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  1. I'm planning on going Friday. Are they selling anything beyond popcorn? (It's around my dinner time.) Asking the important questions.
  2. It's good to have the LOY-CHI in our league.
  3. Wouldn't a gel be better for team chemistry?
  4. I've lost track. Is this a one year deal?
  5. I remember discussing a few years back. My contention is that the BB floor is 94 feet long, hockey is 200 so I don't think it's possible. Other posters said that the seats could be taken out, reconfigured etc. The practice gym is at one end, it likely would affect that. And now with the new addition planned, I just don't see it. And it would take $$$. To answer your question, it wouldn't be easy.
  6. That's my understanding too. A second transfer would require sitting out a year. I'm guessing the way things are going, that that will soon be eliminated too.
  7. I'm another old guy who knows about your Uncle Charlie. As a kid, I got a Cadaco All-Star Baseball game as a gift, probably one Xmas. It had player discs that fit on a spinner for the player's at bats. My game came with a mix of (then) current and also old-time players, including your uncle. I always had him playing second for me because his disc had enormous spots for hitting singles. I just looked him up, he had a .321 lifetime average on 2800 hits but also drove in more than 100 runs seven times while hitting very few home runs. I know, batting average and RBI's aren't much valued anymore. Also was considered a very good fielder. Very cool that you have a Hall of Fame relative!
  8. FFS, those were "intentional" fouls so they could put State on the line. Their eff-up was letting so much time bleed between fouls. And I think that was why McKillop looked so annoyed on the bench.
  9. Well, it's certainly been better than drinking bleach would have been as espoused by one of our top politicians.
  10. I didn't know where else to ask this. Has there been any official comment on when to expect Linssen back? He was on the bench today, is he day to day?
  11. FFS, I guess they're trying to get some butts in the seats for a not so attractive opponent and do some good in the process. What the hell does that have to do with games being canceled OR the reasons thereof? SLU reportedly has a billion$+ endowment. I think they'll do just fine.
  12. I'm with you on this one. The rule was 3 seconds when the "key" was a lot skinnier than it is now. Due to inflation of the key area ("paint" or "lane" for you youngsters), I think 5 seconds would be appropriate.
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