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  1. Watching the Billikens blow out NMST in the tournament was pretty cool. Never thought we would be so good as to basically have a warm up game in the tournament. Unfortunately the next game happened...
  2. Was wondering about this. I think you are right and I hope they do it. I’d like to see the NIT bracket also just to see what could happen if by some miracle they eventually play it.
  3. Too much tv money. They will have it unless mass numbers of players are sick.
  4. They will have an allotment. Billiken Club and season ticket holders get first crack at them. Unless it’s somewhere close there are usually plenty of tickets available for anyone who wants one.
  5. They are done. 7-11 in SEC isn’t gonna cut it.
  6. For sure. Pretty amazing, only Rutgers has won of the teams who needed it most. I could see the committee shafting them as well, especially with all of the other big ten teams in. SLU better take care of business!
  7. Absolute home run hire and I never thought I’d be saying that.
  8. UNI net down to 47. It’s gonna be a long week for them. Utah St down to 43 after their win against Wyoming.
  9. I want the four seed and Dayton in the semis. I think if we lose to Dayton in the final, we aren’t getting in. But if we beat Dayton in the semis and lose to someone like Richmond in the final, we might get in anyway.
  10. I like Umass’s chances against RI. Rams’ one win in their last four games is a one point win against Fordham. Wheels have fallen off and they played themselves right out of the tournament. Umass has been playing pretty well lately.
  11. San Diego played at Bonaventure?! Wow, what a trek for a crappy noncon game.
  12. I know it’s not YouTube, but the Brett Jolly gif is dishonorable mention
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