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  1. These universities all promote the global warming crisis and smaller carbon footprints. Yet when it come to their own revenue streams, they are greatly increasing the carbon footprints of there athletic departments in these conferences that cover ever more real-estate.
  2. I think that view dismisses Picket. Picket gives us a big guard who plays tough D with a lot of quad 1 experience.
  3. I haven't seen anything about this being Gibby's last season. Have I missed something?
  4. I think Momo would defend the rim on defense and probably take the tallest opponent in a man to man. A 7 footer can get into the head of the opponent, not just blocking shots but altering shots. Especially with opponents that haven't faced that kind of height. On offense he might be able to stretch the floor. I have no idea what his 3 point percentage was. The video clearly shows that he can hit them. He doesn't have a quick release, but its a high release and would force the defender to guard him at the 3 point line if he can hit the shot at a reasonable rate. I would also like to see Okoro add some range. He has a good FT percentage, though a unconventional release.
  5. It appears that Momo is the big who will ideally transition us to the next year, after Okoro and Forester graduate. I think he will need minutes, to determine what he will be capable of and to retain him. I wonder if Coach Ford might consider starting Momo with Okoro the first 5 min of each half, like he did with Jimmy Bell. That would guarantee him mnutes and the team experience in playing a big lineup for those games when we need it. So the game would open with Momo, Okoro, Perkins, Jimmmerson and Yuri. Thats a tall line up. Not the best defensive line up, but it wouldn't be easy to,q go inside.
  6. Verbal commits had him as a junior last year, but I'm not certain.
  7. Perkins, Picket, Thatch, Forester and Okoro. WOW, how do you like that for a senior class?
  8. The traditional problem with a foreign players, is that they generally are the last player in their class to arrive on campus and often have the biggest adjustments. I would like to see the Bills sign Crespin soon and work to get him on campus ASAP.
  9. It looks like his shooting range compliments Okoro's inside game. He would get time at the 4 and 5. He would get some of the time that our wings have been getting at the 4 spot. His ability to defend and produce would dictate the minutes. He looks like a really good fit for this season.
  10. Thanks for the numbers. Do you know the distance on the 3 point line he's been shooting from?
  11. I don't know if he can defend, or what his 3 point percentage is, but highlight video shows that he shoots from long range with a quick release.
  12. Thatch has a lot of heart, but is way un desized to guard a big 4, and he was the best we had last year. Picket is bigger, though still undersized and hopefully will do better. A good sized 4 who can defend would allow us to match up with bigger teams.
  13. We have Okoro who is foul prone. So there are significant minutes there. We also have a bunch of wings playing the 4, so the right guy or guys would get a lot of playing time between the 4 and 5 spots, and make us a complete team.
  14. I don't like the pay to play rules and what its likely do to div 1 bb. However if money is now the biggest factor or even among the top 3 factors with top players, then we have to embrace it at SLU, or greatly lower our expectations.
  15. Regardless of whether it took a doner with money, a threat to sue TN. And or reselling the Billikens to Yuri. It had to happen fast. If it took more than coaching persuasion, it required multiple layers of SLU To approve. Something that hasn't happened quickly in the past, to the benefit of the team. If Ford didn't want Yuri back, he wouldn't be back. Regardless of how it works out management successfully pulled Yuri out of the fire and the Bills are back in the top 25 talk. We are in uncharted waters, but at this moment, the Bills are in the game. Management had a choice, be a victim or take action. I think they deserve credit for taking action.
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