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  1. So we just need to win one of our next 2 games?
  2. I think Ford may already have one foot in... Hope I'm wrong.
  3. The way it looks talent may be an issue for this upcoming season.
  4. Are you really going to complain about the direction of the ENTIRE athletic department???? I'd rethink your position here... #1) Men's soccer has the number 1 recruiting class in the nation and recently made a run in the NCAA tournament. #2) Women's soccer has won the A-10 and made the tournament 4 straight years and has been playing their best soccer ever. #3) Women's basketball made their FIRST ever NCAA tournament appearance due to what seems to be a genius hire by the athletic director. #4) Even baseball is currently in first place in the A-10. #5) Men's basketball did not meet expectations last season, but they were by no means bad. They beat Memphis and Providence. [#5 is the only one you could even argue with] Come on people!!!! Use your brains!
  5. Who would turn down a national coach of the year????
  6. I don't know if this is accurate. SLU as an institution spends more on basketball than almost all the mid majors and spends more on coaching than half of the Big East schools. Money is more important than talk, and SLU is willing to pull out all the stops when it comes to basketball spending. One can argue that the spending hasn't been in the right places or on the right coach, etc. May's approach is to try to stay positive (Likely as a way to try to get more donations and keep people interested)vs Dayton's AD's approach which is to accept fault. The words ADs say and how they say them are less important than 1.) raising money and continuing to keep athletics a University spending priority (AKA increasing the basketball budget) and 2.) finding and ensuring we have the right coach. I understand arguing about May on point #2, but there are many examples of schools spending big on coaches who go on to have worse outcomes than Ford's. There is a good chance that even if Ford was fired that a new coach would have even worse results. I also understand that we all want results, but you better believe May wants results even more than we do.
  7. When has a "stretch 4" or a big who can shoot the 3 ever made it off the bench during Ford's tenure? Not meant as an insult to Pryor or Ford, I just don't think that is Ford's style of play. Or maybe the bigs who could shoot under Ford's tenure were just not that great? i.e. Lorrentson, Hankton I personally really like the idea. They can be every hard to defend against and open up the lane. I think the bigs who could shoot the 3 (Ellis & Loe) were a huge part of our success during the "Majerus years" (2011-2014). It just helped a decent offensive team be much harder to defend. But unfortunately, Majerus and Ford have very different styles.
  8. Troll post... There is not a single coach who would be able to get every local recruit to commit here. Travis had been 1000 times better than any previous coach at getting local talent to commit. I get complaining about the performance of this past year's team. I understand those that argue he is not a good X's and O's or in game coach. I even can understand those that claim Ford is not good at developing talent (although I disagree about this one). But it is a little ludicrous to imply that he is bad at recruiting and even more ludicrous to imply he is bad at local recruiting.
  9. You have to at least count 2014 NCAA trip and win against NC State in the last decade. Some would argue you should count the 2013 NCAA trip and win against New Mexico state in the past decade as well.
  10. Off season rumors.... Last year => Yuri to Tennessee? This year => Ford fired? I'll believe it when it's official.
  11. Agreed. Most SLU fans will probably root for WVU at least while Jimmy Bell Jr is on the team.
  12. Is St. Louis Blues taken? also implies the sadness of the fan culture and all our recurrent disappointment.
  13. I don't think "lunacy" is a fair word. Not counting the shortened COVID year, Ford has had 4 years straight of 21+ win seasons. Besides 3 years with Majerus players, we have NEVER come close to this level of consistency since Eddie Hickey (1947-1952). It has been a good 4-5 years if you look at our history as a baseline. I think we are all disappointed, but let's not go overboard here.
  14. Funny. It's hard to imagine having a bandwagon when over 40% of our biggest fans wouldn't even go to a post-season home game...
  15. Some of our biggest fans wouldn't even buy tickets to a post-season game.... And we wonder why we can't ever sell out chaifetz?
  16. It is crazy to me that there are people who are big enough fans of SLU basketball to read and post on this forum regularly, yet would not go to a post-season home game. I know this season was a disappointment but don't we all love watching basketball and the billikens? (EDIT: I do understand if you live out of town.)
  17. I agree. (I wish I felt this way about the men's team, but unfortunately I think we all lack confidence in the men's team)
  18. I don't follow the women's team enough to know, but does coach Tillett have a legit shot at A10 coach of the year?
  19. There is a problem here, but let's be real we were never actually top 25.
  20. Another fun fact, Okoro is now leading the A-10 in rebounds per game. Impressive since he shares minutes with Forrester at the 5. I'm sure his rebounds per 40 minutes played is way higher than anyone else in the A-10.
  21. I love that if you look at rjuran's profile, his favorite Billiken is Jordair Jett.
  22. I'm pretty pumped about Medley. Hopefully, coach Ford can turn this season around and keep his job so Medley doesn't leave.
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