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  1. A few hundred of us stuck around after the men's win over Fordham to watch the women take on Duquesne. The Billikens led for most of the game but fell behind late and were saved when Rachel Kent hit her fourth trey of the game with 1.2 seconds left to put SLU ahead 51-50. A pair of Brooke Flowers free throws sealed it after the Dukes turned it over. The SLU women won 53-50. Kent finished with 16 points and 5 boards. Another poor shooting game (for both squads) but a win is a win. Kendra Wilken had her 4th double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds in 27 minutes. Ciaja Harbison with 15 points and 6 assists.
  2. Been wondering the same thing. Inexplicable.
  3. Yeah, I'm not under any illusion or delusion that the Bonnies women are a good team. However, after researching some game results, I find that the Bonnies' one win was against George Mason, also with only one win (over GW) but who lost at Dayton by only 4. So I'm not sure how good Dayton is either. I guess we'll see on Sunday. By relative scores, we should win at Dayton. I ain't putting any money on it. It was just nice to see some shots fall last night. Both the Davidson game and the VCU game were winnable with better shooting than 25-30 percent. I was at those games, I'm talking missing numerous open shots and things like layups that have to be made. I know this is kind of a rebuild year and I'm fine with that, I just hope the shooting continues to improve.
  4. The women beat the Bonnies last night 72-51 at Chaifetz. I've been critical of the shooting lately but last night they shot very well. 50 percent for the night on 25 of 50. And a terrific 47 percent from the 3-line on 8 of 17. Also shot 74 percent on 14 of 19 from the free throw line. Out-rebounded the Bonnie lasses by a decisive 44 to 23. Another (3rd) double-double for Wilken with 14 points, 12 boards and 5 blocks. Kent and Traore-Smith had 9 rebounds each. Kent with 10 points also. A career high for Clark with 24 points.
  5. Again, it's the shooting. Or lack of. 17 for 60. 28 percent. It was the Pink Out game, there was a nice crowd but another frustrating conference loss.
  6. The cemeteries are full of people like that.
  7. Yeah, 15 seems generous to me. Like Pistol said above, I'll be thrilled if we beat anyone by 15.
  8. Ok thanks Matty. I don't have cable and I go to all the home games. I have friends with cable and all I have to do is ask if I want to see a road game. They watch the Cardinal games but other sports not so much, so they're not that savvy about what's on and where. And the + signs have been confusing me.
  9. Am I correct that FSMW+ is a TV channel but ESPN+ is always an online video stream?
  10. Thanks Taj. Tough break for the kid.
  11. Yeah, I think so too. I wish I hadn't mentioned it. But I don't follow any other basketball, just college.
  12. I'm clearly missing something here. I didn't mention "the Dance". I'm pretty sure the rules are the same. What exactly are you referring to? ETA: I meant NCAA rules, as opposed to International or NBA etc. Is that what you are asking?
  13. I believe (NCAA at least) if a player is fouled while shooting and does not make the basket, no field goal attempt is charged. If the shot goes in, an attempt is charged and a made field goal credited. So his FG% wouldn't be harmed by shooting and missing due to being fouled.
  14. There was an issue with a UMass player. I'm guessing blood on the jersey or on the player but not sure. The UMass bench already had a guy running to the table, as a ref and the player in question were walking toward the bench. I guess one of the refs just decided to go ahead and use the media time-out. ETA: Actually, if the player had to come out (for whatever reason), that would have required a stoppage and a whistle. So at that point, it was time for the U16 time-out.
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