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  1. It is a good trend, does not change much, but the perception is SLU is moving in the right direction. My daughter is a sophomore and loving it, really challenged yet succeeding. The new Dorms go a long way to make the campus more appealing.
  2. This schedule is rounding into a pretty good schedule....hope the young, old and new guys gel quickly.
  3. Regardless, Jacobs looks like he has put on some muscle!
  4. The problem with transfers is the potential baggage that comes with them. Not always as good as Bess or Isabel. I would prefer to get a freshman that you get 4 -5 years to mold into the kind of player you want. Reap those benefits for a longer time like we are seeing with French and Goodwin....
  5. And after he announces, Martin has known to still be in the chase
  6. I do not see it as an evaluation tool, but a metric to assist with practicing, shot foot work etc. coaches have commented how Thatch shoots so well in practice, but has yet to in games. Now you have something that might show a difference as to why. Comparing practice shots metrics to games shot metrics may help. Regardless the work will have to be put in, it is not magic, benefit will have to be earned.
  7. I am interested to see how this really works. High tech data collection sometimes is information searching for a purpose. However, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the players. The app is available to download, and apparently was used in the NAIA tournament last year. There were also selected games from the the conference with San Diego State and Nevada. That we can look at. The article Dr. Chaifetz tweeted about talked about release angle, speed and many data points that I do not see available currently but will have to see how it progresses. Anyway if you did not see the article check out the twitter feed below : https://t.co/IwmxwDglxP
  8. They also listed Rick Pitino’s NCAA Champioships as 2, but then comment that he forfeited one. I wonder how that effects his winning percentage. Suspect it does not.
  9. Winning percentage only elevates Mark Few, and devalues Tom Izzo. But interesting list thanks.
  10. and even with that the NCAA would just penalize the Blue Demons
  11. Auburn has been rumored before....
  12. He is looking at Clemson, already made a visit, Oregon and SLU (visits) scheduled. Others showing interest Michigan, Illinois .... Isabel had maturity issues. He has had no suspensions in two years, leaving because his old coach was fired, and since he graduated he is free to do so. He is looking for a place where he can shine. SLU sound like a good fit, lower conference where he could play perhaps star... Clemson lost for starters, OSU sounds a lot like SLU not many returning scholarship players, but SLU is much closer to his family.
  13. So a little more google info. Mack was recruited by Smart to VCU, then was released and followed Smart to Texas. At Texas he was suspended twice for team rules violations, the last was indefinitely, or that might have change and then he left to go to Alabama. Coaches will need to see what Shaka has to say about him. No apparent issues at Alabama in a redhshirt year of full year playing last year. Given that he is 6'6" and hit 33% from 3, I hope these were immaturity issues he has outgrown. He entered the draft earlier this year, and I guess withdrew.
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