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  1. Regardless of Slaten’s reason for asking the question, Schertz stated that there are plenty of players from D2 that can play D1. He should know after coaching there for 12 years. And I agree that there are bigs that can do it, too.
  2. Schertz was in agreement with Slaten in his interview that the big difference in D1 vs D2 are the bigs. He said the guard play is very similar. I can see him identifying a player that is a wing in D2 and bringing him in. He’s done it before, and it would be cheap (NIL wise).
  3. It will be fun to see him get some criticism. He was always quick to tell everyone what he thinks coaches are doing wrong.
  4. A high school basketball player from Loyola Academy in Chicago?
  5. You get a 0.75/10 from the East German judge on your troll attempt.
  6. It’s unfortunate for Schertz, and it’s not happening in every campus across the country. That’s an exaggeration.
  7. He would’ve made a ton of money in the NIL era.
  8. The window closes for players to enter. Anyone in the portal is free to sign with teams with no deadline.
  9. I’d recommend Intro to Earthquakes and Intro to Poetry to GJ. They were staples of the general electives back in the 90s.
  10. It’s almost as if he has a plan. And will have the majority of team assembled by May.
  11. No, they graduated high school together and are getting married this summer. So, she will be moving to St. Louis with Josiah.
  12. And he’s 6’8” 220 lbs, and athletic
  13. https://x.com/studurando/status/1782885420553945373?s=46&t=FzTA0yhWVP46wKdlcufK-w
  14. I guess it’s been too long for most to remember how Majerus built his rosters. Everyone is enamored with what a kid is ranked at 17 and not what he projects to do in a system.
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