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  1. I just got a call from the ticket office about my request for changing my season tickets. I moved four seats over, to the aisle. I told the guy I'm now good for the rest of my life. He said tickets will go out the first or second week of October.
  2. Win the conference tournament again and the Q's won't matter.
  3. Seeing the Bonwich post at the top of this page gave me shivers.
  4. I'm expecting/hoping for an enjoyable season of basketball. I'm fine with a .500 season of mostly tightly contested games with a fun-to-watch offense and sometimes smothering defense.
  5. Could someone add the names, left to right? I don’t know our guys by faces yet.
  6. Mine came via email July 2.
  7. And if/when Jimerson draws double coverage French and maybe one of our freshmen twin towers can go to work. I’m excited for this season.
  8. I have confidence that Coach Ford has a rabbit up his sleeve and will pull a card out of his hat on the grad transfer front, surprising and delighting us all.
  9. He'll turn 50 this December 29. Think the Athletic Department can find a way to leverage that to raise visibility and sell tickets?
  10. But will a Javon defensive stop of Zion make the media highlights?
  11. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17581 We’re ahead of Georgia Southern.
  12. In this video it looks like the hoop is about 8 feet off the floor. No wonder he's so good.
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