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5 minutes ago, VeniceMenace said:

What a turnaround after that SIUE game…long way to go but liking the chances of this team finishing first.

Hope they’re ready to play on Tuesday. No looking ahead, keep your eyes on the prize.

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I picked every A10 team to win at home today.  I got one wrong --- which is the most pleasant surprise of the day.  Umass and of course VCU didn;t beat the spread.  The others did.

In a brutal opener, Rhodey outlast La Salle to win by two.  La Salle had the ball down two with 14 ticks left but Brantley missed on La Salle's last gasp effort to go for the tie.  

Geedubya was running away from Fordham first half at Rose Hill.  Rose Hill was sold out.  Geedubya was up 4 at half and basically traded baskets with Fordham up until the 8 minute mark when they were tied at 58.  Fordham closed on a 27 to 12 run.  Brendan Adams was limited due to turning an ankle.  But the closing duo of Quisenberry and Moore just took off aided by some nice plays here and there by teammates.  For the Colonials, Hunter Dean had a turnover.  Then he missed a free throw.  Bishop had a turnover. so did Adams.  Rickey Lindo hoisted two missed threes.  Geedubya resorted to the same game they played against us in Foggy Bottom.  I'll take the win in the loss column for Geedubya.

Dayton just pummeled Richmond.  At one point, they were up like 35.  I will say Isaiah Bigelow, the transfer from Wofford, did look real good for Richmond.  Gustavson, Grace and Nelson, three starters, contributed a total of seven points countered by four turnovers.  Star of the game was Koby Brea who made six of seven threes.  All, it seemed, from the same spot on the left wing.  Lack of awareness if you ask me.  Always let Malachi Smith shoot from distance not Brea or Elvis.  Both Smith and Elvis are now back sop the Dayton starters are getting in shape.  

Umass took down Duquesne again without Noah Fernandes in Amherst.  Fernandes has only played in 11 games this year.  Duquesne is Trey Clark and DaeDae Grant and pray.  They are a mostly unlikable teams of punks as I've ever seen.  Still believe Dambrot is done.

And the bonus on the night was the Bonnies, 0 and 7 on the road this year, beating VCU.  This was some awful basketball.  Score at half was VCU 23 to 18.  I've said outside of Shriver, this VCU team can't shoot.  They were 2 of 16 from distance today and everyone was off.  Baldwin got his second foul with about three minutes to go in the first half and was yanked.  You think we don't run well without our point guard?  He got his thoird fpoul just over 3 minutes into the second half.  Yanked again.  He got his fourth foul with five minutes to go and with those two second half fouls, he really played tentatively.  Baldwin then missed the tying three at the end.  

We are now in first, a half game ahead of VCU with Dayton in third, Fordham in fourth on the heels of the win today over fifth place Geedubya.  It was a hoot to listen to the announcers at Fordham.  Fordham is back, bay-bee!!!  No, but it should make for an interesting contest come Tuesday.  You really can't fault what Fordham did in terms of its OOC scheduling.  It was like fifth weakest in the nation.  But it has instilled confidence in them going forward.  They always played tough D and Khalid Moore is really playing light's out right now.



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When capacity at your arena is just over 1500 fans is it ever really a sellout?

I don't care if Fordham wins out the rest of the season. They are a step below the MAAC and should never be in the A10.

Also after seeing the visiting locker rooms at Belk, which would be substandard for a HS freshman football team, Davidson needs to be told to get a donation from the Currys and upgrade their facilities past the 1940s or they can also kick rocks.

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3 minutes ago, thetorch said:

After seeing the visiting locker rooms at Belk,  Davidson needs to be told to get a donation from the Currys and upgrade their facilities past the 1940s or they can also kick rocks.

Considering how much money Steph has, why hasn't he bucked up?   That's disappointing 

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10 hours ago, Bay Area Billiken said:

I'd rather SLU finish in First Place, get the #1 Seed in the A10 Tourney. VCU losing at home to the Bonnies will help SLU get there.

I’m with you, I’d love to finish first. But I’d rather beat an 18-5 VCU squad on Friday on our way to a first place finish. Yes, I've had too many negronis tonight and am currently holding out hope that we can somehow get an at-large still but that only happens if VCU and Dayton run the table except for losses to SLU (i.e. all 3 teams finish strong with us losing to one of them in the A10 championship game).  Realistically, we’ll have to win the A10 tourney to dance so I don’t really care if we finish first or fourth as long as we get a double bye and ideal matchups. 

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8 hours ago, someoneelse said:

So many teams should be booted from the A-10!  Maybe the Bills should bolt!!  

Blue font. 

where we going?  what's the cost of leaving?  where's that money coming from?  you do know no autobid for a new conference for like 5 years right?

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