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  1. -wow, I read their take on CBSSports and he got a contract extension in April, I hope Maryland had to pay a bunch, the article must have been written by Danny Manning's kin as it says he "proved to be a good talent developer with the Deamon Deacons even if the results didn't follow". He was 78-111. He is the interim. Of course Schmidt listed as possible replacement.
  2. -on Dec 18 UAB gets Huggy and his WVa team in Birmingham, I find it interesting and great a Big 12 squad is going to a Conf USA team, like Auburn coming to us that day
  3. -I'm shocked Olean has a newspaper, wow
  4. -gosh I hope not the same grass most of our hoopsters seemed to smoke before the Boise St game
  5. -I hope for several more years but he is not making it easy to keep him there
  6. -looks like it is TopGolf coming to Compton and Choteau as initial zoning approved, too many people saying there will be no tax abatements for this project so I would guess there will be some -one downside I see is that it looks like a practice area for track and field will be lost in this, hope that can be replaced for those student athletes
  7. - - https://slubillikens.com/news/2021/11/30/mens-basketball-saturdays-tip-time-changed-to-5-30-pm.aspx
  8. -UAB on espn+ tonight at 6.30 CT, per their site: UAB (5-2) ranks first in the nation in steals (97), steals per game (13.9) and turnover margin (10.0) through seven games played this season. -Auburn also on plus tonight -and in case you are in San Antonio you can catch Our Lady of the Lake at Incarnate Word
  9. -we shouldn't see a suit on our sideline for a long time
  10. -I also love that our former players are still following the team, that's great, reminds of JGood on with Frank over the summer where JGood was appreciative of CFord going to Vegas to watch him in the Summer League, I get that CFord was not around for Junior and Jett and I guess they are welcome around the program
  11. -we did not play a good game, the start was putrid, I asked if weed is legal in Idaho as it appeared several of our guys were out of it, but ON THE ROAD we recovered and won the game, we made 30 of 34 free throws my how the worm has turned, we foul too much, miss too many bunnies but there is hope for this season
  12. -I found my antenna yesterday that I bought some years ago at Best Buy, haven't used in a while, hooked it up, had the tv scan for antenna (was on box), took probably 5 minutes to get all of the stations and came on playing Stadium, picture was great, didn't change a thing and turned off the tv, hope it's there tonight -not to get ahead of ourselves, but the next puzzle might be what is Flo Hoops? -not complaining as I should have a way to watch the Bills tonight with a good picture -screw the Broncos, Let's Go Bills!
  13. -I hope he stays in Cape, gets some other good players and makes the program relevant
  14. -guy has scored 6 goals in a row, over two games, therefore it follows stop him and we win, simple https://gohuskies.com/sports/mens-soccer/stats/2021/indiana-ncaa-third-round-/boxscore/20361 https://gohuskies.com/sports/mens-soccer/stats/2021/portland-ncaa-second-round-/boxscore/19999
  15. -like Manfred Mann sang, you'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn
  16. -I think kenpom used to show what defense a team plays but I don't see it for this season, anyone know if Boise St a man, zone or other team on defense?
  17. -given that we won two games away from Chaifetz with coaches out of suits, it is of great importance that they continue the casual look
  18. -see 3star -yep, top 100 in the country per kenpom
  19. -#15, Jordan Nesbitt would be my first option as in your scenario there is no double team and he has the best chance to take a defender one on one or I hope recognize the pull up 8 footer
  20. -what percent of soccer players take acting classes?
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