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  1. -good for Coach Irons and I hope good for Vashon, does Jimmy or Joel get the job?
  2. -he is a very good player who I think in CJS's system would thrive
  3. -while not a firm number as the ticket manager is reported to have said nearly 300 new season tickets have been sold, I am shocked to see someone from the SLU ADept use a number with the media, yes even when trying to generate support, it's not the CMay Way -where Stu writes "Specific numbers were not provided.", that's the CMay Way -it is great to see interest has lead to tickets sales AND that SLU is acting on it
  4. -thanks for the update and glad the news is positive
  5. -two questions for Band members 1- with the academic year almost at a close how did it go? 2-would adding Hava Nagila to your repertoire be considered? Ernie Hayes used to play at Blues and Cardinal games but that was a different era.
  6. -CJS would take a 6'3 with 27.7% from 3?
  7. -he was at ISU for 3 seasons, I am guessing that today the folks in Terre Haute consider him a job hopper
  8. -ACE, appropriate for a tennis thread
  9. -Distinguished - well done Sign Guy! -while you are there if you want to go piss on the Antler's office or whatever they have I think that would only enhance the Distinguished element
  10. -a lot of spots yet to fill but I have confidence your take will become real
  11. -my mind tells me this is happening, it makes sense to be happening, I would like to hear/see it - no to embarrass or demean the kid but to show some real world aspect of this crazy part of the world
  12. -Amen to this -Yep, Slaten throwing a bomb which history tells me is what he does -- what a crazy take
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