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  1. -why does the line from the preview blurb "GW is the worst 3pt shooting team in the A10 at 29%" ring as a warning?
  2. -Please for The Wiz, your bottom 4 in the A10 -for The Bills, let's be the Sunday version!!! or sundae, either one but from now on not the Thursday variety!
  3. -might have been, is there a place in the building that commemorates this? -yep, that's why I would like to see something done
  4. -clearly Rachel is doing a wonderful job raising Perry if Perry likes The Billiken, most kids are scared out of their wits at a sighting - well done, rgbilliken! -probably has something to do with your attendance at the K-St game in your very pregnant condition
  5. -it seems roundly accepted that Coach Grawer saved D1 basketbal at SLU, got us to two NIT finals, couldn't quite get over the X hump -I don't know the proper way but certainly wish/hope The U bestows some sort of honor on him while he is around to enjoy it, don't wait until it is too late -not meaning to take anything away from Coach Ford Stuen, but if he gets a banner in the rafters I would not mind seeing a similar honor for Coach Grawer, but not sure that is the way to do it, could be -Coach Grawer is on with Frank every once in a while and it is good radio and I know of no health issues -just my take
  6. -I couldn't believe it when I heard CFord say JNezz got lost on the bench because the staff didn't know he only had one foul, how is this possible? it is not the first time coaching for any of the coaches on our bench. I'm a fan but am usually able to keep track of fouls on our guys, the coaches get stats at every media timeout, do we keep our own book like in high school? since we won the game it is comical and embarassing (why say it?), could have been a big screw up -that's the JNezz we need, not the one from UMass quoted as basically saying he wasn't into the game on Thursday -I guess the two questions going forward are what Billiken team shows up and do we have a plan to ensure that GibJim will get the volume of shots necessary since he will be on top of the opponent's scouting report
  7. -we have been so, so close that I have imagined what our breakout would do for the program and The U, that goes a long way as to why these numerous kicks to the midsection are so hurtful and frustrating
  8. -seems like something that would happen with us hosting a game as we have problems at the table at least every other game
  9. -on the coaches show tonight CFord said doesn't know when Martin will be back, imo that's interesting
  10. -I realize this is a 3pt thread, but since it has mentioned bigs I would like to see two bigs in the game together, let's give it a 8-10 minute test to see how we do with it
  11. -I think Ciaja is a very special player, getting results with her out of the picture will be an accomplishment
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