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