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  1. Basketbill

    NET, et al.

    It is really hard to say how hard that is to do. I have not seen any raw data about the Net. What we see is the rank. There may not be much separating 40-63 but a huge gap from 30-40.... This is what the NCAA says goes into it. game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, net offensive and defensive efficiency, and the quality of wins and losses. this is not the order of importance. Margin is the fifth in order of importance, but net efficiency is either 2nd or 3rd. Regardless it it is still a black box, and the NCAA can pull out whatever they want from that.
  2. Basketbill

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    I agree that you cannot make an absolute judgement, but it is an impressive block and a fantastic picture. I look forward to that kind of play next year!
  3. Basketbill

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    While true angles can be deceptive, the video was impressive enough, but fuzzy. Intelligence can take that into account and yet still be excited about our incoming recruit. Hargrove has some hops! His sweat has not yet been proven to cure cancer...but there’s a chance.
  4. Basketbill

    Fordham from da' Couch .......

    Really impressive gut check. To be up all game on the road and suddenly down 5 with four minutes left. Bess for 3, Goodwin 2FTs and TI hits huge 3. Heart!! Team win. I just wish it was not so exhausting to watch.
  5. Basketbill

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Saw the fuzzy video, and thought he was about a foot above the rim, this pic is awesome his elbow is even with the rim. He and French will be blocking everything.
  6. Basketbill

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    Sorry I do not see sour grapes in SLU72’s response. CG is an adult, his decisions are going to determine his future. He and he alone is in charge. He and he alone is responsible for the decisions he makes. Many kids go off to college and it does not work out like they wanted. They are free to transfer but if they have signed a contract that has a term of commitment, then they are still responsible. Just because he is a high caliber BBall athlete, does not excuse him from his responsibilities. To to leave in the middle of a season is poor form, barring medical reasons/illness. I wish him well, but I do not respect his decision or the guidance he appears to be receiving.
  7. Basketbill

    GDT @ La Salle

    10 percent bad luck and 10 % denial of poor prognosis.
  8. Basketbill

    GDT: UMASS be shite-ing me .........

    Isabel had a good game, still seems uncomfortable shooting from behind the arc. Assist to French for the jam was sweet. Key FTs in the last few minutes as well
  9. what kills me is Isabell, or goodwin missing FTs, French I expect, but Tramiane needs to hit them. KC's was an AND 1. Bess did make two in a row, but he also had a 1-2 trip.
  10. Basketbill

    Alford booted mid season

    I would take Lake Tahoe over Lake of the Ozarks any day...
  11. Basketbill

    Gdt: Appetizer state

    Yeah the court runs pretty much east west... east rims might be stiff, but the shots just looked to strong.
  12. Basketbill

    Alford booted mid season

    “Innocent” Rick Pitino was fired prior to basketball game starting but Practice had started.
  13. Basketbill

    Gdt: Appetizer state

    whatever the tweaks were, I liked it. The ball movement was crisper, and effective. Shots did not fall in the first half but persistence paid off. The Bess/Shabazz show at the end was nice. Shabaka hit some tough threes, but Bess contained him most of the game. Bess drove right around him for a nice 3 point play