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  1. yeah but the flip side, he was building a program, which could have become a midwestern Gonzaga. Suspect that is why he had a difficult time making this decision.
  2. I would not be surprised to see him land a Loyola... I like Jacobs, he could finish, but was not consistently aggressive enough but when he was he was fantastic.
  3. Not just that, they seamlessly transition into a half court offense, make quick decisions both in the fast break and halfcourt offense. It always pains me to see us pass and stand still, or worse pass have movement then look and look and look all while the defense adjusts to what movement there is. We need to move through the options quickly, if a pass or lane is there, go. Granted to more skilled offensive players that you have the better, a single player like Suggs does not make Ganzaga.... I know we look at the COVID pause as the problem with this team this year and there's certainly
  4. Norfolk State is more entertaining than Drake or WSU.
  5. yes one could I have no data. Except for what is public. SLU had a positive test announced the day they were to play Duquesne I believe 12/30. Ford Say he tested positive in January. He was pretty sick but not hospitalized. He says his family never got it. so someone besides Ford tested positive 12/30. The players have said they are not naming the players who had it. Do I think it was a wise idea to have a get together at a bar 12/23...NO. Is it criminal? no. Base on the information I have heard, it does not sound like this was the event that led to SLU's Pause...time to move along to
  6. Should the A10 Commissioner be fired? Poor management of the schedule, and ridiculous change of the A-10 tournament which not only kept us out of sight and out of mind selection weekend, but took away potential make up game opportunity.
  7. Drake lost to Moser, While I respect what both teams have done, I would think SLU beats them both on a neutral Court. Drake with their injuries has no depth....whoever said it before is right, they were lucky UNI could not play, and they got to play the semi-final game as their first game.
  8. sprained his against Rhode Island near the end of the game when he went in for a dunk. Made the two free throws and then came out, seemed bother by it the rest of the game on the sidelines. If I recall correctly he was hampered by an ankle injury previously years to and it really impacted his play. I thought in the first half of the VCU games he had one drive and layup, then go body slammed going in for another layup. It seemed like an awkward foul, contact made to his body did not seem to be a play on the ball. I do not know if that impacted him the rest of the way.
  9. Crutcher had a nasty fall last night at the end of the game. He was fouled on a driving layup, and lad hard directly on his right hip. Dayton was down by two with 3.9 seconds left, the then made the first FT and missed the 2nd. Suspect his hip is sore this am.
  10. Jacobs injured foot or ankle in Bonnies game. He played a little bit in RI, but was not very effective, seemed like he did not move that well, and perhaps hesitant,. Did not play in the second half at all.
  11. When he went in for the poster dunk, he had trouble putting weight on his right ankle afterward. Got a tape job, but was not comfortable on the sideline did not play any further.
  12. This would be fun with my Billiken Daughter and Badger Son....! Get it done. One perhaps issue Wisconsin finals week right now...
  13. One other thing, Strickland caught my attention with his passing. Entry pass to Linssen, could go unnoticed but he put it in the perfect spot. Many would not have attempted it, the other was a long bounce pass to jimmerson for a layup. then again there was the double dribble...as Spoon said about H Waksman....”the lord giveth and taketh away...
  14. we will have fans by January. The uncertainty coming out of Thanksgiving is too soon, I do not know what it is like in Kentuck but it is as bad as it has ever been here in Metropolitan St. Louis.
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