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  1. I took that as 2 different schools for Frosh thru Junior year and then his senior year at Montverde. And yeah, I do think he was kidding.
  2. I too thought it was geographical. I looked it up and found out it was mostly by conference. I didn't dig in too deeply but I assume the "lesser" D1 leagues (or maybe those leagues with fewer teams) are doubled up in some districts (as billikenbill indicated). By mistake, I first found last year's NABC teams and saw that Javon Bess was on it for District 4 first team. I believe he was 2nd team A10 but was defensive player of the year so one way or another he made FIRST team NABC. Didn't know it then, but still happy to hear it.
  3. Yeah, sorry. I just thought of that. My apologies for jumping the gun.
  4. I think you mean 4 of the 5 named. With JGood, it makes 5. There is no 6th man on that team that I could find. (Only SLU seems to name odd configurations of all-time teams.) https://nabc.com/nabc_releases/2020/d1_all_district
  5. Yeah, it's just crazy. I've seen live interviews in stores and when asked, people usually say "well, everyone else is grabbing all they can carry, I'm afraid there won't be any for me." But how it got started in the first place for a respiratory disease is a mystery to me. People are just nuts I guess. Thanks, Old guy. Pretty funny. And sad too.
  6. There are synthetic ice surfaces (I'm guessing plastic of course) and from what I've read, they can vary from awful to almost like real ice. And I've also read that Disney on Ice has used such surfaces in the past. Don't know if that's the case at Chaifetz but wouldn't be surprised. And like old Guy said, even if Disney skated at Chaifetz, that doesn't make the arena big enough for a college hockey rink.
  7. I seem to remember hockey at Chaifetz coming up on here before. Anyway, a hockey rink is 200 ft by 85 ft. A basketball floor is 94 ft by 50 ft. Can you begin to see the problem here? Ain't gonna fit. And to make it fit? Build another arena.
  8. Now canceled. No semi's or finals in Class 4 or 5. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/high-school/mshsaa-cancels-remainder-of-state-basketball-tournament/article_8dbf61c6-67a0-11ea-b2e0-b3b12b022811.html
  9. Wikipedia says Brown Indians from 1927 to 1992. That would seem to make more sense.
  10. So Bonner is Brighton too? Not surprised I guess.
  11. That's okay. Enjoyed reading it again. Damn you Crutcher!
  12. I've been to most of the home games. Seems they're like the men's team. Takes 2 or 3 offensive boards to make a lay-up. Runs the percentage down real quick.
  13. Thanks RU. Not as bad as I was thinking anyway. Not insurmountable but if this team is shooting cold, they can't win.
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