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  1. He should get the FG, rebound and assist on that play.
  2. I thought starting was for high school. I’m happy for the man. What a Thanksgiving treat.
  3. Plus some time to work on the new defense, get Gibby's and Perk's 3-piont shots back on track, give TJ more time and a chance to prove himself.
  4. Might be attributable to 2 highly physical games in 2 days.
  5. Get a few O rebounds and even out the fouls and we’re right there.
  6. Someone with time and skills should do an analysis of opponents’ 3 pt. % before and after playing the Bills over the past few years.
  7. Maryland actually shot better today than yesterday: 60/42.9/82.6 vs. 50.8/40.6/64.3.
  8. Does The Wiz’a computer not work on the sabbath?
  9. I was hoping for more from our SEC transfer in this type of game.
  10. Agree. Some have noted how HOF coach RickMa seemed more often than not to be able to use a timeout to refocus the team - guide them back into the flow state. Maybe we can coax Coach Csikszentmihalyi to join the staff.
  11. This is what it’s like to be a good, tough team.
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