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  1. 1. The conference tournament allows ahead to play in and thus allow an additional team to make the dance. 2. The quantity of conference games played and strength of conference opponents will make it difficult to clearly see rankings of teams. For example, we have yet to play a conference game.
  2. Didn't he just have a concussion playing basketball? I wouldn't advise anyone who has had a concert to play football. His heart is in basketball.
  3. Based on the limited video I saw in Kern, he appeared to be under weight for going inside and his video mostly had him going inside and dunking, not much outside shooting. So I thought he was a risky recruit, especially for a team loaded at the wing position. Our big question marks are at the post positions. By spring Ford should have a better idea of who is coming back and how well they are playing/practicing.
  4. Sagarin will have us by 3 and change. Basically everyone has the game within a 3 point basket.... close.
  5. Saw a post game interview with the NC State coach. He said the lack of depth hurt most because he had a couple of players that were off their game, and couldn't sub them out.
  6. Assuming there will be KMOX audio. Any TV?
  7. It makes sense to have a different home court advantage for each team. If you just look around the A10, some schools are almost like half empty high-school gyms and in contrast there is Dayton.
  8. Sagarin is using 2.02 today for his home court advantage. I think his historic advantage is close to 3.5. So right now, it looks like a crowd is generally worth an extra 1.5 points.
  9. I think the lack of practice this past off season stopped Bell and TJ from building on their progress of last season. TJ improved his shooting, but missed the opportunity to improve his team play. Bell really needed to work on his scoring. Both players were positioned to make big improvements over the summer.... It just didn't happen. Now not knowing how many games we will even play. Ford can't afford to take chances. We have to win every game we can and beat the spread.
  10. STOP. There must be some heavy pregame drinking.
  11. I'm afraid Mizzou is going to leap frog us. Combination of a good win and we didn't play. Illinois is going to slide, but not out of the top 25... yet.
  12. I don't get NBC Sports. Anyone have any links that will work?
  13. Andre Lorentsson - Game 1, I was happy to see that he was as tall as advertised and that it looks like he has frame and weight that he can develop into a much stronger body. No surprise, he looked completely lost on defense. He will probably spend most of the year like Hargrove did last year, learning the system and adjusting to Div 1 BB. I am optimistic about his future. A stretch 4 who can play inside and out is tough to defend. We probably won't see much of him this season, unless our bugs get injured.
  14. Another reason we had a lot of rebounds is that we missed a lot of shots. For example, I suspect we led the league in free thow rebounds. Ford preaches that rebounding is positioning and desire. I dont believe he is backing our big guys off, so guards can rebound. J Good has the desire and rexceptional nose for the ball.
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