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  1. And somehow it already appears on my Google calendar.
  2. Seems to me a little celebration dance clearly directed to your own bench, not toward an opposing player, should be allowed. If it were in front of the opposing bench I could see the need for a technical.
  3. For those who didn’t hear the KMOX post-game, Ford said the coaches told him JNez had two fouls so he had him sit. Then later he said wait, he only has one foul. And he went back in.
  4. How many games has Brandon Courtney missed now due to illness? Let’s hope and pray that’s not related to the reason for the funk at the start of the Fordham game.
  5. I’ve thought this all season. We see other teams do it regularly. Seems like something that would be pretty straightforward to practice.
  6. And against the same pitcher, if I recall correctly.
  7. I think it's best for Coach Ford (not Ford[ham]) to ignore just about everything posted on billikens.com. I think this thread, thus far, should be on his desk.
  8. Rammer responded to Chapley's second tweet with a one-word reply: Iona.
  9. "The Perkolator" branded coffee - good to the last bucket.
  10. So Linssen is not on the injury list? Sorry if I missed it elsewhere.
  11. Sounds like someone who needed a story about why he had to stay in Vegas two more weeks.
  12. Travis responding to MBM suggestions - trying new lineups, taking more 3’s.
  13. Yeah, it's not updated. Here's the link from the tweet: https://www.slu.edu/health-advisory/messages/covid-19-update-vaccination-requirement-for-external-events-indoors.php
  14. Records at SLU: Rick Majerus 07-08 16-15 51.61% 08-09 18-14 56.25% 09-10 23-13 63.89% 10-11 12-19 38.71% 11-12 26-8 81.25% Total 95-69 57.93% Travis Ford 16-17 12-21 36.36% 17-18 17-16 51.52% 18-19 23-13 63.89% 19-20 23-8 74.19% 20-21 14-7 66.67% 21-22 7-3 70.00% Total 96-68 58.54%
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