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  1. We're 113 in KenPom. Tulane is 216. It's a neutral court game. I don't feel confident, but smart money has to be on the Bills in this game.
  2. I still think Thatch plays a big role on this team. The real question is how the team does when it needs another big. CF has mostly gotten away with playing Perkins or Jimmerson at the 4.
  3. If guards are no good as frosh, they're usually not contributing in major ways later on. Not true with big men. I'd like JBJr. to play more steady minutes. I think Ford was mad that Bell got beat down court by the SIUC big who got a layup.
  4. Because he didn't come in for the last 36 minutes of the game on Sunday.
  5. Curious what the board thinks about Ford's rotations. Yesterday Perkins came off the bench but basically didn't come out the rest of the game. CF also kept the same crew on the floor in the BC game that had the big run. I get this to an extent, but also think that players' confidence is linked to some kind of steady run. Will rotations stabilize next month? Will Bell or Hankton get buried? Will Weaver get buried (it seems his leash has been short, and I generally like what he gives on the floor). Is he just sending a message that he doesn't think they're playing hard enough? This has been about as good a start as anybody expected. I had the team at 8-5 for the preseason and I'd be disappointed at anything less than 10-3. Meanwhile, let's beat Tulane and pick up at least that one vote from the coach who had them in the top 25 this week.
  6. I think there interesting thing in the 2nd half was that Ford barely subbed after the big run. He went with the 5 that were out there, and he kept them out there. Notably, Yuri and Perkins missed a couple of bunnies, but those provided easy opportunities for French and Goodwin. I don't think players should pass to Perkins on the fast break unless they want him finishing. Because he's not giving the ball back. Team will rely on different guys in different games. I think CF could play Weaver a little more. He seems like a stabilizing force and a good shooter.
  7. Preview from a BC fan and alum: I watch most BC games. They run about 7/8 deep. Here's the rundown: Popovic is a skilled big. Doesn't look great doing it, but can score from deep, put the ball on the deck and get to the rim, and also post up. Think of him as a taller Grant Golden. He's not very active on D or the boards though. Mitchell is heart and soul of the team. Can't shoot a lick. Great in every other way. BC has terrible wings, mainly because Jairus Hamilton got injured in the first game and hasn't been seen. With Jairus, this team would probably sniff NIT. Rishwain is sort of like Jimmerson. He broke out last game and has to play more for the team to be good. Felder is active but an inconsistent frosh. Very athletic. Kamari Williams is a bit like Hargrove, and probably won't play. BC's guards are solid. Thornton a former 5* trying to get redemption as 5th year senior. Imagine they will have Goodwin/Thatch on him. Jay Heath is a good frosh with all around game, but doesn't excel in anything. Jared Hamilton, older brother of Jairus, is athletic, not much of a shooter. Left-handed Thatch. Chris Herren's son gets some run, as a shooter and energy guy. That's about it. Their players are good, but they aren't deep. Their best scorer, Tabbs, is out for the season with a knee injury. They like to stay in man-to-man, but don't defend very well. They have some dangerous scorers, but, esp. without Hamilton, aren't as athletic as SLU, and not as deep. SLU should press the whole game and force mistakes. Conte Forum will be a morgue. Nobody comes unless it's Duke, and all of the students are gone. Nobody in Boston cares about BC basketball. Not a hostile environment, but Bills may have trouble waking up for an afternoon game with 1000 fans who don't make noise.
  8. SLU got to BC early, I imagine, and are practicing in Boston. Easy trip for Smart.
  9. That's true. Just different from the claim made above. Our defense has gone from great to good. Our offense from near putrid to below average. More room to improve on offense though. Kenpom takes into account the strength of opponent. Shutting down High Point doesn't get you the same credit as shutting down UNC.
  10. Ken Pom disagrees. Our defense is 87th. Our offense is 198th. Carry on though.
  11. I watched their game against BC. SLU will lose if it can't stop dribble penetration. We're more athletic and deeper. BC's best wing was out, and their star PG rolled and ankle and was slower on D. I liked watching Phi Slamma Jamma play a 1-3-1 in the 80s, with no 3 point line. That defense can't stop corner 3s. If SLU can't guard against dribble penetration, they'll need something like a matchup 2-3. That being said, SLU should win.
  12. Regarding FT shooting, French is a mess, but Goodwin looks much better, Jacobs, Perkins, and Jimmerson can clearly stroke it, and I'd be shocked if Collins ended the season at less than 70%. Again, the problem is French. He's missed 17 FT this season. Let's say that's 20 points left on the board over 4 games. If he makes 12 more, that's 3 ppg, and he's average 18 ppg instead of 15.
  13. Just back from Chaifetz. It was a great atmosphere. Bills couldn't hit anything to begin. Thatch was pretty bad on offense. Yuri made a couple freshman mistakes. Team got back into it, and crowd was ready to erupt, but team was kind of deflated after French picked up the 2nd foul. Real tough break at the end of half when they could have got it down to 10, but the jump ball with 1 second left went the other way, and they got another 20 seconds. I hate that rule change. SH executed great. Sorry for 1st time fans that the Bills couldn't mount anything in 2nd half. Goodwin sat from about the 18 minute mark until 11 minutes left. Seemed weird. A game like this will help this team. High Point should be an easy win but Belmont just blew out BC on the road. Really good OOC games coming up (Belmont, BC, and of course Auburn lurks).
  14. Watching Hargrove move on defense during garbage time, especially the very bad form on a close-out.... just not ready to defend a high level wing scorer like Powell. I imagine some combo of Thatch, Jacobs, and Goodwin defend Powell. Haven't watched SH, but won't be shocked if they try to get Jimmerson switched onto Powell when he's in the game.
  15. Very solid night. UConn predicted 5th of 12 teams in the AAC. They're not the UConn of old but that should be a top 100 win for St. Joe's. Everything helps.
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