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  1. About to drive over and park. So amped to see these guys, even if it's an exhibition. Go Bills. I'll be cheering loud with my two sons from Section 210!
  2. I imagine if Ford wants he can have Nesbitt run the point when Yuri is out. Otherwise some combination of Perkins, Williams, Jones, and Thatch.
  3. There was a move to get rid of the "eszett" but it's still around and that's how ML spells his last name.
  4. Sorry, meant Lorrentsson. Linßen = Linssen. The Germans have a letter, the ß, that approximates two esses but is technically a different letter.
  5. Minutes guess after the scrimmage STARTERS Okoro (20), Perkins (32), Collins (30), Nesbitt (25), Jimerson (18) BENCH REGULARS: Linßen (20), Hargrove (20), Thatch (17) Williams (10), Strickland, Linßen, and Jones scratch for access to rotation.
  6. The big takeaway for me regards the youngsters: Nesbitt is so physical, confident, and can also shoot. I didn't see him run point at all. Traore is not a stiff. He moved well, has size, and some skill. He's way ahead of where a guy like Diarra was.
  7. Yes, it was up to a billion right before the 2008 crash and several bad investments that caused some worry at the end of Biondi's tenure. I'm sure it's easier to fund raise from fat cats when their own porfolios are way up over the last few years.
  8. Endowment is up to 1.5 billion per recent message from Pestello.
  9. I think the biggest question for this team is at point guard. Ford essentially handed Collins the keys and gave him more leeway (while screaming constantly at him) than any other frosh of that class. Bell, Hargrove, and Jimerson all got buried on the bench at certain points. Never Collins. He was great as a frosh, and this year improved in the turnover category (A/T ratio improved from 1.7 to 2.8). Otherwise he was the same guy. His splits, from 2020 to 2021 were not much improved (37/36/56) vs. (40/24/67). He played basically the same (31mpg) this year to last if you take out the URI injury-game. He can be tenacious on D, but also can struggle against bigger guys. If Nesbitt can handle the point, I think the best lineup is probably Nesbitt, Thatch, Perkins, Okoro, and Linßen. If they need to go smaller, Hargrove, Williams, or Strickland for the German. My hunch is that Ford will keep his loyalty to Collins. Which is fine, if Collins improves. I love watching Collins play. He's a blur and an amazing passer and tough as nails. He's the captain of a top 50 offense. Ford needs to recognize that there are other guys who deserve court time if Collins continues as a low-volume, inefficient scorer.
  10. If you put Yuri more in the 15-20mpg range, and played DJ more, along with J-Good, as duel PGs, I think the team has a higher ceiling. Yuri is a pure PG, but there were too many games where we could have used more scoring and more length on D. Jacobs had the best basketball body on the team. I'll say it again: Ford mismanaged it. DJ should have gotten more of Yuri's minutes last year and this year. Ford was always willing to give Yuri the keys and Jacobs has a higher ceiling as a player. I think Ford is enamored with Yuri's leadership, toughness, and passing. I get it. I love Yuri too. Jacobs didn't have a great motor and got disciplined for something in Feb 2020. Also seemed like the kind of player who didn't appreciate getting yelled at constantly.
  11. I think most of these posts are missing the point. Ford mis-managed DJ, who probably should have gotten some of Jimmerson and Yuri's minutes. Yuri was allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. DJ made mistakes and was yanked. DJ brought defense, rebounding, shooting, and ballhanding. Jimmerson brought.... shooting. Look, I love all of our guys, but DJ should be pissed, and smart high-majors will look at the tape and realize he was one of SLU's best five players when healthy.
  12. I'm confident that SLU is better than Drake.
  13. SLU can drive to Louisville on Friday!
  14. Yeah, this is dumb. Play the loser of Duke vs. Louisville on Saturday.
  15. I think Travis needs to be not so tight with the bench. If you're going to play Bell 11 minutes, you can play TJ 10 minutes. I'd also like to see Ford throw multiple guys at Lofton: Collins, Thatch, and Jacobs. Lofton basically never comes out of the game. Bonnies are essentially a 6-man team not built to play consecutive days. Osun is the best defender in the conference and the key to their elite D (24th in the country). They need to get him in foul trouble or occupy him so he's not holding a lid on the rim. They are a very good 3-pt shooting team. Let Osun get his inside. Bottom line: we're deeper and better and Perkins needs to score 20. Let's go!
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