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  1. I got as far as this message; any advice? Media encapsulated as M4V cannot be streamed through the HTTP protocol for technical reasons
  2. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure it out, reading the directions about 100 times, while listening on the radio. After getting that cone downloaded, nothing made sense. Severely lost around the "click in the middle of the screen" part of the directions. I'm middle-aged and not too bright, so I'm sure it's my fault. Your links have always worked and I appreciate the helpfulness. Go Bills.
  3. Thanks. I followed the instructions but they don't quite match up to what I see, after downloading.
  4. Oh, I'd be happy with one of those teams. Like the Kansas game from 2012.
  5. Bartley and MY are players. I wasn't sure how much run Bartley would get this year. All of the frosh are solid. Sure, when 11 guys play, it may seem like some guys disappear. And that rotation will probably go down to 9 or 10 in conference, with GG back in the mix. But these frosh give me a lot of hope. Things happen, but if I'm the AD, I start trying to schedule home and homes with elite programs over the next two years: Duke, Florida, Arizona, Michigan State. Or get the Jesuit connections going and have games with Gonzaga, Creighton, and X. These guys have the potential to be a nasty, nasty bunch.
  6. I just can't imagine McBroom being a better PG than Ash. Maybe Reynolds or Bartley gets some run at the 1 out of necessity. I don't think you need a 1 to "bring the ball up" except against a team that presses. I think you need a 1 that can control the pace of the offense, be the brain on the floor in terms of shot clock, and break down the defense with less than 10 seconds. I watched a lot of games last year and I'm convinced that defensive ability will keep people on the floor more than offense, as long as Crews is coach. I haven't watched the frosh play, but here's my perception of who's more advanced offensively and defensively Offensively: Agbeko, Lancona, Crawford, Yarborough, McBroom, Bartley (mainly due to his thin frame) Defense: Manning, Roby, Reynolds, Glaze
  7. My take on the starters and relievers 1 - Ash - he's the best player on the team 2 - Roby - he has the best body of the frosh, and is the best defender 3 - Crawford - he was better than JB last year, and Crews screwed up by not playing him more. Roby can cover the tougher wing and hide MC's defense a bit 4 - Agbeko - we need his offense and pray that his mind-numbingly bad pick and roll defense has gotten better 5 - Manning - solid year from JM; gotta stay out of foul trouble Bench McBroom - plays the 1 and the 2 Reynolds - plays 10 mpg at the 1 when Crews gets tired of McBroom's defense MY - provides a different look from the 3 and 4 Glaze - will finish some games, will start some games; will look overmatched against athletic and long 4s Lancona - sharp shooter off the bench; a little one-dimensional offensively; tough to imagine any three of TL, MC, AM, RA, and MY defending together and keeping things tight Jolly - backup size against teams with a legit 5. Otherwise we play small when JM is out.
  8. RA had an arm in a sling the two times I saw him on campus last month. Doesn't look serious. Just wasn't sure if anybody had reported it here.
  9. Weird to think that Dayton probably doesn't get in unless they ruin our senior night. The 1/11 game @Dayton was the beginning of our A-10 slate, and the 9th of our 19th straight victories. Weird to think that almost 90% of people who watched that game, and would be told one of those teams would make the Elite 8, would have picked SLU. I'm looking at this Dayton team and wondering how they finished fifth in the A-10.
  10. I love Jett and always thought he had potential to win this award, going back to soph. year. He deserves it. But in terms of defense, McCall is better. Jett at 100% is pretty amazing, but he often takes huge risks in the passing lanes and leaves his man all alone to help out. McCall is just so solid out there, borderline spectacular at ball denial, help space, and locking down whoever he's up against. Jordair was better as a soph, and maybe even as a junior. But McCall has been absolutely amazing this year, and hasn't let periodic offensive struggles affect his D one bit.
  11. A little help for an amateur. First home game this year without schlepping the toddler; excited beyond belief. How exactly does the "Happy Hour" at the Fetz work?
  12. Mudkat, it is a SLU board. And the comparison is not far off. Slu was up 17 at the half that game, and up 26 at the 5 min mark in the 2nd half. Not a bad comp. That was a great game for SLU. Gave us a bunch of confidence. Maybe you'll win on Saturday, but you will definitely have lost both games last year and the first game this year. Chin up, buckaroo.
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