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  1. And Happy Festivus ! Let the airing of grievances begin! oh wait this let the airing of grievances continue!
  2. Come on lighten up. You used “never”. yes a tongue in cheek nudge. He actually had a pretty good game that Saturday. I agree he ought to make the extra pass and he was doing it that game. Underneath the basket in the first half getting OR he should have passed out rather than get stuffed twice .
  3. I disagree, perhaps I see too rosy of a scenario. I think the injuries to Sincere and Meadows have indirectly helped this team with regard to how well they will play in conference. Because of numbers Medley, Bruce, have both performed as freshman. Making mistakes, etc. Bruce seems to be responding, seven rebounds from him in half a game was nice. Offense will come, he passes well. (See back door feeds to Ginny, and the cross court pass to Hughes for a 3 Saturday), by the end of conference he will be a very good back up center. Cian game has been up and down with turnovers, but he too is on a steep learning curve perhaps a little further along. I hope meadows does not start when he comes back Cian deserves to play. the rest of the team has been forced to produce some offense, Thames, Cian, and Dalger and TJ have all produced at times. Adding Bradley makes this a middle of the pack team, (5-8), but adding A healthy sincere bumps the team up a bit more. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  4. It is amazing how in a recent game he had 5 assists while never passing
  5. Though slow with the whistle on the other end. The most egregious was Brad trying to pass out of the key to an open player, seemingly hacked on the arm, no whistle then at the other end he gets his 5th foul.
  6. I nominate this as Post of the thread. MBM mantra!
  7. La Tech is a good team. They have a dominant big, a very good pg, an athletic wing who willed himself out of a funk to score 20 plus. As a team they had ZERO turnovers! (I would add whenever we almost had one a fouls was called) . No they are not Duke or Purdue, but not a cupcake. What I saw is potential in the first half. Over the game Brad was a little unfortunate with some fouls and it limited his effect in the second half. With home on the court we are a different team. love the TRO !!
  8. I do not think the law will say “unlimited” ability to transfer. Not sure what will happen, the ridiculous part is the inability of the NCAA to be timely. Did they not see this coming ? They made the rules, they have a responsibility, and they are failing.
  9. I wonder if the injury he had in the second or third game, is still effecting his laterally mobility. He is reaching too much. At the time I wondered if he had a groin injuryand he has played through it .
  10. Meadows went out and the drought began. Coincidence? watching the game there was a bunch of one pass offense leading to a forced shot. Zhang when he was in played well. Nice touch on FT granted an n of 1.
  11. “Excessive, unnecessary or avoidable “ such a vague rule. The amount of contact on that play does not seem to warrant this. Seems like it could be applied to most fouls. Hughes foul for instance on the next play. His reach both unnecessary and avoidable. IL state could still be at the line!
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