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  1. One more thing about Frank Nohairamano he’s a bigger snake than Chris May. For months he defended his good “Christian” friend Travis Ford and the whole time he was screaming from the roof tops, defending his friend Travis, he was all in on helping get his “buddy’s” replacement as much as he could on air or behind the scenes. Franks kid played baseball at ISU for 3 years too, so he was wired in there. What a good “friend” that Frank. Only guy dumber than Frank is Chris May because he thinks Frank is his buddy. I’m totally glad Schertz is here. Glad Ford is gone. But Frank and Chris May are both glorified local idiots. Again, thank you Dr. Chaifetz. Now give Chris May a raise and a statue and get Frank a real nice jet black new hair piece. Great job guys!
  2. Let me say this I really like the Schertz hire. That being said how do people not realize AD’s don’t get to make a third head coaching hire typically, so why did May? Because Chaifetz really runs the show, that is why and thank god. The credit and praise Chris May is getting is over the top comical. He's nothing more than a glorified admin in that department to take the heat. He’s still terrible. Hope Schertz is like Majerus and totally figures him out quickly and ignores him. Ask Frank Nohairamano about what he says about Chris May in private, that he’s just there taking orders from big donors, that’s why they like him. Same guy who used May to get his kid on baseball team and same guy who carry’s extra golf balls in his pocket at his kids high school golf matches. Frank is as big of a snake as anyone in town. Chris May thinks they are buddies. It’s honestly the compounding of stupidity covered up by miracle WNIT run and great mbb hiring. Thank you Dr. Chaifetz again. Chris May go get Dr. C a Diet Pepsi please, after you finish washing his car.
  3. This sums up Chris May in a nutshell. I know he’s busy on his big fan fest world (local) tour that he’s the greatest AD ever with Schertz hire (Chaifetz actually did the hiring and May is just the punching bag/lackey) but whatever. Guy is still a complete fool. It’s amazing but not really at slu that only at slu would this guy be given chance to be involved in hiring a third coach. Why is that? Oh bc Chaifetz runs mbb. Forget about getting a new facility with this AD. That picture sums up Chris May’s career. An outdated, busted out light bulb 20 Years past its prime. But SLU fans now will tell you it’s an LED light! Lol
  4. Field looks great right now. Still it should’ve been turfed. Watched SLUH v Chaminade yesterday and it’s incredible how a local high school program literally blows a top D1 baseball programs facilities out of the water. I don’t care if Chris May is AD and Steve Kerr is hired as the new mbb coach. Guy is a total moron. Program deserves much better.
  5. He’s a jinx. I’m convinced.
  6. Chris May is still a wiener. He did nothing and is controlled by Chaifetz and other money guys. Glorified admin. That’s it. Guy is a loser.
  7. I agree but it’s SLU and Chris May involved….anything can happen. I’m not relaxing until ink is dried on the contract!
  8. Frank is a complete phony, like his hair, beyond words. Ask MSHSSA about Frank at one of his kids high school golf tournaments a few years ago. Guy is a total loser and there is a good reason why him and Chris May are buddies.
  9. Commitment to Excellence is one of Chris Mays many beliefs….lol
  10. Keep in mind recruits watch these “telecasts” they are poor at best. Honestly, the whole deal is so bad. But AD really thinks putting in new sod this year is a major facility upgrade, so that’s who you are dealing with. Guy has no clue. Fred too. Anybody that says that’s a D1 set up, don’t listen to another word. Waste of your time and they have no idea what they are talking about. When you have Gilligan as your AD, shouldn’t expect anything else.
  11. Watched game today on ESPN+ wouldn’t show bleachers and broadcast was rough to say it nicely. Why can’t SLU figure it out? No press box, no replay, no ADA seating…it’s embarrassing. Great win today regardless!
  12. Seriously who did he have to get to nominate him to win this? This is the year he wins? Mbb terrible, wbb sub .500 but paying to play in WNIT and that wins you AD of the Year? Am I missing something here? Did Travis Ford nominate him? In reality thank god for Dr Chaifetz. He's the one totally in charge of hiring new coach. Again, thank god. Chris May is and always has been a puppet. I just think timing is hysterical and so forced. I hope others see through this too. Can’t make it up. None of it. He would thrive being a PR man for Kim Jong Un in North Korea.
  13. Now that Chris May has won this major award, it’s the absolute perfect time for SLU leadership to talk and interview all staff and coaches and find out what makes him the best in the business. Wouldn’t it be great to hear it straight from the people who know best? This is priceless. Chaifetz should’ve gotten the award this year! He’s the real AD! Thank god! lol
  14. And that would’ve been good for him! I heard DeVries was number one target and he turned down job instantly because of athletic department reputation. It’s such a small network of coaches and agents. Nice to see word is out on May, even if slu leadership doesn’t want to face the facts. Hope it doesn’t deter Schertz! On a positive note, Majerus was able to win despite May. So there is hope.
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