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  1. There's getting paid and there's getting paid. I can't say I grew up poor, but even still, 6 figures is easy to turn down. I don't even make that now. But unless you have mouths to feed, it's really not that enticing to sign a 1 year deal for $150K. Your agent takes a cut, and unless you really know what you're doing financially, you're not going to have that kind of money make you much money. If you're getting paid (the NBA minimum salary is $890K), you can legitimately get that money working for you. And if you're guaranteed a roster spot, that's tough to pass up. Plus, even if you get cut the next season, you still have that NBA year on your resume, which opens the possibility for a bigger, multi-year contract overseas. In terms of injury, you're much more likely to get injured playing in the Turkish league with inferior training staff and facilities than you are in a program like SLU. Yes, you could get injured "before you ever get a contract" but it's not the rational decision to pass up a senior season at a school you love with a coach you love for the Greek league.
  2. I was under the impression that Nesbitt could be something of a point-forward in the mold of J-Good but more perimeter oriented. Jacobs can be a back up PG. Ford may want the successor to YC in the 2021 class, but whoever that is is going to be a lot better than Russell.
  3. Nesbit, Kern, and one of the bigs from De Smet.
  4. I don't get the Richmond as consensus #1 pick. They were #46 in KenPom, we were #62. I listened to those dopes on 3 Bid League and I get it even less people always talk about improvement, and just because guys come back doesn't mean they're improved. Players most likely to improve are sophomores, not seniors. We had 4 frosh play significant roles. We can't count on them all making leaps, but they're much more likely to improve than the Richmond seniors. they can't play different styles. SLU can they finished two games ahead of SLU, largely because of their schedule, not because they were better in league SLU has better top players. Goodwin and Perkins are better than their best SLU's adding more: Thatch, Jimerson, Linssen. We roll 10-11 deep next year. Our 7th best guy starts for Richmond; our 11th best guy is in their top 7. the 3 Bid League dorks always say that teams don't always get better just because they bring everyone back. Fine. But if there's a poster-child for that theory, IT'S RICHMOND, NOT SLU! Most of their guys don't have much room for improvement. SLU, on the other hand, has obvious and realistic ways to improve (French can shoot 50% FT, and Goodwin 70%, like his fr. year; Collins can be a threat from 3, and cut down on turnovers, Hargrove can be a contributor the whole season, rather than just for 12 games, Bell can be in better shape and finish around the rim better). I'm ready to run through a wall for this upcoming season. Come on back, Jordan and Has, and be part of the first Sweet 16 season in history!
  5. This is the key point. Has is such an elite shot blocker, some of the best timing, smarts, and instincts I've ever seen. Your defense is always better with Has out there. This year, when SLU went "big" it was almost always with Has and Bell. Ford couldn't play big if he wanted to without both. Now he can play big with any combo of French, Bell, and Linßen, with Perkins or Jimerson at the 3 and the best rebounding guard in the country at the 1 or the 2.
  6. With a deeper team, and a deeper front court, I see no reason for French to play more than 32 mpg. Take him out from the 12 minute time out to the 10 minute mark. And find two more minutes around single bonus time. Ditto for the 2nd half, but if the game involves a small Billiken lead, go with either Bell or Linßen to avoid the hack-a-French. We saw it a little bit last year with Bell.
  7. Yes, the only good rivalry we have is with Dayton. Otherwise, it's circumstantial, although I like playing teams that are private schools with nice basketball history, like Davidson, St. Joes, and Richmond. Still, that's no competition to being in a league with Marquette, Creighton, DePaul, Butler, and Xavier. Those are schools, esp. the first two, where SLU kids have friends they went to HS with, or they visited. There's no point being in an East Coast league without the benefit of those kinds of teams. Otherwise I'd prefer a Midwest dream conference that will never happen (Wichita St., Memphis, SIU, Valpo, etc..)
