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  1. Love - SLU Billikens, UT Vols, Gonzaga Pros Love St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints Pros Hate New England Cheaters aka Patriots, Tampa Bay Sucs aka Bucs College all Mizzou teams
  2. When we lived in the Lou our next door neighbors kid went to Pepperdine. He played water polo for them. He liked the school so much that he went to work there after he graduated.
  3. Guessing I have most if not all of you beat and of course these players I saw at old Kiel Auditorium are all SLU Hall of Famers. A lot of years passed since my first Bills. Bob Cole, Gerry Garrison, Tom Kieffer, Dave Luchtefeld, Eugene Moore, Bob Nordmann, Rich Niemann, and Rich Parks. That went back to the early Missouri Valley Conference days. Bradley was the big rival in most of those days. I worked at Kiel in my teens and saw all the Bills games back then.
  4. I saw a few Bills games on ESPN+...a couple on CBSSN and a couple on NBCSN last season. We have Spectrum Cable. I do have Apple TV so maybe there are opportunities with it to see more games.
  5. Nice and now UT class rated No. 8. If they can sign Brandon Huntley-Hatfield they will move to No. 2.
  6. I've looked at a couple recent mock drafts and do not recall seeing his name listed.
  7. Looks like Zags played their Championship game on Saturday in the Semi-Final. They had absolutely nothing in the tank tonight and were completely schooled by Baylor.
  8. Welcome home Jordan! You'll look great in a Bills Uni!i
  9. Great game...Just one of the real classic NCAA Tourney games. I'm rooting for the Zags as I used to see them play a lot of times when I lived in WA. I have a lot of respect for Mark Few as a HC. Sure hope they cut down the nets Monday night.
  10. ESPN reporting Cincy HC John Brannen put on administrative leave while school investigates reason why 6 players went on transfer portal last month. Needless to say Brannen has hired a lawyer.
  11. Guess we can forget this transfer possibility. https://www.onlygators.com/04/02/2021/florida-basketball-adds-star-transfer-guard-brandon-mckissic-from-umkc/
  12. Vol fans who are from TN cannot stand Penny so they are happy with any trouble with Memphis hoops team.
  13. So those that saw Jordan play in HS give this FL fan the scoop on his game and who you would compare him too?
  14. I sure hope Rashard is the 3 point shooter we need for next season. We also need for Gibson to improve too on both ends. Let's go find us a big who can give us some minutes...either a transfer or Frosh!
  15. Sorry to see DJ good as his athleticism well may well be missed. We won't know for sure until we see what the transfer portal reaps for the Bills. Best of luck DJ and hope you land in a good place.
  16. I would like to see the Bills get another 3 point shooter for next year.
  17. Saw another clinic in the 1st half by the Zags in how to play the game of basketball.
  18. I was on a business trip in LA and saw that last UCLA Championship team play their rival at Pauley Pavilion. My seat was behind the basket and I sat next to a couple who were UCLA Alums. I said to them you are sitting behind a basket while what appears to be the student section sitting in the better seats. Their reply was that is the way it should be. UCLA beat USC that night.
  19. Haven't watched a lot of USC so I have not seen if Enfield'a Smoking Hot Wife Ex Model Amanda is attending their games.
  20. Be nice but the player the Bills need to get going big time from 3 next season IMO is Gibson Jimerson.
  21. I don't know that he is thinking he's had enough of the NBA as it might be Boston losing some faith in him. Read recent article surmising that when thinking about the IU job. This article said if he left the Celts job there could be as many as a half dozen NBA teams interested in making Stevens their HC.
  22. Lets see Nova won the Championship in 2016 and 2018...we're only in 2021 and there was no Champion in 2020. Hardly seems like the Big East is sinking to me yet.
  23. Rick Barnes had his share of excellent recruiting classes at Texas and never cut down the nets either. There were a few Vols fans unhappy with their record this year with 3 5 Stars on the roster. They were an up and down team, but I think CRB will retire as UT HC.
  24. He'll get his share of minutes next season. I really enjoy seeing his energy level.
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