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  1. I would guess Corey Tate had some involvement too.
  2. It’s hard being a Billiken fan.
  3. I still want to go out and get another experienced point guard. With our luck, he’ll get injured next year.
  4. I’m glad to be wrong, I’ll eat my crow now.
  5. Exactly. $25MM at a Tennessee would be a fraction for SLU without FB. if SLU is serious about wanting to be in the Big East, they need to act like they want to be. Work to get a collective created and stay up with other schools.
  6. Correct, that’s why I included the tweet to show some donors are thinking big picture.
  7. All it takes is one Boone Pickens type mega donor, or a group of passionate large donors, to balance the field. SLU is heading in the right direction if they proceed with this collective.
  8. I agree most of it will be spent on football. Don’t be surprised is the $25MM isn’t an annual number. Texas A&M just spent $30MM on a single FB recruiting class.
  9. Sure thing, we’ll see how Gonzaga and the Big East schools handle it. If the school is serious about it, it can happen. NIL has absolutely nothing to do with enrollment and public/private status.
  10. They can and should.
  11. He’s gone and is not coming back. As soon as he entered the portal it was over.
  12. Nothing to see here…
  13. If that’s they case it’s worse, as it was happening during the season.
  14. FYI - Tennessee dropped $8 million for a 5 Star QB in their 2023 recruiting class. They have plenty to buy as many PGs that they want for whatever price.
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