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  1. Should Pistol start a Class of 2038 Recruit thread for Fred Thatch III?
  2. That's mitigated a little bit by the small pre-Thanksgiving crowd. Which may work out for the best, it being a relatively mild environment to get past the first road jitters.
  3. Hasahn is off. Maybe he needs to pick up 2 quick fouls. (Blue font)
  4. Our only counter to Golden may be for Jimerson and Weaver to have career nights, trading his 2s for their 3s.
  5. So far we’ve managed to avoid the unexpected loss. If we continue to win all the games we’re “supposed to” that in itself would be quite an accomplishment. Ask Kentucky and Duke.
  6. J Good the outstanding player in the Gotham Classic.
  7. Perkins closing in on a double double.
  8. French is so important. Nobody triple-teams Bell or Hankton to open up space for our other guys.
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