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  1. I wondered about this too. Maybe need some kind of louvered shades that can open and close.
  2. Wow, thanks for the memory jog. I had to look it up but my late father and I were there. We were not season ticket holders yet but we attended the home NIT games those two seasons (88-89 and 89-90) that ended as runners-up. We started a long run of season tickets the next year and I'm still a ticket holder.
  3. What, has paystubs in Salina gone out of favor?
  4. Hey man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off as snarky or however it sounded. I should have just quoted and answered Cowboy because his question reminded me to try and find out what that was all about. I was watching the game like everyone else and wasn't sure myself what they were arguing about. Izzo looked like he was gonna blow a gasket and they just seemed to gloss it all over. Anyway, I forgot about it until Cowboy and you mentioned it so I did little searching. Anyway, I apologize and I'm "chilled" and I hope you are too. Peace brother.
  5. I'd always just assumed you were an undergrad and grad student at one or the other (SLU and Iowa). Well that's cool, glad to have you. More the merrier. I've mentioned before, I'm not an alum either. My late father attended SLU for two years after coming home from WW2. He and mom got to see the 1948 NIT team and we always rooted for the Bills ever after.
  6. NO. The women's game allows a team (in the final minute of a game) which has just given up a made basket (and I think a free throw too, not sure) to call a timeout and then throw in the ball at the quarter-court mark in their offensive end of the court. In other words, about 3/4 of the way down the floor instead of under the basket they defend. (I hate this gimmick but that's not the point here.) But the women's time-out rule has nothing to do with it. Below is a link from Officiating.com that explains what the fuss was all about in the MSU/Duke game. A front court time out called during a live ball has specific spots to inbound the ball. But this was not a live ball time out. The throw-in should be from where it went out. The refs had a brain fart but Izzo got it corrected. Post #3 is the explanation. (I've perused this site before and most, if not all of them are officials in one capacity or another.) https://forum.officiating.com/basketball/104512-michigan-state-duke.html You're welcome.
  7. Culver's for me. Haven't been to a Freddy's though.
  8. Then the fine people of Sikeston should say they are from Memphis. It's 5 miles closer to Sikeston than St. Louis is. I just checked. And in either case, we're talking 140 or so effin miles. Yeah, that's how people describe where they're from.
  9. I was thinking this game is a candidate for BOTH teams to not make 20.
  10. Would rather the mods get rid of the poster that started it. Much more effective.
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