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  1. Marcus Weathers was a beast last year but he's put on weight, it appears, and not in a good way. No way they're a top 4 team this year. And let's face it, Dayton may win some close games but they're not good.
  2. It wasn't the OOC schedule we'd lined up in the offseason, but it served some purpose. What can be said about the Bills through 8 games This is not an awful FT shooting team waiting to show its true colors. French is still lost, but Goodwin at least has reverted to what he was as a frosh, and it's not a mirage. He's shot 35 FTs and is at 71%. Linssen appears able to stroke it, and Yuri appears to be better without tape on his wrists. The team average will always be hurt if French is a 30% shooter, but this is at worst an average FT team. Going 2-1 against the top part of the sch
  3. Interesting to look at KenPom now that the numbers are starting to balance out. League has clear tiers: Tier 1 is SLU, at #32, with a bunch of other teams huddled around 60 (VCU, Richmond Dayton) and four more inside the top 100 (Davidson, Bonnies, URI, Duquesne). Richmond is what the eye test has always told us: a good, veteran offensive team (#35) without the depth or personnel to be strong defensively (#89). I wouldn't be surprised if they're top 20 on offense before the season ends, although it's hard to see them having any kind of success with Gilyard or Golden off the floor. Never
  4. Collins will struggle guarding bigger guards because of his size. The first play of the game he stupidly left Carr and gave him a wide open look. J Good is our best team defender. So good in the lanes. I think his supreme confidence in his hands lets him think he doesn't need to keep guys in front of him. Thatch is an unreal on-ball defender. Jacobs has the best body and athleticism on the team, IMHO. He's not quite the "dog" that J-Good and Thatch are. Yuri also very good on the ball. Motion, screens, switches, rotations etc.. are very hard to learn, even for NBA teams. This team is alr
  5. There were some good take aways. I meant in terms of luck (Minnesota made every front end, got all the calls, lucked out at the end of shot clock after being taken out of their offense for 25 seconds, also got some iffy calls).
  6. Everything went wrong in this game. Perkins struggled, Carr got off early and gave them confidence. We struggled against their size. They hit tough 3s and got bailed out. They were about .5 seconds from a 10 second call about five different times. A few notes: Bills can get the chip back on their shoulder. They won't be ranked tomorrow, they have something to work on between now and conference play, instead of just jogging through a rout of UMKC. Offense struggled to move the ball. Too much 1 on 1. Perkins needed to let the game come to him. When you're cold, try to get some eas
  7. What a great win. A few questions and points: 1. What did Jacobs do in the first half to get buried? I'm sure he missed an assignment, but the rest of the guys made mistakes too. 2. Tight 2nd half rotation. Ford trusts Jacobs over Thatch. And he should. Jacobs was great in the 2nd half. 3. Thought Bell deserved more run because he could match up against Bates. 4. Goodwin gambles too much on D and lets guys get in the paint. That being said, when the action got loose in the 2nd half, Goodwin's relentless motor turned the game. 5. Man did the refs let them play!
  8. I mean, it's dumb to look ahead when this could be a historically great season. But in the spirit of being dumb... next year's team is stacked. Backcourt: Collins, Jacobs, Thatch, Russell Wings: Strickland, Jimerson Wing 4s: Hargrove, Lorrentson Bigs: Bell, Linßen, Okoro Lorrentson and Russell need to prove they can play, but that's still nine rock solid rotation guys, with an All A-10 PG, a potential All-A-10 big, and a lot of other good players. That's before any transfers or signings.
  9. I think Bell will be important against bigger teams. Linßen as advertised on offense. He's very foul prone and tends to bump guys in the post that draws a whistle. I can see him picking up 4 fouls in 9 minutes against certain teams. I just don't think Bell is good enough on offense to make teams pay. Has is our best 5 against a lot of teams. TJ will help us win games this year. He's just a little shot happy, as when he took that early 3 in the first half. There will be games when he gives a huge boost off the bench like Jacobs has been doing.
  10. I'm legitimately confused by this. Spiders getting dumped on. They're a nice team, against certain teams they will be a very tough game, and they play nice offense. But they're small, not athletic, and not deep. Without Sherrod they're not a good shooting team. WVU is treating Richmond like a JV team. For the life of me I can't believe why writers didn't move Richmond down a notch after losing Sherrod.
  11. Crutcher is a good player, but hasn't done a lot of "clutcher" scoring down the stretch. Watson a great offensive player. Chapman a great defensive player. I can't see how they finish higher than 6th. The a*sclown on 3 Bid League who thinks Dayton > SLU this year is delusional. Can't see how Crutcher makes 1st or 2nd team this year.
  12. I think Richmond may have the better starting 5. They play great together and really know how to run that offense. But players 6-10 is no contest. Richmond is brittle without Sherrod. Gilyard is such a ballhawk though, and when we play them I think Yuri's minutes should be matched against Gilyard's. I don't really trust anyone else to run the offense with Gilyard guarding them. On the other hand, who's guarding Goodwin? It would be great if both teams were ranked when they play.
  13. Gotcha. I understand. I also root for Boston College and get the all boats rising thing, but I've never rooted for Duke. Just a bridge too far. I loved watching Dayton play last year with joy and brilliance on the offensive end. Toppin was legitimately fun. Crutcher had a great statistical season but I don't see him as 1st team A-10 this year (JP, Gilyard, Mitchell, Fatts, J-Good) . I thought he should have gone to the draft, hoping an analytics-reliant team would take a risk on his gaudy numbers.
  14. I get what you're saying but I'm finding it hard. The publicity Crutcher gets seems inflated. Sorry, I'll take J-Good. I mean, Vitale had Crutcher as 3rd-team All-American. And then the goons at 3 Bid League had the nerve to pick Dayton over SLU in their preseason rankings. I can't root for Dayton this year.
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