  8. Nesbitt is not exactly blue chip in the way Caleb Love was. He doesn't have offers from the blue bloods. I reject your premise about mid-major. If Ford keeps bringing in guys like Okoro, and, more importantly, if guys sign earlier, then it sends a message one way or another. Who knows what Ford has up his sleeve? Maybe he lays an egg in 2021. But suppose he gets Kern and Nesbitt to commit early. Keita feels pressure if he's considering SLU . That's just a fact of psychology. And really, it doesn't matter where his other offers are. It matters where he wants to go. And if SLU gets off to a great start, is ranked, and the 'Fetz is rocking, that will add pressure. Again, maybe he doesn't want to come. But it's entirely different if he has the exact same interest, but there are 4 open scholarships and it looks like Ford will have to dip into the 2* grab bag. A major recruit will know he can take his time with the SLU offer. What I'm saying isn't anything new. It's why you see a flurry of signings in hoops and more often in football. And it's the kind of phenomenon that Ford has positioned himself to be the beneficiary of, esp. if one or two guys sign this summer.
  9. Part of it is about Nesbitt, but part of it (in my mind at least) is about the timing. Suppose Nesbit waits, and Kern + one of the De Smet bigs + another 2021 guy commit by September. Granted, a scholly tends to shake loose, but that does send a message that you might want to get in pretty quick. My sense is that gives Ford a little leverage, so that he's recruiting downhill instead of on even ground where he is now, or uphill, as was the case from 2017-2019.
  10. My sense on 2021 is that for it to be a local windfall, Nesbitt or Kern need to commit in the next 6-8 weeks. Then there's a domino effect, where an additional local kid gets in, and maybe a third does on the basis of the herd effect. I imagine if Ford fills all three schollies on the Fall signing date, the message will be loud and clear to 2022 class: get in early, because a SLU scholarship might not be open forever. And if Larry Hughes Jr. declares for SLU in March 2021, it will send a resounding message for the rest of the 2022 guys. This is all to say that Nesbitt is probably the most pivotal recruit since Goodwin. If Nesbitt comes to SLU as a legit 4* prospect with insane offers, it will produce some powerful waves that give Ford a tremendous position of strength for 2021, 2022, and 2023.
  11. Beadle has offers from Wake, SLU, and VCU in the last four days, so he must be doing something on Tik Tok. Here's the highlight video. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10637554/5ac4310abed80a1470594e2c
  12. Not sure where to put this but 3 Bid League ranked the A-10 next season and put SLU 6th. They're asked for an explanation, and seem to say: 1) just because a team brings everyone back doesn't mean they're better; 2) they're worried about the offense because Perkins came on late. They're getting hammered, but they keep doubling down. If 1) is true, then why rank Richmond. There seems to be some logical fallacy with saying: there's always a team that doesn't live up to expectations, so that means we have to pick one, without a reason.
  13. Unlike football, where a really good coach sees tons of things, and can make halftime adjustments that win or lose games, there's not quite as much "game coaching" for college basketball. The real skill is drawing up plays at the end of games and of course subs, in addition to switching in and out of zones. Mostly of subbing and defense is educated guessing (it's not like Ford knew Hightower would make the And 1 against Lasalle). What's obvious to Coach K is likely obvious to Lorenzo Romar. What matters infinitely more is practice coaching, part of which is game prep coaching. Here Majerus was probably the best in recent memory, save maybe Brad Stevens. He taught. Full stop. Listen to the Earl podcast. To me, Ford is top 10% recruiting, top 20% practice coaching, and top 50% game coaching. Majerus was probably top 30% in game coaching and recruiting, but top .1% in practice coaching. I don't think Ford is the type of coach to take Utah to the Final 4 or Ball St. to the Sweet 16, but he's the type of coach to take SLU there, in part because he can get better talent than Rick got.
  14. Watching that video, I would rate Lorentsson as the #12 player on the team with a skill that Jimerson already possesses, and so is reduplicated. Remember when TJ looked lost on defense until around February. That's AL squared. Nowhere near the foot speed and technique to guard an A-10 3. Probably able to hang with a face up 4, although he'd get exposed on switches designed to generate a pick & pop. My guess is that when 2021-22 starts, and there's 90-100 minutes to replace, AL will have the possibility to get in the rotation at the 3-4, with Okoro, TJ, Strickland, and Jimerson ahead of him in the rotation.
  15. I think he meant something like Gibson and Javonte will get so tired of scoring, that Andrew and Yuri will replace them as we hit 15 3s and pound such teams into submission.
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