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End of a (mediocre) era. Travis Ford is out.

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Need May out too.  Get out May. 


I'm telling you JMU has a good thing going  in the major sports and they moved up a level.  Could hire someone from there to run the AD.

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1 minute ago, TRN said:

Be prepared everyone, the news has hit Kentucky.

Be prepared for an onslaught of his friends once their dialup modems get fired up.

Billikens.com highest traffic day ever was when we were battling Kentucky for a recruit.

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9 minutes ago, brianstl said:

Don’t know if the interest is there from DeVries.  He might be content to stay at Drake until the right P5 job opens.

Would be a small step up for him. I suppose if we open up the check book he could be in play unless his dream job is with one of the Big Boy Leagues!

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45 minutes ago, TheA_Bomb said:

Need May out too.  Get out May. 

May is going no where. Let's be real.

Baseball is 15-1 currently.

Softball is 12-8 (good, not great)

Men's tennis is 9-2

Women's tennis is 10-0

Volleyball has a new coach that seems universally well liked.

Women's basketball went to the NCAA tournament for the first time ever just last yesr under a new May hire.

Men's soccer underperformed this year but is meeting or exceeding expectations overall.

Women's soccer is in a golden age and continues to improve.

Men's basketball stunk this year but won 20+ games from 2018-2023 - excluding covid year (not great but well above mediocre)

Also the Champions Center is an impressive feat.


To me it would seem dumb to fire May

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