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  1. 35 minutes on the red line. 20-30 minutes driving probably. Probably about 6 miles. If you were are at the B-school in the loop, it's probably about 2 miles away, half the time on the red line/driving.
  2. Or pick on some of the dead weight, hopefully.
  3. Welp, big gulps eh? Good luck to Coach Ford and the Bills. Hope to be sitting in a raucous Chaifetz once again, and soon.
  4. Announced by the school on Friday, March 18th.
  5. I don't like how high you're getting my hopes. I'm resigned that Ford is the man.
  6. That's what I'm thinking, too. Whether Ford has been hired or not, I can't imagine anyone in Chris May's position hiring Ford if Bryce Drew is even a little bit of an option.
  7. Totally ignorant of what the fan base is actually saying. If there is any SLU fan who would make a comparison like "shoulda gone for Izzo", they doesn't even know we fired Crews yet because they don't actually follow the program closely. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
  8. I sure think so. Would be pretty disastrous.
  9. Goddamn, I've not logged in to post on this message board in nearly a year but please learn how to quote a post and reply.
  10. I'm sure many on the board appreciate hearing anything that could be news on the subject, but at this point the facts will be coming from the horse's mouth in 90 minutes or so. I'll happily wait for that over any more unnamed sources.
  11. Are you watching on a website? I'm talking about ESPNU.
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