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  1. He is looking at Clemson, already made a visit, Oregon and SLU (visits) scheduled. Others showing interest Michigan, Illinois .... Isabel had maturity issues. He has had no suspensions in two years, leaving because his old coach was fired, and since he graduated he is free to do so. He is looking for a place where he can shine. SLU sound like a good fit, lower conference where he could play perhaps star... Clemson lost for starters, OSU sounds a lot like SLU not many returning scholarship players, but SLU is much closer to his family.
  2. So a little more google info. Mack was recruited by Smart to VCU, then was released and followed Smart to Texas. At Texas he was suspended twice for team rules violations, the last was indefinitely, or that might have change and then he left to go to Alabama. Coaches will need to see what Shaka has to say about him. No apparent issues at Alabama in a redhshirt year of full year playing last year. Given that he is 6'6" and hit 33% from 3, I hope these were immaturity issues he has outgrown. He entered the draft earlier this year, and I guess withdrew.
  3. Harris did not play much when Dobbs was a senior. I am not sure what position DD really played under size 4, or what but he was effective.
  4. I am a bandwagon jumper no doubt. But: World Series Champions Check A Super Bowl Championship Check Stanley Cup Champions TBD NCAA Champions _______ Let Go Blues, then back to Billikens regularly scheduled programming...
  5. That is too bad. When the played St Joe’s the Clippers scout, Paul Hewitt (who coached in the A10, GMU) was taking notes. I could read “ Bess is not a .......” but could not see what else he wrote down. I would take Bess for his work ethic, and determination..... hopefully he ends up with a good team in G-league
  6. Bell, based solely on the game against Lamelo, has some ability to defend quicker, more Mobile players. My recollection of his block of Lamelo, he moved his feet and stayed with him through the lane and then Blocked his shot. I would not assume Golden would dominate him. The Video of Diarra, shows promise, but based solely on that I would not expect him to out play Bell. I am more hopeful Bell makes an impact than Diarra. However, knowing how knee injuries are, we may not have seen how mobile Diarra can be. Would be nice to have that kind of depth.
  7. I think TF will be a good judge, I am sure he will be looking for capable people, and perhaps working with Bonner during the practices may have given him an idea if A. AB wants to to Coach , B how he might do as a Coach, and lastly whether he is a good fit. If he feels it would work and all agree, I would have no problem with it. If he chooses someone else fine. McCauley has a great deal of experience, I am not sure how well he could recruit, he has been recruiting to power five conferences before, so that would be a switch. A good hire by MA, but I am sure TF will find someone good.
  8. Congrats....amazing how time flies....seemed like just yesterday that you delivered a T-shirt o my house and now tenure, and you are organizing election watch parties that my freshman daughter is going to!
  9. I sure someone else can chime in about this but I do not think they get the NCAA money so quickly.
  10. I wonder after the “practice” sessions does that give AB the desire to coach. Imagine him coaching up Mr Bell, French and any other big man. ...
  11. I think you are both correct. I base my comment on the on picture which give the impression of no back arching at all, and a body posture similar to sitting in a chair. I realize the moments before and may have been different, I have not seen a video. I agree that 6-8 more inches is possible and makes me weep for that kind of ability. But getting the last three to four inches will be the hardest. It requires an awareness of your body in space, and a synchronizations of movements to at the right time and speed to clear the height. You are right your legs tire out especially on hot and humid days. That is why time (to learn) and experience is the issue, confidence about consistently making a height lets you pass to a height you want to start at, depending on the competition you might be able to minimize the number of jump attempts to save the legs for the higher heights. Does he do any other events like long jump or triple jump?
  12. That would be cool . Makes me want to find an All-Comers meet and start jumping again. Now it would be a Masters division. What is crazy is the world record of 2.45 m or 8 ft 1/4 inch. I would go down to watch Hargrove Jump at the SLU invitational that they have each year!
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