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  1. This pisses me off all the time. I can't speak to controversial replays (I suspect they're not allowed by some authority somewhere) but prolonged tv viewing by the zebras that is never explained. If I'm sitting home on a Saturday afternoon watching the big 10, big east, big whatever, and there's a play that requires a monitor review, one of the whistle jockeys will always cross the floor and give the talking heads a quick explanation for the folks viewing at home. Now I realize tv is where the $$ is, but when I'm a paying customer who went to the trouble to actually go to the game, I don't think it's asking too much that I also get an explanation. End of rant.
  2. I believe Easy Ed’s #50 is the only number actually retired.
  3. Well crap. I fell for the headline.
  4. Been discussed here before. The NCAA said they are not in the business of determining what is a valid college class. As long as a class is open to ALL students, anything goes.
  5. I guess you saw my response before I changed it.
  6. He was a JUCO. The school WAS Westark Junior College in Ft. Smith. It BECAME Ark-Ft. Smith in 2000. His wiki page is confusing because of that. They have it both ways. But I remember him coming as a JUCO.
  7. Thanks for posting that and welcome to the board! I too always thought he was underappreciated. And I didn't realize he had some nice offers too. Came to play for Rick but ended up playing for the next coach while we were still very good. Glad it worked out for him.
  8. Sad to hear. I never met him and he played before my time, but I knew him from hosting the game Captains. He was truly a Hall of Fame Billiken. Rest in Peace.
  9. I'm 5-9. Everyone looks pretty tall to me. Anyway, enjoyed the video. Great that he's a big Bills fan. Start 'em young!
  10. Yeah, but can he dunk??? Hey, cute kid and a great shot. Dad looks pretty tall, did he play?
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