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  1. Maybe some of the A-10 teams' opponents during that 8-day stretch will be shut down, opening windows for us.
  2. In a post-game interview I think Coach Ford said they were able to grind it out. It wasn't that long ago when a Billikens grind-it-out game would have ended 52-49.
  3. Prediction: Jordan Goodwin A10 Player of the Week
  4. Maybe they’ll try fouling us every possession with like 10 minutes left.
  5. I see our next opponent is #14 by this metric.
  6. Maybe Taj or someone else knowledgeable can give us the word on the potential impact of this on other A-10 teams.
  7. So they're at .500 (if you don't mind dividing by zero)
  8. “I can’t believe what I just saw.”
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