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  1. By my count, here are the totals of those awarded for the playing categories (not counting all-academic, which is important but a different type of category). Please advise if I messed up. STL 7 Dayton 5 Richmond 5 St. Bona 4 Mass 3 RI 3 Mason 1 Davidson 1 Duquesne 1 St. Joe 1 GW 1 VCU 1
  2. I want to see Jacobs playing in the NCAA tournament too.
  3. Thin band tonight. My nephew said they closed the dorms this morning for spring break.
  4. Thanks, Quality and RU. I didn’t think about the PIG as being a bye.
  5. Dumb question: Then why is it called a double bye instead of a bye?
  6. I thought someone said, "maybe it was something like being late to a shoot around."
  7. OT: Is that Coach Ford’s sister driving in the motorcade?
  8. Good post but trying to save my reactions for the GDT.
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