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  1. It was mentioned on the radio that sometimes these scrimmages are stopped mid game.. I have no inside information, but I have no evidence that this actually happened during this game... The UMSL showing was not impressive either... I hope I am wrong... I just have set my expectations too high in years past... I'm just sipping a little less Kool-Aid after the "preseason" (scrimmage/exhibition).
  2. My expectations are lower. An NCAAT bid would be a good outcome. A team that advances far in the tourney should be able to beat Bradley (minus their best player) in Regulation (Yes, I understand it was an exhibition and coach could have been trying new things out and yadda yadda) and should not struggle against UMSL. Just my honest unpopular opinion. It's not like we have a TON of new pieces that are learning to work together (Yes there are some, but much less than most teams). **EDIT: Typo, yes the Bradley game was a secret Scrimmage not an exhibition. **
  3. After watching the UMSL game and learning this game went to overtime, I'm a bit worried that I may have set my expectations too high for this season... Hope I am wrong...
  4. Agree...Plus we didn't even score 85 against UMSL....
  5. I've developed my own thoughts on Ford too. He is one heck of a coach. (I'm pretty sure I have seen the same 6 seasons) Not many coaches could bring a program from a ranking of >250 to 4 years of consistently being ranked around #50. I'm not sure what people were hoping for with that hire, but I don't think many coaches could have done what Ford has done. I would consider Ford a great coach and a huge success.
  6. This would likely be bad for SOS.
  7. I know there has been a lot of discussion on this board about the use of #TeamBlue with regards to team culture and whether it is appropriate to use for marketing. I noticed this sign behind Ford in a video posted on Twitter today which describes the characteristics/culture of Team Blue: Brotherhood, Dedication, Accountability, Attitude, and Toughness. Thought I'd pass this along.
  8. According to https://barttorvik.com/team-history.php?team=Saint+Louis, Loe and Okoro's overall statistical rank is similar. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. A reasonable argument could be made either way.
  9. Jon Rothstein lists us as one of his 5 teams on the rise. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/5-teams-on-the-rise-entering-the-2022-23-season/
  10. I would guess 2 teams will have a chance at winning the finals...
  11. Possible for sure. But if I was a betting man, I'd sell. So many things can go wrong... PLUS... not a single media outlet has predicted us to be a top 16 team and about half aren't even predicting us to win the A-10...
  12. I'm pretty sure that they poorly cropped TEAM BLUE off the top and bottom of this image.
  13. Honestly, I believe live streaming/TV broadcasts of games is one of the biggest reasons why attendance has been trending down. People can stay home and watch the game with analysis from home. Remember, 25-40% of the population are introverts (per quick google search lol).
  14. I honestly do not think we are that far apart. I honestly respect your opinion and know that you are one of the biggest and best billikens fans and one of the most knowledgeable fans. I believe we can agree to disagree though. I believe this comes down to viewpoint. My viewpoint: - #TeamBlue appears to be Ford's expression for his team culture. - Using this for marketing is obviously not unique and may not appeal to casual sports fans. - However, marketing is important in two aspects: #1 attracting fans & #2 attracting recruits. - Although it is obviously not exclusively due to the #TeamBlue marketing, recruiting (essentially marketing SLU to recruits) is at an all time high since we started using #TeamBlue. I believe that this is due to the culture Ford is creating and if using the slogan #TeamBlue works for Ford, I say roll with it. Also, recruiting at an all time high is good for marketing to casual sports fans. Is it cool? How would I know... I was never cool... Is it unique... no but I think it is working. I personally dont love the phrase #TeamBlue, but this would not be the hill I would die on. Also... I think it's a bit extreme to not listen to an entire podcast because they use the phrase #TeamBlue. I also think it's inappropriate to say "get the f off my lawn," which is why I posted bad post. (In hindsight, get the f off my lawn may have been sarcasm and if so i apologize for my use of bad post) I do not disagree with the part of the post comparing it to generic colleges in movies like State or Tech. I have no intention of arguing with anyone.
  15. Yuri Jimerson Perkins - if healthy and back up to form One of the following: Pickett/Thatch/Hargrove (May change game to game) Okoro
  16. Don't get mad at the prodigal son. Throw him a party and cue the Pitbull!
  17. Here's to hoping the last regular OOC game is Vanderbilt (that Ford offhandedly mentioned on the radio once...)
  18. Smart to try to monopolize SLU as the city's team prior to Lindenwood's entry to D1. I know they are in a lesser conference (and most of you probably don't consider them a legit threat), but they have a brand of good athletics (for their level of competition) for all sports and they have skyrocketed upward in terms of level of competition (NAIA to D2 to now D1) recently.
  19. And there was a lot of talk about how good Andre Lorentson would be...
  20. Rhode Island #133 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20723
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