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  1. White Pelican

    Debate: Last Night's Bunnie Win

    That seems like a rule that needs to be changed although I can kind of see why it hasn't been. If you give a do-over, and the team with the ball scores and wins, the defending team might then feel cheated. I've seen a lot of basketball and I've seen time added to the clock in certain situations. I've never seen a do-over for any reason. (I'm editing to say that jump balls are sometimes done over. I can't think of any other scenario though.) I guess going forward, the coach of any team in that situation (need a basket to win/tie and short time on the clock) would need to tell his team to run the play he called for and ignore the clock and the horn. That way IF the clock is started prematurely, AND they make the shot, a stopwatch might be their only hope of winning. Another thing to remember by the way regarding Taj's call for a technical, the timekeeper is not the only one in the building with the ability to start the clock. All three officials have that capability and any one of them could have made the mistake. However, it's a mistake that NONE of the four should have made.
  2. White Pelican

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    Jordyn bumped Jenny Vliet (199 treys) to 3rd place. She will not reach Lynette Pestel (1992-96) who had 278.
  3. White Pelican

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    From slubillikens.com: She went 4-of-8 from 3-point range vs. Richmond; her first triple vs. the Spiders vaulted her into second place on SLU’s career 3-pointers list (now with 203) and gave her the Billikens’ single-season record for 3-pointers by a senior (now with 66).
  4. White Pelican

    OT: Buzzer bearers.

    I was a ring bearer back in the middle of the last century. A buzzer would have been a hell of a lot more fun.
  5. White Pelican

    The Bills over GW by 8

    Davidson would get the auto bid for winning the conference? Unless something has changed, (or I'm missing something here), the auto bid goes to the tourney winner, right?
  6. White Pelican

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    Hey, it wasn't my intent to correct you. It works either way. Just wanted to add a little wordplay.
  7. White Pelican

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    From the game program for yesterday's Lasalle game and I quote: Ciaja Harbison was selected national Freshman of the Week by the U.S. Basketball Writer's Association for Jan. 28-Feb.3, becoming the first SLU women's basketball player to earn a USBWA national honor. (I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else but if so, here it is again.)
  8. White Pelican

    The Bills over GW by 8

    I walked past him on the concourse that night and I swear he looks the same as when he was playing. Has stayed in great shape.
  9. White Pelican

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    Or Graduate assistance.
  10. White Pelican

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    I don't get what startles you. The WOMEN'S team play Lasalle on the 10th of February. The MEN play them on the 16th. The ad you posted is for the women's game. That may be why the ad features a member of the women's team. SLU has a women's basketball team in case you didn't know.
  11. White Pelican

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Good call! What a fun game too!
  12. White Pelican

    Hochman article

    Yes, sometime IS fishy. Mostly Fridays in Lent.
  13. White Pelican

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Well, apparently YOU did. Fill us in!
  14. White Pelican

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    My beef regarding tickets is the email for free women's tickets for today's game I got a few days ago. I ordered and printed out a bunch of tickets (and had to pay 1.50 to TicketBastard for the privilege), gave them to friends/relatives and then found out they wouldn't scan at the gate. I got 'em replaced with no argument at the box office but what is it with this organization?
  15. White Pelican

    Former Billiken in the news

    4 out of 5 IT techs recommend this for safe surfing: