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  1. H Waldmen must be in this conversation.
  2. 1) COLUMBUS. Spent it with my dad and so many long suffering Bills fans. 2) Miracle in Memphis. Flew down in time to party after Tulane W and watch Championship. 3) SIU Game at Old Barn. Coming out Party for Spoonball. 4) SLU at DePaul in 93. First road trip for me in college in midst of 14-0 start. 5) NC State. Epic Comeback. 6) Larry Legend at Marquette...saw it in person 7) Win at Hinkle. Another trip with my pops..and a another W. 8) Washington (Conklin Screen) Symbolized what was to come. 9) Beating Penny. Another notch in the 14-0 start at The Arena. 10) Beating Butler at Chaifetz. Building was electric and they just took them to the woodshed.
  3. Goodwin struggles so badly when he leads a fast break. He telegraphs passes, can’t shake defenders and can’t finish consistently when contested.
  4. Confident all of our players can make an uncontested layup...was highlighting Jacobs ability to finish at the rim when contested, something a number of our players seem to struggle with.
  5. Give me Jacobs finishing a contested layup at the rim over any other Billiken...he's smooth, uses his body and gets the ball in the basket.
  6. We still use UVerse as ISP ... just dropped television which saved $140
  7. YouTubeTV gives you FSMW, all locals and a ton of sports channels for $49.99. Add the Disney bundle for $12.99 and you get Hulu and ESPN+ as well. Just dropped UVerse and couldn’t be more pleased with the decision.
  8. The firm handling this has also partnered with another firm to assist and offset some of their exposure...
  9. I did this in college...made a couple of runs of them before we caught any heat from the school.
  10. Heard that as well...intrigued.
  11. Just got the new issue of the SBJ and look who's front and center...
  12. If anyone is staying for Sunday and needs/wants a pair of tix send me a PM.
  13. Rolling into SJ tomorrow at 4pm and staying at the Hilton near SAP. Sounds like a few others set up shop there as well. Looking forward to a rowdy SLU crowd for the game.
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