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  1. -I like that the article mentions the bad performance of certain conferences relative to the number of bids they have been getting but I am very much opposed to having results from prior seasons impact future selections -- the selection process needs modifying and one place I would start is a minimum 500 record in conference
  2. -Rammer said perhaps the program was loyal to a fault to not getting big time transfers that would take minutes from JPerk and asked can you recruit over what you have? -- he did not say that is what happened, asking if it happened
  3. -sorry in advance but repetition here - I have posted many times that I think our ticket pricing for single game seats is absurd
  4. -I listened to the replay of Frank from yesterday and Frank and Bob from this morning, there are a few things that I feel the need to post regarding these segments -perhaps the second biggest is the Frank has to change his policy of not being critical of college athletes for their on-court performance to make his point of supporting Travis -- this tells me a lot -Rammer said there are social media folks who claim to be fans-- I am not on social media other than looking at the scroll on the right side of the page on Billikens.com but from what I see those folks are fans, diehard fans -Rammer also said if just a results centered thinking you might be right but it's not a very convincing arguement and Frank agrees --- the results I want are Tourney bids--- Rammer said it is silly to want Travis gone -Rammer wondered if the program was loyal to a fault but not getting bigtime transfers for this past season to take minutes from JPerk and asked can you recruit over what you have? -- my answer is yes, I want the best team we can get, a coach can promise competition for playing time but can't promise playing time -Frank mentioned $10mil, some have speculated that is the buyout amount -Rammer said that with the first season, two Covid seasons and last season losing JPerk who was presumptive conf POY to hold those against the program is ridiculous -Rammers comment about NBA players was that we have to build our team like we are in the BEast with guys that will be in the NBA -Frank said next year the buyout is significantly lower and Rammer said this is the challenge the program should have and this heat is what the program should have and it has to perform -but I think the biggest thing was they expected an A season and we had a B season ---but from his OKST days and this past season this is what Travis delivers -my question, so next year the roster will have 7 or more new players, does that give Travis a bye into being the coach in 2024-25 because it was a new team? -I would love for us to start of run of 15 tournaments in 20 years, or better, under Travis and I would happily post I was wrong in my thoughts as I sit here today
  5. -Frank loves Ahearn so IF Blake is the choice presents an interesting scenario for Frank
  6. -so if the dance team is ugly saying they look like Bass could be appropriate but using the Blue Fog moniker could get a bit hairy
  7. -in Frank's world the boosters buck up and CFord is still the coach, CFord is the one some don't think can coach -there is no deadline as to when a change has to take place, sooner is likely better than later but IF making a change the key, the whole enchalada, is getting the right replacement, not timing
  8. -sorry to offend poster DOC with repetition but bringing on a new cast of assistant coaches when my observation tells me CFord doesn't listen to them doesn't have a lot of meaning, in fact, none
  9. -looks like roughly a 30 to 40 minute drive from his home to SJU -I wonder what NIL commitments he was promised? -I used to root for SJU back in the Carnesecca days but I hope this flops
  10. -the biggest reason VCU was the A10's lone participant in the Dance is because no team put themselves in a position to be selected and VCU won the conf tourney -if a team wants to get in the Tourney then WIN GAMES and a lot of them
  11. -to me, that should not have happened
  12. -Drink Excessive Amounts -I agree with Brian that it needs to be organically developed
  13. -more from the social scroll, CFord makes more than McDermott? holy cow
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