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  1. Also, I don’t care who the opponent is, Traore has shown more touch and athleticism than many of our bigs who have started in the past. (Insert Jolly gif here)
  2. This. Traore is an A10 caliber big and that was a pleasant surprise. Hot take alert, but I’d take him over Bell right now.
  3. $7k/month, free housing, and up to $50k bonus if he sticks for 60 days
  4. Did Javon Bess or Willie Reed have this level of pre-draft interest/activity?
  5. This is why it would not surprise me to see Goodwin come back. He is on the cusp of being able to make big money playing basketball if he can take one more step forward. French is who is and who he has been the past 4 years, so he may as well go start cashing checks.
  6. I’m not going indict Ford off of this season. This wasn’t the same team after the pause.
  7. Definitely doesn’t look like a tournament team out there
  8. Honestly, a little surprised he isn’t going NBA.
  9. I think it’s certainly possible that we were never as good as we thought we were. Yes, LSU was a good win but it was also a home game that went down to the wire. NCST was not a good team and that was being touted as one of our good wins. It was a name win, but not a good win. Minnesota was playing well at home when we played them but that was a missed opportunity. We seemed to keep our computer metrics up by beating inferior teams to a pulp. Even ignoring the two COVID games, we were not world beaters in the A-10. Needed a minor miracle to get that top 4 bye. Objectively, COVID robbed us of a full season and our original schedule which would have given us a much better understanding of how good this team really was. Now, we will never know. I think it’s possible that without the COVID pause we would’ve had our usual Jan/Feb uptick in performance and became a true top 25 team, but it’s also possible we were just a top 50 team all along.
  10. From their career perspectives, I think there would be upside to Goodwin returning but not French. French is probably better off going ahead and starting his overseas career.
  11. I didn’t realize wich st’s NET was so awful. Still thinking there’s a chance if OSU and Cincy lose
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