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  1. And then added a selection watch party 2 hours later. A great surprise for my daughter who was not too thrilled spring break was over!
  2. Last tip unfortunately will find me in London. It will be 3am Saturday morning....
  3. Do not want to be a First four...I think some 12 seeds were in the past
  4. He also had nice position for rebound numerous times but he teammates shot went in. He will need to not get use to that.....
  5. He went up for either dunk or layup fouled but got the ball to go down. Hit the FT. Fouled while shooting hit both free throws. Hit a nice little jump hook, and a tip in on another. was a total of 5-7 from the line, Nice block of LaMelo's driving layup attempt, and another one but Lamelo made contact and he(JBJr) was called for a foul. LaMelo seems to be on the edge of being a dirty player, it looked to me like he was clawing and pulling Jimmy Bell down on that play. This was after LaMelo flailed his legs on a three pointer flop to get a foul call. .
  6. Can’t we all just be Ja Bess
  7. Last call on French was bogus. Evans Was moving into French.
  8. From the article: “Reconstruction of the scene will be performed and speeds cannot be determined at this time.
  9. actually it said that the will be calculating the speed of the car. No tickets or charges filed currently. It is possible I suppose that he could have been going well over the speed limit.... so that remains to be determined. His Blood alcohol was 0.00
  10. Yeah should have canned Majerus after the 20 point record .....(blue ink)
  11. Now we need you to go to more games, and keep walking in and out, sit in different spots.
  12. Bess is the number that leaps off the page to me. He does not turn the ball over much at all. I have to wonder the effect of his ankle, as well as aggressive play with swallowed whistles.....
  13. We needed this. I thought and project that our prior games like Fordham and Lasalle will be microcosms of our season. Torture for the fan, we may well make it through and be on top at the end, but the path is not for the weak of heart. Unfortunately like those games our margin for error is not great.
  14. Duq 38 FT made 25, we shot 22. Made 19. Definitely home cooking.
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