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  1. 2010andBeyond

    Recruiting - 2018 class

    Looks like he’d fit right in!!
  2. 2010andBeyond

    The Bills over Dav by 3

    Spot on. Make just one of those 2 footers and Goodwin isn’t in that position at end.
  3. 2010andBeyond

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    It doesn’t matter if Butler is in the top 50. They are using the quadrant system now and since we played Butler at home, they would need to be top 30 to be a quad 1 win. If they finish between 31-75, it’s a quad 2 win which was probably always the most likely outcome for that game. Since no A10 team will be top 30, we need VCU and Dayton to be top 75 in order for those road games to be additional quad 1 opportunities. If we finish with a borderline NET and only one quad 1 win (@SH), I’m sure we’ll get left out.
  4. 2010andBeyond

    The Bills over Ford by 9

    You lost me with emotional win at lasalle
  5. 2010andBeyond

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    The whole thing was pretty weird. Interesting that Ford referred to it as mutual at least once.
  6. 2010andBeyond

    Stats for the Last 5 Games

    Wow I knew Foreman’s shooting % was in the toilet but didn’t realize French was worse. Yikes. Still trying to figure how Foreman shot over 60% last year based on what we’ve seen so far this year. Getting these two going is necessary to having a competent offense.
  7. Exactly. Getting stomped, away from home, by a top 10 team happens even to good teams. We had a bad game. Big deal. The problem is that we peed away both the Pitt and Houston games. We put our selves in a position where this game was ultra important to get into the at large conversation. At this point, this is a good not great team. Should end up top 4 in the league and will have as good or better chance to win the conference tourney than anyone. Given the hype, slightly disappointing but obviously a major improvement over these last few years. In Ford we trust.
  8. 2010andBeyond

    GDT: Florida State, sunny place for shady people

    Well that’s it for me. Back to yard work
  9. 2010andBeyond

    GDT: Florida State, sunny place for shady people

    Wtf happened to Foreman??
  10. 2010andBeyond

    2018-2019 #25 Rankings

    Yep. The poor A10 this year makes this FSU game so big. After that game, We will be lucky to play 2 more Quadrant 1 games the rest of the year (at VCU, at UD if they are top 75). SIU not a bad loss, should be quadrant 2 at worst. The killers were the giveaways against Pitt and Houston
  11. 2010andBeyond

    2018-2019 #25 Rankings

    Our NET ranking rose 15 spots to #60 after yesterday’s game. It pains me to think of what our numbers would be if we had held on. Oh well. On to FSU, who checks in at #33. I still be believe if we win that game we will be in decent shape for an at-large.
  12. 2010andBeyond

    Butler Game

    No those are the loyal blue
  13. 2010andBeyond

    Recruiting - 2019

    I like this. We will all of a sudden be pretty young next season so it’s nice to get a scorer with some college experience. Ideally, I’d like us to get a grad transfer big to replace the Foreman minutes. With French and Gordon, we don’t need a star but someone to provide serviceable minutes without racking up fouls is something we are going to really need.