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  1. Fair enough I guess. But I think everyone (well, maybe NOT everyone) is hopeful that what we anticipate being the best Bills team in years will allow the team to get to show their stuff, even if the season isn't what we usually experience. Perhaps it won't go down well, but why be a downer right now? Pro sports is at least having some success with getting seasons played. I guess I just don't like someone peeing in my cornflakes for no good reason.
  2. Why post a snarky statement like that? I'm genuinely curious.
  3. Not sure that would have been enough. Should've shot the entire coaching staff up to the Space Station and had a video call from there. Next time I guess...
  4. Total is apparently 14 if I can math. The following is from the NCAA website, the first sentence of a long paragraph. Division I member institutions have to sponsor at least seven sports for men and seven for women (or six for men and eight for women) with two team sports for each gender.
  5. My quick google shows 16 to be minimum. And of course that's both men and women. ETA: Actually I'm not sure how they are allocated by gender. I think though you need 16 total to be D1. Some need to be team sports also.
  6. He's got us at a 9 seed actually. I guess I'd take that but next up would be #1, in this theoretical case, Villanova. Shoot, bring 'em on!
  7. Is he known for quality procurement? I only know of his personal incident on a restaurant table. And I believe the woman in question still had amateur status.
  8. At least once, several years ago (90s maybe), when our season tickets arrived, there was a letter in the envelope that gave examples of what a booster could and could not do. It also said that just being season ticket holders you were considered boosters. (It was news to me I must say.) My late father and I had had tickets for several years prior and it had never been mentioned. A quick perusal of the interwebs shows that schools DO consider season tickets holders to be boosters under the NCAA rules. And it's like the mafia, once you're in, you're ALWAYS in. I suspect being a long ti
  9. My completely WAG is that it's simply money. With the world's current situation, and potentially no money coming in (butts in the seats), the AD is making do with what they have without adding another mouth to feed.
  10. Yeah, he said "annual powerhouse". That should have been a clue that sarcasm was intended.
  11. Coach Ford's thoughts on starting the season. (CAUTION, brief mention of SPUMAC): https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/college-basketball-has-new-starting-date-in-late-november/article_6052e469-e474-5136-a97b-9a02a3e512cc.html#utm_source=stltoday.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fcoronavirus&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=c6caec1eb7a9a9ae3a8e30cd3221de69dc3e155a
  12. I never know what’s going on. Where does the 2200 number come from?
  13. Take it to Tabby Talk. They might care.
  14. His actual first name is Dumonde. I don't know what his younger brother's name is, but their dad nicknamed them Slam and Air. Air apparently does play basketball, at least at the high school level. (Does that make him Air Apparent to his father's basketball legacy?) They are of Lenape and Jamaican heritage, according to the interwebs.
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