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  1. I thought we had a reasonable shot at being among the leaders in the A10 this year, if we landed a starting quality big and guard, grad transfers. Now it isn't impossible, but a lot of things have to go out way. French and Goodwin need to improve shooting range and FTs. Thatch can't have a sophomore slump and must also improve his shooting. Perkins needs to have a big year. Bell needs to play significant minutes. At least 2 of our freshman need to be impact freshman. Coach Ford will need to figure out who is making the grade and the combinations that work by conference play. With so many new players and freshmen, we are going to see a lot of players getting lost at times, on both ends of the floor. Will we press, and run, it depends on who excells and how well we shoot as a team. If Hargrove is getting a lot of minutes, we are probably running. Our returning 3 experienced players need to stay healthy, an injury especially to French, would be devastating. A lot of things need to go right.
  2. It's the time of year for Team Blue koolaid. Jimerson is coming into an ideal situation to climb high on the Billiken 3 point career record list. 1st. has exceptional range and ability to create his own shot. He is much more than a spot up 3 point shooter. I rewatched some of his highlight videos and most of his shots were a full step and often 2 or more beyond the line. 2nd. the SLU veterans French and Goodwin are players with strong inside games that make teams want to play packed in zones. 3rd. Even though he is a freshman, the door is wide open, as there are no returning outside shooters. Jimerson has what this team desperately needs, a shooter who can stretch the floor. It is well within his ability to be a 40%+, 3 point shooter. 4th. I believe Bell is also going to be an inside force starting this year, but even more so in years to follow. 5th. As Yuri gets comfortable he will be able to find Jimerson. I'm looking forward to the development of this team this year and the development of these freshmen in the years to follow.
  3. Bell sounds more like a bigger version of French, which should send fear through the ranks of the A10.
  4. Coach Ford has said positive things about every player, but some have received more enthusiastic praise than others. I think his public comments provide insight into the way he motivates his players. He is challenging each player to take their game to another level. And he has painted a vision success for Team Blue as a team that will be feared this year.
  5. Bell looks like a Beast. He is my pick for starting center on opening night. He and French will be a super intimidating pair.
  6. Verbal Commits reports today that Perkins has been added to the roster. I hope that means he is on campus.
  7. If Thatch can improve to a 33% 3 point shooter, that would be a Bess like improvement and it would result in a lot of minutes. That kind of jump is rare. I thought his form looked good but the shots just missed. But then his free throw percentage was also just over 60 percent, which is concerning. My personal rule of thumb is a guy needs to shoot 70%, from the free throw line before he thinks about shooting 3s. Where I dont think the extended line will have much effect on Perkins or Jimerson, I think it will hurt marginal 3 point shooters like Thatch and Goodwin. Ford said recently that he is looking for a significant jump in Fred's scoring, and part of that needs to be better shot selection.
  8. The problem we have with our core 3 players of French, Goidwin and Thatch, are that they were poor shooters from the old 3 point line and the FT line last season. I think our best team against a tournament quality zone is: Bell, French, Perkins, Gibson and Goodwin. That would make us the tallest team in the A10 and on par or taller than many tournament teams, 6-11, 6-7, 6-6, 6-6, 6-4. Bell and French could switch from high to low post, as the ball swings from side to side. Bell would be a tall target, with a height advantage over most opponents. The ball in the post puts a lot of pressure on the zone, especially with 2, A+ 3 point shooters, looking for a kick out pass. 2 strong 3 point shooters will stretch the zone, especially with the new 3 point line. That will provide room for French and Goodwin. I know Bell is not a 30 min a game player right now, but Ford's recent comments about his weight loss and shooting around the basket have been encouraging. That would not be our strongest defensive team. But they should be reasonably effective at playing a zone defence by tournament time.
  9. I call our sharp shooting freshman Gibson. Cuz I cant spel Gymrsun.
  10. I thought Crews was, and is a man of good character. He did a remarkable job of managing the good team he was given. He unfortunately was a terrible recruiter, and blew the success and opportunity that he had here. The contrast in the process of recruiting between Crews and Ford is night and day, or more like, amature vs pro. When it comes to Crews, the Billikens have moved on, and I think it's time for us to move on.
  11. With the numbers of transfers up significantly, I'm not sure previous results are a good reflection of what can be done today. At this point, Ford's knowledge of what his players can and can't do, improves every day. He certainly doesn't want to mess up the chemistry. I think he will be careful.
  12. Last year our poor free throw shooting was contagious. I'm hoping that this year our good 3 point shooting becomes contagious. It appears our post players are looking for Jimerson.
  13. Listened to the Housee that Rick Built podcasts and they refer to some summer practice news and videos, saying that Bell has been much better than expected and Gibson unstoppable. Anybody have any news or video they can post?
  14. I left out Yuri and Jacob's, and I dont know what they shot in high school?
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