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  1. Yes, it's a wild year. I don't have the heart to root for any team to experience COVID, and I hope they don't. But if they do ... I want us to be next man up and ready to go. A crazy year could get even crazier ...
  2. I'm of course hoping that we get IN. But given the Georgetown win ... if we don't, I also want us to be at the top of the line for first out since this year it is possible that one of the teams can't compete if they get a COVID outbreak.
  3. Yes, it was not a close game. G-Town brought the A game, Creighton didn't show up. Hopefully we can still find a way in ...
  4. Wow ... we have a chance ... BIG day of rooting tomorrow ... Everyone please say an extra Hail Mary and Our Father tonight ...
  5. I have never paid this much attention to early round games in other conference tournaments. Totally changes the viewing experience to have such strong rooting interests. Looks like Nevada will go down. And like this Memphis game will go down to the wire ...
  6. They just made a nice run to take the lead. in related news, Nevada down by 7 to San Diego State 67-60 ... fingers crossed!
  7. "This is not Billiken basketball, and it really hasn't been all night." -- Rammer at 4:22 mark.
  8. Rammer calls "that might be the ballgame" as we go down 20, 64-44.
  9. Small consolation, but Thatch has had some nice finishes the past few mins. Thinking about where he was a year ago, happy for him. Still, small consolation ...
  10. Agreed. And seems like they are giving the extra effort to track down balls. Tough game for the Bills.
  11. Hah! We certainly need something ... first 5 mins of this half are absolutely critical.
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