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  1. Dayton can go ahead and lose. I’d rather play VCU at UD Arena for all the marbles. Even with Dayton’s improved numbers, can’t imagine we’d get in if we were to lose to them a third time while adding yet another road loss.
  2. I’d be pretty surprised if they beat VCU at Siegel.
  3. This is the perfect setup for a big time reality check tomorrow for UMass
  4. Sorta feel bad for Richmond with the way this ended but it’s on Mooney not having the depth to withstand a couple of injuries without totally going into the toilet.
  5. This. They have a neutral court win over Illinois. Weren’t on the bubble.
  6. You think we will stay in? Or get back in beating the rest of the bums in this conference? I don’t.
  7. Appears Umass-VCU scheduled for Wednesday is postponed. Not sure where the issues lie. Would be nice if VCU were available next week.
  8. Please refrain from using that nomenclature on this board. Thank you.
  9. Lol at the SVU crowd thinking they would still be a tournament team post-Toppin
  10. Marquette and St John’s both +4.5 look decent
  11. I have no doubt the staff is trying to get another good game, but I am wondering if we wouldn’t have been better off leaving another open spot or two in our schedule so we’d be more able to jump when an opportunity presented itself. For example, did we really need central Arkansas on the schedule this week? With all of the scheduling shuffles, seems like we could’ve gotten at least the same quality of game last minute but may have increased our chances of snagging a better opponent if we’d have originally left the week open.
  12. Hulu no longer carries FSMW. Happened a couple of weeks ago.
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