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  1. Prayers for the family, the staff and the team on this tragic loss.
  2. Most college players can’t be evaluated in a vacuum, but only in the context of their team, coach/system, opponents, etc. There are exceptions.
  3. I don’t want to start a new thread, but can we change the title of this one to the more official Welcome, Jordan Nesbitt? And where’s the Pitbull gif? Let’s give the man his due.
  4. Oklahoma doesn’t have Sister Jean though.
  5. Love how they report the points and rebound averages to the hundredth place.
  6. Duke University issued a quarantine order for all of its undergraduates effective Saturday night due to a coronavirus outbreak caused by students who attended recruitment parties, the school said. The university said in a statement that all undergraduate students will be forced to stay-in-place until at least March 21.
  7. You forgot about the third possibility: zombie apocalypse.
  8. Few opportunities in tourney time for Gibson to work enough to get his mojo back.
  9. Having a second big on the floor with Hasahn has been working well.
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