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  1. To those wanting to buy the bobble head from opening night, here ya go: (By the way, I am not the seller, have no idea who that is.) https://www.ebay.com/itm/St-Louis-University-Billiken-bobblehead-2019-A10-Champions/372846693431?hash=item56cf650c37:g:deEAAOSwJ5pdydq5
  2. I admit I don't get out much but I never heard of the school until I saw it on our schedule. The name sounds like a night club or shopping mall.
  3. ABomb, I was thinking last night about turnovers too. A few more TOs on a team scoring in the 80s instead of 50s and 60s isn't that big a deal. Agree with your thinking.
  4. Thanks for the updates on the women. Sounds like a very good win.
  5. Thank you! Glad to hear she was not run off, and I really didn't think that anyway. I wish her well, but I too think she would have been a big help on the boards. Thanks.
  6. Don't guys always 'enhance' their measurements?
  7. Hey Torch, you always seem to be tuned into things so let me ask you. Any idea why Evan Zars transferred? First of all, she is not sitting out a season, she is playing for Western Illinois and has had a couple of high rebound games, including 20 against Missouri! And I think I read it came down to SLU and Western Ill. so maybe it was just buyer's regret and she wanted to try her second choice. I enjoyed watching her last year and I thought we were well set for rebounds for 3 more years. Any thoughts?
  8. I was at the game. Yeah, I thought they were gonna get blown out the way the first quarter went. It was something like 16-5 bad guys and nothing was going right for the SLU women. UT Martin pressed most of the game and I think maybe that was a bit discombobulating. Especially as UTM were hitting their shots and then setting up the press. SLU couldn't get stops, then couldn't set an offense, couldn't buy a basket, and then rinse, lather, repeat. I noticed early in the third that Harbison was on the bench and never came off it. A guy near me (there were only about 15 of us on that side of the arena) said he saw her go the locker room and thought maybe she got some kind of injury. Don't quote me, I don't know. It was a long slog but SLU eventually took the lead and then held on late.
  9. Those are obviously recent but they are not the new ones from opening night.
  10. Probably gonna flip 'em on ebay or wherever. Of course, they also make great stocking stuffers! Get enough for the entire family!
  11. Ouch. Where's that Brown Indian when you need him?
  12. There was a bit more to the tip-in call. The refs went to the monitors (which were linked to the MSU TV feed) and the time on the screen showed the shot was good. A few days later when a videotape from a camera on one of the baskets was viewed, it showed the tip-in and a clear view of the actual scoreboard (or maybe the basket-mounted clock). The tape showed that Ian's tip clearly came after time expired. The TV feed time had not been properly synced to the official clock was the explanation given at the time. These days, I'm pretty sure the scorer's table monitors are independent of TV and are synced to the actual clock.
  13. Interesting. Thanks for the research. Makes sense (like you, I'm keeping in mind it's one preseason game) since we're playing at a faster tempo AND we have at least a couple of what we hope are legit 3 point shooters.
  14. Good point. She had 7 of our 15 assists. And I enjoy seeing great passing too.
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