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  1. That’s great that he gets to play this year and did so well. Best wishes to him.
  2. I saw the tweet and it does no harm to have another 6’9” body available. Who knows if we get into the tournament in March and could use his athleticism to defend and rebound for a spell. If he’s healthy it’s bonus depth, something we haven’t had a lot of in the past.
  3. This would mean Okoro would be able to play this season.
  4. Play zone, these refs will foul out our team otherwise.
  5. On the BS French foul their guy was holding onto his jersey. Total
  6. They recently hired a new, young AD at Southern Miss. Doc was on Holberg’s staff at ISU, as was Lutz. Doc left on good terms, and will get paid about as much to be an assistant as he was getting as a head coach. For him it’s a good move to go somewhere more stable and finish out his career in Lincoln where he really enjoyed it.
  7. Davis tore his Achilles’ tendon in preseason. Allen missed the last handful of games with a badly sprained ankle. They may want to stick around and play for Hoiberg.
  8. Thanks for sharing the article. It’s a good reminder that these players aren’t robots and have every day distractions and injuries that people don’t know about. I know for the first part of the season I wondered a lot what was up with Isabell as he didn’t seem to be playing as well as anticipated. I’m glad he was able to turn it around, we wouldn’t be in the NCAA if he hadn’t. Great intuition picking SLU over X, too.
  9. Great win!!! I’ll bet we get a 12 seed playin game. I’ll take whatever right now.
  10. Except there was a time difference between game click and shot clock. St Joe’s could’ve hel the ball after his FT but ran down and shot, and made, a 3.
  11. St. Joe’s was down 20 and pressing. They didn’t stop trying to score, even after Isabel made the layup. I have no problem scoring on them, the faux outrage is like the “unwritten rules” in baseball.
  12. I’m guessing it’s his “advisors” or “mentors.” Lots of kids in his situation have hangers on like them that basically try to get money off the kid’s talent. It’s peculiar that he mentioned leaving to take care of his family, but there doesn’t seem to be much immediate family involved in his life.
  13. Cusamano mentioned Memphis yesterday as he played AAU for him at a time. I don’t see him lasting wherever he winds up. He’ll be playing in a lower division pro team in Bulgaria in a few years with the way he grinds on people.
  14. My guess is that there will be no more mention of him. Kind of like nothing was said about Santos by his former teammates after he left.
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