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GDT: @ Iona

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10 hours ago, 3star_recruit said:

Winning on the road against good teams is what separates good teams from great teams.  This game is not a must-win for an at-large bid.  But if our guys want to get on the path to greatness, the journey starts here.

After that first half It doesn’t appear this team wants to be good or great. 

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5 minutes ago, AnkielBreakers said:

I may be watching a different game. It looked like Iona fouled us on every shot after we were up 19-14, and we only got 1-2 foul calls from there on out. We go up straight: foul. They go with full swat: no foul.

Then stop forcing it inside Every. Single. Possession. It’s not rocket science.  Surely we have some sort of offense to get shooters open?

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Coaching is the issue with the team not playing defense.

Defense was an issue last season and it continues this season, 45 points good grief.


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