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  1. Well crap, I thought it was at 7. Why IS this a 8pm game?
  2. I don't think he would give her only 3 years, and certainly not just 2. And yes, I think he has stuck his neck out with that NCAA wish, especially the "consistent" part. Of course, there's always wiggle room for what constitutes "consistent". Let's face it, they've NEVER been there. I think most people would say Lisa Stone was the best women's BB coach SLU ever had. And even she couldn't get it done in I think 9(?) seasons. I get that May wanted a younger, upcoming coach, someone with a different approach and message, someone who could get the recruiting back on track. If this new coach stumbles and the program is set back, that's on him. I don't think she'll get 9 seasons unless things go really well. But she does need time to reset things.
  3. With this new Free Agency, does that really matter any more? Or at least, be a lesser consideration?
  4. Back from the game. This is the shortest GDT I've ever seen. Terribly sloppy with the ball in first half, cleaned it up nicely in the second. Good half court defense, really all night, but superior in the second half. Kids got to play several minutes, almost all got to score. Yuri with a couple of magical passes. Several nice dunks. About what I expected from the scoring margin, although it took a while longer than I expected to get there. On to Auburn I guess. Oh, and that flagrant on Pickett? I swear that guy just fell down.
  5. I’m coming. Thinking I’ll have a free seat or two to park my coat. And I expect to blow the doors off these guys. End of bench and walk-ons get some quality time, right?
  6. I’m still shell-shocked from the Maryville game. And I was at the SIUe game too where they actually looked like a college basketball team. But I too, seriously overrated this team. Is Lisa Stone still available?
  7. Exactly this. Unless something has changed recently, you just DO NOT PLAY. You don’t fill out any paperwork, you don’t call the NCAA, you just do not go into a single game. Once you do, the redshirt is lost. That said, I think you have five years to play four. You can’t keep redshirting, unless injury enters into it.
  8. Stayed for the whole game this time. What a complete turn-around this was. Hard to believe it's the same team.
  9. I did a double take. Thought for sure OG wrote that.
  10. Was thinking the same thing when I looked earlier today. Although, that Lindenwood at Dayton game could be a real barn-burner. Just kidding.
  11. Same here. Thought it was in the bag too. Was checking on the score online and all of a sudden they were only up one and then fell behind. I guess Sycamores had a big run.
  12. When they did it, it was til 30 minutes before the tip. I thought they were still doing it last year as I remember seeing people carrying two smaller beers from the stands. But I may very well be wrong. Can't say for sure as I generally don't drink at the games.
  13. I was there for a half. I'm still shuddering. I can't convey how stunned I was at how badly they played. Coach Stone managed to win games last year with just one or two people on the bench. This team looked like they just met each other in the parking lot.
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