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Miami-Ohio beat Fordham by 1. Miami is not good.

Bonaventure down 5 to Niagara with under a minute to play. Woof.

Horrible loss by Richmond.

Dayton escapes by 1, UMass beats Lowell by 5, and Mason squeaks by Lafayette by 2.

This conference might not be strong at all this year.

Then again, Rhode Island (Asheville), Davidson (Charleston Southern), and VCU (Grambling) took care of business. Davidson scored 110. GW beat Howard by 9, as well.

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Looking ahead, and past Rockhurst

VA Tech over Detroit 111 to 79.  Shot 57% and a +16 on rebounds

Providence 84, Houston Baptist 55, 50% FG, 44% from the arc

Washington 86, Belmont 82.  54% FG, Freshman guard Jaylen Nowell drops 32 pts on 12 of 18 from the field, 2 of 3 from the Arc.

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10 hours ago, thetorch said:

Barnes is the new Ahearn.  FTR I didn't want to give him a scholarship offer either but still.

I was OK with offering with Barnes.  But I'm glad things worked out they did.  And remember, he averaged 6.5 ppg on 36% shooting last year.  We still would have sucked last year with him on the team.

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Davidson, who I considered a top 4 team before the season, played like it in their opener. SBU will still be dangerous once they get Jaylen Adams back. VCU's top 50 sophomore, De'Riante Jenkins, lived up to the hype by being the best all-around player in their opening blowout win.

The prognosticators were just wrong about St. Joe's. They were a bad defensive team before they were hit by the injury bug last season and they are still a bad defensive team.

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On 11/10/2017 at 6:54 PM, brianstl said:

UK down 9 to Utah Valley at the half. 

Vermont took Kentucky down to the wire today.

The only A-10 games today were UMass losing to Harvard in OT (70-67) and George Mason losing to Louisville 72-61.

Rhode Island plays at Nevada tomorrow. Nevada has the Martin twins (Caleb and Cody) who transferred from NC State as well as Jordan Caroline (the son of Simeon Rice who had a big freshman year at SIU-C).

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