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  1. I walked Chris May on campus a few minutes ago. He was talking on the phone using headphones and I overheard him say “I’m leaving Thursday and won’t be back til Saturday. I’m not even staying for the games.” Not It sure where he’s going, not that it has any real relevance, but he looked like such a tool talking on the phone with headphones on. And I just thought I’d share how much he annoyed me.
  2. Appears a decision is final, don't know what it is. Received this a minute ago at 8:43am : Saint Louis University has concluded the Title IX investigation that began on Sept. 2, 2017. The parties have been notified of the final decisions, which were determined by an Appeal Panel. With the notifications to the parties, these cases are closed. Throughout this Title IX investigation, the University followed its Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  3. Round 12 standings: Player R10 R11 R12 Total Total Possible 16 15 15 237 1) Quality is Job 1 14 12 9 180 2) Taj79 14 13 9 174 3) Zink 12 10 7 172 4) The Wiz 13 11 9 171 5) BillsBeliever 9 12 10 170 6) wgstl 11 13 7 169 7) Littlebill 12 12 7 168 8) Cowboy 10 12 8 166 9) Pistol 13 7 8 165 10) Drkelsey55 6 14 7 164 slufan13 13 9 8 163 Philliken 11 11 5 160 TheGrandLife 12 8 7 157 BigMouthBilliken 7 6 7 153 sluhomer 13 150 615Billiken 8 10 9 148 JMM28 13 146 Slubillikens43 125 MattyMo213 11 125 BllikenFan_Dan 101 Nicoloj 99 RiseAndGrind 90 tarheelbilliken 11 1 73 Gobillsgo 66 Billikens747 45 johnbj4 35 Basketbill 34 dannyb334 34 Rgbilliken 27 Mccallan18 15 Waldo027 13 Billikenfan05 13 mrjoelabs 12 Billiken4life5 0
  4. Lol, this is the best troll job. However, is this good or bad news that he is so brazen about it??
  5. We are turning into crazed conspiracy theorists. Yes, your theory is plausible. But probable? I don’t believe so. While the basketball program is an important part of any university, I really don’t think it gets as much attention/energy from the university as we would like to think it does. I think if you look at any move made by the university through the lens of S2/basketball, you can come out with countless different scenarios and theories about the rationale behind it. I don’t think the university operates with S2 in mind to the extent that we think about it. To me it is just as probable that this story would have come out with or without S2 in the background.
  6. He gets 1 minute the majority of his games...why would we offer him? Am I missing something?
  7. Predictions due Tuesday February 6:00pm CST St. Joseph's @ Davidson Duquesne @ Dayton George Mason @ Fordham LaSalle @ George Washington Saint Louis @ St. Bonaventure VCU @ Richmond Davidson @ Rhode Island Fordham @ Duquesne George Washington @ George Mason Richmond @ St. Bonaventure Massachusetts @ St. Joseph's Dayton @ VCU LaSalle @ Saint Louis
  8. Round 11 Standings: Player R8 R9 R10 R11 Total Total Possible 9 16 16 15 222 1) Quality is Job 1 8 8 14 12 171 2) Zink 7 10 12 10 165 2) Taj79 8 11 14 13 165 3) The Wiz 7 9 13 11 162 3) wgstl 4 10 11 13 162 4) Littlebill 5 10 12 12 161 5) BillsBeliever 6 7 9 12 160 6) Cowboy 6 11 10 12 158 7) Pistol 6 11 13 7 157 7) Drkelsey55 7 10 6 14 157 8) slufan13 5 8 13 9 155 8) Philliken 5 8 11 11 155 9) TheGrandLife 5 10 12 8 150 9) sluhomer 6 10 13 150 10) JMM28 8 12 13 146 10) BigMouthBilliken 6 10 7 6 146 615Billiken 7 9 8 10 139 Slubillikens43 4 125 MattyMo213 10 11 125 BllikenFan_Dan 101 Nicoloj 7 99 RiseAndGrind 6 9 90 tarheelbilliken 8 9 11 1 73 Gobillsgo 66 Billikens747 45 johnbj4 35 Basketbill 34 dannyb334 34 Rgbilliken 27 Mccallan18 15 Waldo027 13 Billikenfan05 13 mrjoelabs 12 Billiken4life5 0
  9. There is not test that you have to take to rally potential allies. Yes, I admitted it because I look at the the statistics analyzed in an article from The Atlantic and it does appear that racism, on the whole, does play a role in allegations of sexual assault. I simply ask myself this question: What is Tony's end goal? Then, I go to this twitter feed and find my answer in his first ever tweet: Never Thought I would see the day. I am setting up a Twitter Acccount because I am mad at Fred Pestello, the President at Saint Louis University. He needs to make a decision and let he suspended players play. From what I have heard, they are completely innocent!! @SLUPresident Then I think to myself: "Ah, ok, he wants the players to play", and the words he is using are tools toward this end. Look, I am less interested in proving whether Tony Murkens is a BLM sympathizer or not. I am more interested in saying "Hey, it appears that we have a good case that the decision(s) by the administration have not been good ones on multiple fronts and I hope and wish this is being taken up in a serious manner rather than by a provocateur on twitter who seems interested in bringing in race for his own benefit rather than for true ideological conviction".
  10. That is all fine and dandy, and I hope that said person voices their concern(s) with the administration and if they feel strongly about help organize some type of formal protest or action. My discomfort with Tony remains. My sense, based on reading his tweets is that he is leaning on issues of social justice not because he sincerely believes in their end, but because he sees them as an opportunity to prop up his own cause which in this case is a basketball team with all of its players. Of course, 'my sense' is not a scientific threshold and there is no way to prove or disprove Tony's beliefs. He may very well actually and sincerely feel so strongly about Black Lives Matter and feel so fervently that Black History Month is an ideal time to reverse the punishment...but I don't believe that is the case.
  11. Two things I concede: 1) Tony is an entertaining character 2) I get a satisfaction in seeing him say things to Pestello and the University that I would have no balls to say so myself on my public social media That being said, he may be doing more harm than good at this point. His e-mail to the university was representative of our frustration with the initial suspension(s) but was tone deaf, didn't really understand the cultural moment we are in, and can be easily caricatured by those who DO agree with the decision. Additionally, he has been tweeting a lot about Black Lives Matter and Black History Month and how the player's punishment should be reversed. While I do see underlining racism in this case, I think it is more harmful (and quite frankly, dangerous and disrespectful) than helpful for a white guy that only got a twitter because he is pissed off about his basketball team to be carrying the banner of BLM and Black History Month as it relates to this case. Call me a snowflake, but I do think that while the Tony Murkens show began as a very funny and satisfying ordeal, it is now entering territory that I don't think is beneficial and is irresponsible. I'm still unhappy with the University's handling of the situation and their decision, AND I think Murkens is showing some of his more misguided colors. The two things happily coexists in my mind.
  12. I don't think its a real account, and my sense is that the person is just trolling. Everything about that Twitter account is almost sarcastic it appears.
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