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  1. You're right. Guys also want to play. I suspect Yaya had someone tell him that he'd probably sit his entire first year at SLU. And you still have Bell/Okoro in 22-23. I suspect the staff is hoping to find a Bell-type talent that they don't immediately need to put in the fire. Bring along slowly, have ready for the rotation in 22/23, and then ready to start, or get recruited over, in 23/24. They won't sign anybody though, because Russell will probably play his way into a scholarship.
  2. Goodwin kind of the perfect player in that he plays all four years, and is just about the best player on the team for all of those years. Top 5 all time in rebounds, points, assists. That's a Billiken HOF kind of career. There's a slim path for Nesbitt to both be better and not leave early. I'm fine with him leaving early if he gets us to at least one Sweet 16 plus A-10 championship. I'd like, in 20 years, to look back on this 8 year stretch as "the Jordan years."
  3. Our coach was Jim Crews. What's he supposed to do, play pick and roll with Marcus Bartley? Marquette was in a much different place in terms of coaching and talent. And Ja Morant was not a consensus top 5 HS player. JT is a local guy and the success of our program is connected to making SLU the place to go for local recruits. He's also said that if the NBA ever comes to St. Louis, he'd want to play on that team. JT coming to SLU practices helps. His dad went here, his mom went here, and his godfather is a great coach. If he were five years younger, Coach Ford would have at least made it hard for him to go elsewhere. If we retire his jersey, you'll have a point. Until then, you make no sense.
  4. Four possible outcomes, from best to worst: 1. He drops a final 3 of SLU, SLU, and SLU 2 . He drops a final 3 with SLU, but leaves Illinois off 3. He does what Pistol predicts 4. He omits SLU from his final 3. 95% odds of 2 or 3 happening.
  5. Nor four guys I would take over J-Good. Sorry, J-Good is better than Lofton and Gilyard. Lofton had almost zero impact on the game last year when we ran them out of the gym.
  6. Yes, in 2021-22 there will be three bigs as well. I was just focusing on Linßen and how he'll probably play a lot more in 2021-22, but will be a bit like Weaver this coming season: a non-factor in certain games, and a major factor in others.
  7. The Bills could only play big one way last season: with Bell at the 5 and French at the 4. Hankton and Diarra combined for 75 minutes. With Linßen, they have 3 bigs. I doubt he plays more than 15 min/game, and some games, esp. when Ford wants to go small, he'll like play around 8-10 minutes. But he gives them huge flexibility, esp. if Bell or French get in foul trouble, which last year required Ford to play small. Linßen will really help in the 2021-22 season, when we lose (assuming things go as planned) French and Perkins. We expect Okoro to be our best big, but he's also rehabbing an injury. Linßen will have a year of A-10 play under his belt, will know the system, and will likely play around 20mpg. Will also give Ford the luxury of not needing to press a freshman big into action.
  8. Unfortunately it's very normal in today's landscape. What isn't normal is that he finished a bachelor's degree in three years, so instead of being a 5th year transfer, he gets to play two years as a grad. transfer. All it means is that he's a good student, or that he had a lot of credits coming in. Look, I'd much prefer guys come here for four years, but there are about 600 transfers/season. You're not a bad kid, or a problem kid, if you want to transfer. (see Bess, Javon). You're a bad kid of if you're a bad kid.
  9. They just totally under-rated our incoming guys, and that's understandable. Collins came in and played like a top 100 recruit, and Perkins played like a top 10 JUCO transfer. SLU has both known commodities this year, and guys you can anticipate making leap, plus good newcomers. Richmond has a bunch of seniors who probably maxed out who they are as juniors. To me the floors are even but the ceilings are totally different: SLU's is much, much higher.
  10. It wasn't inevitable at all. It was the result of large decisions and failures to act, and hundreds of thousands of small decisions. Parents will feel safe sending their kids to schools like SLU when almost nobody in the area has the virus. People can't even get onboard about masks. Look at what a mess baseball is in. And look at Colorado St. football. NBA basketball at least came up with a plan. Meanwhile, the NCAA just sort of hoped it would go away. It's just magical thinking. A kid that my kids play with was exposed to the virus. He found out last Monday and got tested on Thursday. We won't find out the results until.... Tuesday? Wednesday? Even though there's the technology to find out in 15 minutes? What a joke. In this environment, college presidents don't want to face questions about why the, say, Temple football team needed to practice, and had 45 kids test positive. Mostly African-American kids. What was it for, if it's going to get shut down anyway? At least the professional players are stakeholders with millions to gain or lose by playing. The public views amateur athletics differently. Millions of people made bad decisions from April-now that kept the virus alive and growing. We collectively effed up the beginning of school, and now fall sports, and probably winter sports. Other, much more densely populated countries did much better because we believe in magic.
  11. Full disclosure, I became a Memphis fan during the Keith Lee era, and continued until I got to college. Unfortunately I was out of the country back when Memphis made their run to the Elite 8 with Penny. I loved him, and that Magic team never got enough credit for knocking off Jordan and Pippin. The only team to do that in a decade-long stretch of Bulls' dominance. Sure, it was Shaq, but Penny too. Injuries turned him into a shell of who he was. I saw him drop a triple-double on the Celtics during his rookie season. Memphis is a lot like St. Louis, except they got an NBA team and it changed the dynamic. Great HS hoops and there was always a path to elite status that only required filling the college team with the local stars. Penny can certainly recruit, although the jury is still out on whether he can coach. Ford can do both.
  12. Nesbitt's game is a lot like Penny's was, obviously not on the same level, but the same kind of game. I wouldn't be surprised if Penny tries to leverage that. Someone as good as Nesbitt is not scared about competition at Memphis. Ultimately, he just has to want to come here more than go there. I don't really get the point of dropping a top 11. All power to the kid. But the top 5 will tell us a lot more. It's August and it will likely be decided in 90 days. It's not like he's going to take 11 visits.
  13. Dr. J went there for three years. While there he was paired with Al Skinner, who played in the ABA and also coached URI and Boston College. They have a better basketball history over the past 70 years than all but about 20 non-Power conference schools.
  14. Grady is a really good scorer but he hasn't exactly improved. Is who he is at this point, and there's not much ceiling to get better as he's more an extremely-skilled player than an athlete whose skills can improve. Maybe he shoots it better. Goodwin has at least improved in almost every facet except FT%.
  15. True. My sense is that he's the least-likely player on the roster to have success as a Billiken and he's already losing the summer weight training that he almost certainly needs.
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