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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I know I saw it called at least twice while watching Tourney games in March. I didn't know it was only for a player holding the ball. And this is just me. The offense already has a time deadline to shoot the ball. I think the 5 second thing is unnecessary and is just piling on. It wouldn't bother me a bit if they got rid of it.
  2. I have booked it! So don't let me down, okay?
  3. I'm like you on the 5 second rule. I think when they lowered the shot clock to 30, they got rid of the 5 second close guarding rule. I noticed a few years ago, at a women's game, that the ref was doing that arm count again. And then I looked for it at the next men's game and sure enough, it was back. I'm almost positive it HAD been eliminated but it came back. (And too damned lazy to try and look it up.) As for the rest of it, I wish they'd leave the damn game alone. I'm about done with MLB and now college hoops is trying to piss me off too.
  4. Fighting the Good Fight one sales rack at a time. I salute you sir!
  5. After mention of a curse up above, I was waiting for someone to bring up the Exorcist! I was not disappointed.
  6. Yeah, that's one I should have definitely included.
  7. I'm guessing you have a Texas reason for hating Baylor. But for me, although I really wanted the Zags to win, at least it wasn't Kansas, or Duke, or Kentucky etc.
  8. After seeing Baylor toy with Houston, and then the Zags struggle to beat UCLA, I had a bad feeling something like this might happen.
  9. Him being from Texas, I'll always remember him as The Lone Star.
  10. I think she could certainly play well at a P5 school if that's what you're asking. (And I'm clearly no expert.) I don't know what caused her to want to move, but it could be a personal reason, or play closer to home etc. (I think she's from the Chicago area.) This is a player who frankly was a team leader (or at least I thought so) and had plenty of playing time so this news is somewhat surprising. I hate to see her go, this team seemed to always frustrate me with poor outside shooting. I'll be interested to see where she ends up.
  11. Just an MBM but also a season ticket holder and I must say I didn't see this coming. I'm not liking the ncaa's new "free agency" anyway. (Not that I have any idea what caused this particular transfer.) It seems to me, it's gonna be smaller school coaches 'em up, big boys come and get 'em.
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