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  1. Agreed, easy to forget Parker played just one JUCO season and is just a sophomore, while Perk arrived as a junior.
  2. Go with Jim Crews, Brad Soderberg or Floyd Irons? Tom Holley was a big Floyd fan!
  3. Seriously, good call The future is NOW!!!
  4. Really thankful for Hassan graduating when Okoro stepped to the FT line at game end.
  5. Give time this team can be really dangerous once Perk and Parker find some rhythm in their game….
  6. David King is a PROPHET!!! He called this one before the game started!
  7. Dang it this 7 footer could be our savior, somebody post the PITBULL to get the Billikens back on track ASAP!!!
  8. BINGO--dude's very first game in the US, first game playing with his new team, a bunch of D1 prospects, facing another national prep school program (no slouches), and he dishes SIX assists, the most on the team.... and, by the way, he's 7 feet tall. Are you kidding me? Coach Grawer should pay a visit and give his take on how this guy stacks up against Steve "Stipo" Stipanovich!!!
  9. Bears a resemblance. DJ played 38 minutes, with 12 points/10 rebounds in a season-opening loss for Ball State on the road at Indiana State. Teammate Mickey "Playin' for Grandma" Pearson -- 26 minutes, 3 points/2 rebounds.
  10. All credit for this one should go to Old Guy, cranking out all that bulletin board material for Yuri, LOL!
  11. PLEASE someone give the color guy a program so he’ll avoid a 10th reference to Parker attending Odessa Jr College!
  12. Pickett/Thatch can come in and stop them. There may be more parity in college basketball but there won't be in the A10 if this team stays healthy. Auto bid.
  13. Good, don’t want SLU’s strength of schedule to drop, got to make the big dance.
  14. How are we supposed to expect increased local support? A good place to start would be by winning the A10 and finishing ahead of Dayton. Overdosing on preseason hoopla achieves nothing.
  15. With this commit still looking like backup point guard by committee this season, good opportunity for Thames. Pitbull??
  16. Some context: 1. Those averages were achieved in an average of 21 minutes per game. 2. Balanced attack, as he was one of three all-conference players on the team...and has another season of JUCO to play. 3. Team was ranked 8th in the nation, losing their final game in NJCAA tourney to Salt Lake, which lost in the title game.
  17. This guy is built like a rock, good hands, shoots the trey and nice footwork under the basket. Vice at the 4 can draw opposing defenders outside to clear room for Momo in the lane. No doubt Medley knows how to find the open man. Long-term future looking bright.
  18. Need an ESPN College Gameday style show in front of Chaifetz for every home game. Guys at the desk should be Old Guy with his patented hot takes, Billiken Roy "Travis needs to use every player, full court press, run and gun the entire game" and Triangle and Too "Triangle bets that Too could get excited toonight (no, probably toomorrow) about this game...and so it goes..." Pathetic student body would be all over this, acting crazy in the background behind these guys...sellouts every night.
  19. SLU needs to update that men's basketball roster page. Just because you don't have everyone's mugshot yet doesn't mean you cannot post their name and info. The current page doesn't reflect a first-class program.
  20. "Rebounding has never been Perkins think and surprisingly the same goes for Pickett" They have historically averaged at least 3-4 boards a game, which is decent for guards. Pickett will be switching from SEC to weaker A10 competition, so that average could go up this season.
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