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  1. Mizzou game with Vandy Tues. called off. Vols will play Vandy back to back this week since their game Tues. with South Carolina postponed due to South Carolina down with Covid. They have only played 5 games.
  2. Wouldn't want to put money on that happening right now!
  3. Petty is a Bama player who has always been a thorn in the Vols side and tonight was not different. No way did I think UT would go undefeated in the SEC. More concerned that one of their Frosh 5 Stars Jaden Springer went out with an injury and never returned. John Fulkerson shoots great from the line and tonight was 3 for 8.
  4. Vols play Kansas the end of January at Thompson-Boling Arena. I'll take UT at home against KU.
  5. Golden Gophers got beat by 12 at Wisky today. The only way they play either Wisky or Sparty this year would be at Big Ten Tourney.
  6. Like most teams MN likes the home cooking. See Wisky has a heathy 2nd half lead on them.
  7. Listened to Rick Barnes after the game last night and he really praised the way they played D last night. Of course I especially liked Air France (Pons) game last night. His D was awesome and watch out when he starts hitting 3's. I saw the Cincy game and thought the Vols did not get out on Cincy 3 balls a few times. Other than that the game was never really in doubt. Plus it was an early game as they missed two games with one being against Gonzaga. Would like to see them play in Tourney if there is one!
  8. The game at Mizzou was over before the end of the 1st half. Vols did what they needed to do at both ends of the floor. Impressive way to start SEC play!
  9. Unfortunately, this year could be even worse than last March. I had Tix for the first round of NCAA that was supposed to happen in Tampa. Covid is much worse now than it was last March.
  10. Hope to see the Vols knock Mizzou down several spots with a win tomorrow at CoMO!
  11. My best friend is a Sparty fan as his daughter attended MI State, and he lives in MI. He texted me yesterday that the Big 10 is tough from top to bottom. I suppose since they are now 0-3 after losing to MN by 25 they are in the basement of the Big 10.
  12. I thought that taking a look at the rankings today the Bills actually went down a couple spots. Guess those voting did not care that SLU didn't cream UMKC.
  13. Calipari told him he had to...KY is a mess now and I hope it continues.
  14. Merry Christmas from the Sunshine State to all the great Billiken fans wherever they live.
  15. Wiz...I follow both the Vols and my Bills. Last night both teams played down to their competition. UT will need to play a whole lot better to beat Mizou at CoMo next Weds. They certainly have the athletes to do it, but as the Bills found out last Sunday playing and winning on the road isn't easy. The Bills did not turn around the pace in the game until they went to the 1-3-1. UMKC had big problems when CTF went to that defense. Pace was never a problem for the Vols last night, but defense and shot making was. Bills were picked to finish 2nd in A-10 while UT was picked to finish 1st in the SEC.
  16. Very mental IMO...kind of like anyone even Pros having trouble on the greens in golf.
  17. Like to see the Vols beat them next Weds. Game is at CoMo.
  18. Watched the UT-St. Joseph game last night. Vols have too many athletes for St. Joe's to compete. Really like the 5 Star Frosh players but they also picked up a couple new transfers. It was their second game over the century mark in a row. They'll try for 3 in a row before they head to a SEC meeting with Missouri.
  19. Couple thinks in looking at the stats the Gophers made 22 more FT than the Bills. They also made 10 Treys while our guys made only 2. We took OK care of the ball, but we had a horrible 2nd half on the road, and never could get anything going once we got down by double digits. Hope they have a good season and don't hurt our Tourney resume. I will say this about our team they never quit. Like I said before hope we learn something from this loss.
  20. Back to the drawing board for our Bills...never were in synch tonight. Just hope that we learn something tonight from this bad L.
  21. Isn't Javonte's night so far tonight...someone else better take over his role.
  22. Had some concerns in the first half with the sloppy play and even the early part of the 2nd half; however, once the Bills get rolling in the 2nd half there was no stopping them. We owned the boards against an ACC team. I like our chances even on the road at MN but lets not commit 21 TO's again. Great win last night.
  23. Made some nice adjustments at half and started getting stops. Had to get Javonte going and J Good with his normal job on the boards. Good win over and ACC team. Get a win over the Gophers and we should get into the Top 25.
  24. Roy...just heard Jay Bilas talking about SLU on a radio show. Said St. Louis is really good. Mentioned Goodwin and Perkins and said he was very happy for Travis Ford.
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