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  1. It might be time to create a triggered over any criticism to the beloved status quo club, however, I’m afraid the majority of this board would be included.
  2. Ignore posters who disagree with you is pretty weak, but you do you.
  3. I’m not sure if I want to pony up the coin to watch them on ESPN+
  4. Another poster in denial and out of touch with today’s society. Not surprised considering the average age of the fanbase.
  5. Never say never. There are multiple entertainment options to choose from now than there were 3 decades ago, and if choosing between either of them vs going to see a chronic underachieving men’s basketball program in the winter is the question presented to a casual fan, then I think we’re smart enough to figure out that answer.
  6. VCU is in the tournament for the ninth time in 11 seasons. Think they subscribe to BBF’s diatribe ?
  7. This won’t hold up next year. Consider me surprised if they finish 5th
  8. Have fun in an empty Chaifetz. You’ll be partying like it’s 1979.
  9. You make your own luck. Nothing should be left to chance...well, that's true everywhere but 1 S Compton Ave, STL, MO 63103.
  10. More excuse making. Keep ‘em coming. I’m sure others like you will use Okoro’s injury as an excuse as to why Ford couldn’t get past the semifinals for three straight years in a row all year long. That’s what this program is all about.
  11. McCauley is the only one that had a ring, and not just a ring, but a ring with the then local team.
  12. This AD better wake up, because the MLS team down the street has taken the region by storm. You thought the Greatest Show On Turf years were bad for attendance, you can bet your ass this will be worst. When Ford got here, City SC didn’t exist , the local NFL left , the Blues (sans 2019) and Mizzou were both down. There was an opening for SLU to capture the casual fan, and in classic fashion, they stumbled and now it’s been slammed shut. Good luck selling this crap to them.
  13. Crapping on out of town fans is not a good look. Understand now or do I have to repeat myself s l o w l y ?
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