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  1. This is what jumped out at me from the Dayton AD's thoughts: we’re just relentless and aggressive in our pursuit to position and fight for Dayton basketball, to fight for our students, to fight for our fans. Ever hear anything like that from any spokesman at SLU?? Yeah, me neither.
  2. Yeah, I'm fine with it. Working within the rules as they exist.
  3. Waiting for Mo's firing before I celebrate the year.
  4. I looked at two of them. Nothing there.
  5. So, does that mean he's coming back?? Huh, does it? Huh? Yeah, just kidding.
  6. He's gotcha there Hoosier. There's no arguing with science.
  7. Yeah, it were a joke. Raboin shot 1.000 from the 3 point line. Highest in the NCAA. Small sample though.
  8. Agree with this. I too thought she was a very good rebounder. I'm surprised with this transfer.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, that's...something...
  10. I wondered about this too. Maybe need some kind of louvered shades that can open and close.
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