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  1. How fun was that! Great heart and determination. Yes there were some poor plays but they fought through it!!!
  2. Brian’s Song and Bang the Drum Slowly are still two of my favorite movies. Although they tend to cause the roof to leak above my chair. a Gael is someone who speaks Gaelic. Or someone who knows how to find Amach, and now’s it is not a place.
  3. and he has the talent and physical ability to go right at their shot blocker.
  4. same for me excellent use of technology. A solid move on SLU's part to get the largest crowd possible.
  5. Old guy I would imagine this is confirmed by PCR, which is a very specific test. Therefore they should be able to distinguish it exactly. we will likely be dealing with strains of Covid for years to come. With less virulence but a waxing and waning of this just like Influenza.
  6. I was thinking it was FT shooting team. as for silver linings, Nesbit producing after disappearing the last two games hitting threes in the second half.
  7. But wait he has won one. I saw him call Ortiz back to the mound to give him the game ball of game six against the Angels....oh wait so did all the Angels ahem never mind.
  8. can't make will appreciate hearing everyones opinions....
  9. Sorry to hear! Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…..
  10. yeah but the flip side, he was building a program, which could have become a midwestern Gonzaga. Suspect that is why he had a difficult time making this decision.
  11. I would not be surprised to see him land a Loyola... I like Jacobs, he could finish, but was not consistently aggressive enough but when he was he was fantastic.
  12. Not just that, they seamlessly transition into a half court offense, make quick decisions both in the fast break and halfcourt offense. It always pains me to see us pass and stand still, or worse pass have movement then look and look and look all while the defense adjusts to what movement there is. We need to move through the options quickly, if a pass or lane is there, go. Granted to more skilled offensive players that you have the better, a single player like Suggs does not make Ganzaga.... I know we look at the COVID pause as the problem with this team this year and there's certainly merit to that. However, we were able to run on most teams in non-conference, and never really had to play consistently in the halfcouft offense. Entering conference, the scouting is better, knowledge of tendencies, weaknesses etc is better, the intensity is turned up. Each year Ford's teams have played better as the year went on, sure there were off nights etc, but the trend was improvement, I do not think that happened this year, that I think was due to COVID pause.
  13. Norfolk State is more entertaining than Drake or WSU.
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