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  1. we will have fans by January. The uncertainty coming out of Thanksgiving is too soon, I do not know what it is like in Kentuck but it is as bad as it has ever been here in Metropolitan St. Louis.
  2. Watched the VCU and half against Memphis, the announcer was asked who he picks to win the A-10. A: "Richmond, No questions". A win today should get attention, even the attention of who ever that Dum..a..s announcer was
  3. He still could be paranoid, the fact that They are out to get him does not exclude paranoia
  4. Looks like an Olympic Medal stand Bronze, Gold, Silver......hmmm
  5. I do not mind them. if it is all or none option I would go with all.
  6. This study is more of a game changer than it seems. Now we have a treatment. Further studies will use this a the control group. We are very fortunate, that this was investigated and had initial trials against ebola. Scientific research of one disease may not initially pay off, but it eventually does. It sometimes takes us on elaborate pathways. Studying HIV has led to treatments for HIV, but also led to a knowledge base that facilitated Hep B and Hep C research, then ebola and to this drug for this pandemic.
  7. because it is a fluff piece that non scientifically discuss in vitro response of the virus to the "aptmer". They have not done any clinical trial to see if there is an effect. In vitro response does not automatically equate to human response.
  8. So I would say that empty beds are not necessarily a sign of hospitals not being overwhelmed. What has been a surprising aspect of this epidemic, has been the patients fear of going to the hospital, rightly so at times for things that could have been managed as an outpatient, but also patients not coming in for symptoms like chest pain or abdominal pain and finding things like MI's perforated bowel late. This was a problem. There are so many elective procedure/surgery related hospital stays that when you stop elective and non-urgent procedures, whole wards are emptied out. ERs and IC
  9. additional studies are looking good. Next study results anticipated in may hearsay fro U Chicago has patients with severe disease going home quickly.
  10. So let me get this straight. She used science and medical professionals to guide her on the epidemic. And now she gets to open her economy. Wow it is like Science and Medicine are not actually harmful, perhaps even beneficial.....who woulda thunk.
  11. New England Journal published the pilot study of Remdesivir for severe CV19. The follow up study is ongoing and SLU is one if the 75 centers. This data looks pretty good though a small study, so patient selection bias is a potential problem, but some pretty sick patient got better. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2007016 hope that worked
  12. Those are good questions that need to be answered. Epidemilogists and infectious disease experts warned us of this type of scenario in the past, it was all theoretical and consequences seemed just conjecture. Now we are seeing the possibilities were real. Today if we had reliable plentiful testing available we could get started on developing the process, but that is not available at this moment today. Dr Birx (sp?) the other day suggested university hospitals could get these tests up and running within 30 days. Of course I could not help but wonder why it was not already available, then
  13. This is a discussion worth having, but it is not a black and white scenario. I see this as requiring a short term, medium term and longterm approach. The Short term is the here an now, St. Louis ICU's are filling up and the death count will be rising. We need to do these drastic restrictions because there is no reliable treatment and current knowledge is that we are all susceptible to getting and spreading the virus. Prevention and delay is the only option we have available to prevent overwhelming or hospitals. This did not change March 16th, but that is when our federal government chan
  14. Try this https://www.imperial.ac.uk/mrc-global-infectious-disease-analysis/covid-19/
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