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  1. I believe Butler was in the A10 for ONE year. But long enough to get beat 3 times by the Bills.
  2. Mine are in my phone. Can anyone tell me how to get them into Apple Wallet? I have an iphone SE (the original older one) and have had no trouble getting Cardinal tickets and TicketBastard concert tickets into Wallet. I seem to recall having this problem with a ticket to a Women's postseason seat in 2020 prior to everything shutting down due to covid. I hit the button "add to Apple Wallet", the button kind of acts like it's been pressed but the tickets never make it to Wallet. Any help for an MBM?
  3. It's Linssen. If I remember my long ago German in high school, that B-looking thing is an "eszett" and represents a double s. I seem to remember reading that it's not used much anymore. Google it if interested as to how it came about.
  4. Anyone know where I can get one of these pretty quick? Say by Tuesday afternoon? Uh, asking for a friend.
  5. Are you kidding? Haven't you noticed the AARP crowd that follows this team? And I include myself. We can all show up with our walkers and canes. The golf carts will be busy from the parking lot. They'll probably have oxygen available at the concession stands. That's why it's at 2 pm on a weekday. After the morning doctor appointments and before the Early Bird Specials at the All Ya Can Eat. At least they haven't asked everyone to bring their checkbooks.
  6. For that baby race, just doctor those birth certs like the off-shore ballplayers do. I'm looking at YOU Albert!
  7. I kind of like the Giants. Came out of nowhere it seems. Otherwise, I guess the Barves. And yeah, they're the lesser of the rest of the evils.
  8. Got my three t shirts today in the mail. Nice and soft. They even suggest washing first to somehow make them softer. Love the vintage look of them.
  9. Since we appear to be keeping score, I spent 87.93 on some tee shirts. I prefer zippers on my hoodies (and sold out) so no hoodie for me. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale and the discount. Oh, I listed billikens.com when they asked where I heard about them.
  10. Come on, we still have half the conference schedule and the A10 tourney. I think he'll step up big come March. Doncha think, Sigourney? Oh, and welcome to the board. We need more well informed fans like yourself!
  11. That's a schedule for a team not afraid to play anyone. Only real dog on there is NC Central. Impressive.
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