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  1. Bench scoring advantage to the Billikens 31-12. Great games for Thatch and Jones made the difference.
  2. Great play by Goodwin! Steals the inbound and gets the layup to cut lead to 1.
  3. Hargrove got the start this half? Or was subbed in during first minute? To play pressure defense, that's the adjustment.
  4. Covid happened is the obvious answer. But more than physical effects, which other teams had to recover from, and some recovered better - but it also disrupted how all of Ford's previous Billikens teams have slowly improved throughout a season, with lots of game time to build together as a team. This team seems out of sync more often than not. Hopefully in second half they will find what they have had a few times since the covid break - as in home game vs. St. Bonaventure.
  5. Bad turnover by Collins - a fitting end to the half. Lucky to not be behind by 20. Need to come back for second half with a new plan.
  6. Hargrove with the jam to retake lead 14-13 ... Says the radio.
  7. Was one of these boxers supposed to take a dive to keep espn on schedule? Listening on radio now. Still 7-5 Billikens lead.
  8. Comment was made by announcers at end of the game that, just from looking at final score, "you would never know how competitive this game was for 38 minutes." 80-69 indicates Saint Louis won fairly easily. But the opposite is also true. The score doesn't indicate how dominant Bills were during second half. From midway through the half to the final minute, they scored on 17 of their 22 possessions, vs. NC St scoring on 6 of their 21. During this lengthy 10-minute stretch Billikens were 17-5 on offense and 15-6 on defense, for a total possession W/L of 32-11. Against a good ACC team.
  9. https://watchstadium.com/live/st-bonaventure-at-saint-louis/
  10. The opposite is also true - Duquesne looked terrible, I can't believe we lost to them twice.
  11. Great game and great win!!!! Bills are improving with every game.
  12. Fordham takes the early 7-2 lead. An indicator of the A10's good year is that both of these 1-14 teams play hard, can be competitive at times. There have been three-point attempts already in first five minutes, only one made (by Fordham).
  13. Good point, Jacobs contributed to the win despite scoring 0 points. Team had 19 assists total on 27 FG. Good game especially the second half. 20 wins!
  14. If Crutcher missed that shot and Dambrot was still a Zip, we would be at least 20-5, looking good for March.
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