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  1. Incredible second half - Ossuniyi made his jump shot at 16:49 to make it 33-41 for St. B, then neither team scored for four minutes. Then between 12:32 and 3:49 Billikens went on decisive, championship-winning 21-5 run to make it 54-46. Two baskets apiece by Isabel, Wiley, Bess and French during that stretch, plus one from Goodwin who also went 0-2 from the line. Stockard scored twice, otherwise nothing for Bonnies during that period. If we hadn't killed the ball and missed foul shots in the last 3:40 we might have won by 15.
  2. Great victory! Billikens are back in the NCAA tournament! We stopped them for about 10 minutes at 46 points - they could not score. Great game by Stockard of St. Bonaventure, but we survived that and our missed free throws and still advanced. A huge momentum boost for recruiting and the entire program!
  3. Fun facts: Davidson did not get two scores in a row a single time in the entire second half. They scored only seven times in the entire 20 minutes.
  4. Revenge is sweet ... disappointed Dayton fan on their forum described the game as "Poodles vs. Pit Bulls"
  5. Wow! All heart ... "Magnificent win," as the announcer said.
  6. Who will score first off the bench? Wiley? Thatch? KC?
  7. At least they didn't call a technical on Ford. I wonder if Ford hadn't complained what the foul totals would have been. There were at least two calls that were clear errors - the Thatch call and the non-call against Isabell at end of first half. Both had major impact on course of the game - but thankfully we survived.
  8. Wow, survived... What is it about Richmond that makes them look so good against us? French was awesome throughout, and Bess made the free throws to seal the win.
  9. I am predicting a win because one of the key factors that has led to Billiken losses - static, uncoordinated, turnover-prone offense - has greatly improved in last few games. It took a while due to departure of Gordon at start of conference season. We just need to shoot halfway decently. As for the other factors that have caused losses - bad foul shooting and the other team having THE GAME as you have said - we can only be better in the foul shooting department, there is no worse - and due to the stakes today we will match whatever intensity Bonaventure brings.
  10. It will be a great game - either a close win or decisive Billikens win. It's a great finale to season, as Billikens offense has finally come together. Isabell's great play recently is a result of the whole team playing better together on offense not just him.
  11. Good discussion. With increased transfer rate, it sounds like a coach should look to play a deep rotation to develop the entire roster, keep younger players from looking elsewhere and encourage recruits. This allows for fast paced offense and aggressive defense because regulars players would get more rest. Which is good because it increases opportunities to score - another factor players care about. Under this theory, a restricted rotation and slow paced games in this era might contribute to increased player turnover. I have read here that Coach Ford historically has played a limited number of players even when he has more available - maybe he should change this ways to adapt to current era?
  12. Great game for Thatch off the bench - 8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 steals.
  13. Crazy game - great win - one more to go for the 4 seed!
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