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  1. -this is great! Congratulations Ladies!! time to update the banner at Hermann
  2. -I would change my dairy buying if a Billiken was in a deal with them
  3. -amen to this, thanks Coach Majerus, rest in peace
  4. -good to hear, any idea of when "soon" is? just asking
  5. -I thought it was a very physical game, lots of contact some of which was pretty hard -I am not sure what is happening with pulling the bigs after one mistake, that does nothing but shake their confidence, causes them to play passively - what amount of this not playing up to standard is on the coach/coaches? are they coaching in a way the guys can understand? seems like this is a not as it continues and it needs some evaluation -at one point Yuri had 20 assists on 30 field goals, that's crazy and will just cause our future opponents to try even harder on how to not let Yuri control the game, what our response will be is key -what's a moving screen? I'm not sure I saw a solid screen by either team last night -great to see JPerk hit those 3's and I really wanted that third one to also be a make -let's have a return of Basketball Country and a blowout of the Salukis
  6. -it is rare for an old dog to change their spots, this is something like CFord's 26th year as college head coach so he is an old dog, folks (including me) can pine for him to change some ways or use other coaching tactics but it would probably help all (including me) to realize it is unlikely for him change -but he is not above getting advice/criticism/blame/disapproval/helpful hints from MBM's, comes with the job
  7. -well that sucks, hope SVU finds a way to win games
  8. -yesterday reinforced for me how important Fred Thatch is to our team, stay healthy Fred and all
  9. -on a different note, in the pregame Rammer and Earl said Pearl told them the series will not be continued -missed opportunity that I hope we don't regret in a big way come March -I wonder if our bigs would play better if their leash was a bit longer? tough to play where if you make a mistake you get to sit
  10. -thanks, pretty decent article, I guess it is lost on the writer that there is a transfer portal so that now experience and continuity are not the same
  11. -CFord talked about the dates for Memphis at one point, likely on Frank's show, and he said they set the dates when the contract was signed and Tuesday's were the only days that worked so it was no scheduling conspiracy or slight it was to make the series work - now hopefully they can extend the series
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