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  1. sprained his against Rhode Island near the end of the game when he went in for a dunk. Made the two free throws and then came out, seemed bother by it the rest of the game on the sidelines. If I recall correctly he was hampered by an ankle injury previously years to and it really impacted his play. I thought in the first half of the VCU games he had one drive and layup, then go body slammed going in for another layup. It seemed like an awkward foul, contact made to his body did not seem to be a play on the ball. I do not know if that impacted him the rest of the way.
  2. Crutcher had a nasty fall last night at the end of the game. He was fouled on a driving layup, and lad hard directly on his right hip. Dayton was down by two with 3.9 seconds left, the then made the first FT and missed the 2nd. Suspect his hip is sore this am.
  3. Jacobs injured foot or ankle in Bonnies game. He played a little bit in RI, but was not very effective, seemed like he did not move that well, and perhaps hesitant,. Did not play in the second half at all.
  4. When he went in for the poster dunk, he had trouble putting weight on his right ankle afterward. Got a tape job, but was not comfortable on the sideline did not play any further.
  5. This would be fun with my Billiken Daughter and Badger Son....! Get it done. One perhaps issue Wisconsin finals week right now...
  6. One other thing, Strickland caught my attention with his passing. Entry pass to Linssen, could go unnoticed but he put it in the perfect spot. Many would not have attempted it, the other was a long bounce pass to jimmerson for a layup. then again there was the double dribble...as Spoon said about H Waksman....”the lord giveth and taketh away...
  7. we will have fans by January. The uncertainty coming out of Thanksgiving is too soon, I do not know what it is like in Kentuck but it is as bad as it has ever been here in Metropolitan St. Louis.
  8. Watched the VCU and half against Memphis, the announcer was asked who he picks to win the A-10. A: "Richmond, No questions". A win today should get attention, even the attention of who ever that Dum..a..s announcer was
  9. He still could be paranoid, the fact that They are out to get him does not exclude paranoia
  10. Looks like an Olympic Medal stand Bronze, Gold, Silver......hmmm
  11. I do not mind them. if it is all or none option I would go with all.
  12. This study is more of a game changer than it seems. Now we have a treatment. Further studies will use this a the control group. We are very fortunate, that this was investigated and had initial trials against ebola. Scientific research of one disease may not initially pay off, but it eventually does. It sometimes takes us on elaborate pathways. Studying HIV has led to treatments for HIV, but also led to a knowledge base that facilitated Hep B and Hep C research, then ebola and to this drug for this pandemic.
  13. because it is a fluff piece that non scientifically discuss in vitro response of the virus to the "aptmer". They have not done any clinical trial to see if there is an effect. In vitro response does not automatically equate to human response.
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