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  1. -thanks, pretty decent article, I guess it is lost on the writer that there is a transfer portal so that now experience and continuity are not the same
  2. -CFord talked about the dates for Memphis at one point, likely on Frank's show, and he said they set the dates when the contract was signed and Tuesday's were the only days that worked so it was no scheduling conspiracy or slight it was to make the series work - now hopefully they can extend the series
  3. -it makes me wonder when we switch on screens and he ends up guarding a big, other teams haven't capitalized much yet but against better teams/coaches I think that is coming
  4. -one more thing on this game from me, while I saw a few I thought there would be more Memphis fans, if it has anything to do with continuing the series I wish there had been more
  5. -thanks, so it's 10% and not 10pp?
  6. -Yuri plays for us, we beat Tenn to keep him as a Billiken, I took playing the song as mocking Memphis with Tenn as the premier school in the state and mocking Tenn as #1 leads our team onto the floor
  7. -Band I enjoyed Rocky Top, nicely played (take that two ways)
  8. -who saw a game with Momo playing in the first half that we win? he was okay -some questionned the effectiveness of the 'other' defenses we played, I really like the concept and would like to see it a bit more, makes preparing for us consist of something else -we scored 90 points against a good team with JPerk scoring 2, my gosh CFord has options -the small lineup was neat and if TJ (who has 'one error and get yanked' stamped on him which I don't like) would be in on that I wouldn't mind seeing a press if we can get it to be a positive -Javon Pickett is a great addition to the team -I thought the crowd was more than 7925 but I hope they come back and bring some friends -not sure if Memphis saw Maul in this thread title and thought that would help them win but they were physical
  9. -Wiz, did our CTD really increase by 10%? also you have our FT% both up and down, guessing it did go down -is there any benefit to playing a team with a new coach so early in the season? -a Big10 scalp would look real nice on the wall
  10. -I went to check tickets and site has pop up that it is experiencing technical difficulties
  11. -I looked at The Skill Factory website hoping to find a schedule but I don't see Bruce listed on any of the three teams and the roster for the fourth team is from 2019-20 -but welcome and enjoy Being a Billiken!
  12. -great point on the schollies and cost to attend, thanks brianstl
  13. -only issue I had with Taj's post was the timing, at that point the wound was so raw it seems the post was intentional to get under people's skin and he did, if that was the mission it was accomplished
  14. -ah, so you have to be on social media to get the BOGO and I guess a follower of Billiken athletics
  15. -really? I just returned to the site and tried to buy a ticket and saw no BOGO offer nor was one presented
  16. -according to Ticketmaster there are a bunch of seats available for tomorrow and center court 200 level are $50 per ticket plus fees -from the seating chart my estimate is the top 4 rows of 14 sections are available in the $20, $25 and $50 prices
  17. -I am guessing a much stronger relationship to a winning team keeping their opponents shooting % lower than the relationship of a winning team to number of deflections, tips, etc - do you know?
  18. -CFord has said multiple times that they keep stats on deflections so would think they are aware -good point but I guess CFord wants to see them get less shots by having deflections, best of both worlds
  19. -good that the Franciscans can host the Jesuits, heck maybe the Bonnies wanted to get out of Olean and see traffic lights
  20. -I hope this works for all involved
  21. -thanks, wondered who that was, gave knuckles to all of the staff before the game
  22. -it was great to hear Brian Kelly on Monday, I hope he is there on a permanent basis
  23. -I hope Basketball Country comes back here, they were a treat
  24. -sorry as I think this has been discussed but two questions I hope are simple - right now can any other NBA team sign JGood to a standard contract? do the Wizards have right to match?
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