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  1. I think it's reasonable to predict we'll be better. But most of the preseason pollsters don't know this team.
  2. This fell through the cracks: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28936673/villanova-tops-college-basketball-way-too-early-top-25-2020-21 Richmond came in at #25. ESPN makes it clear that the rankings will shift as guys declare for the draft. Disappointed that SLU wasn't even "next in line." Rankings are always good for exposure. I expect in the pre-season rankings SLU will land somewhere between 25-50 in most places. I hope they spend most of the year in the top 25. I get that Richmond will probably be the pre-season pick to win the A-10. Billikens are more talented though, and also bigger. They've got nobody to guard Perkins. I hope we play them twice and that both teams are ranked for at least one of those matchups.
  3. Bigs get injured. Diarra is an important part of the future of this team. He knows the system and will be a rotation guy by his junior year, if not sooner on account of an injury.
  4. BC just lost Jairus Hamilton to the transfer portal, but kept their coach, who's on the hottest of seats. Still, they should be better on the basis of the Langford brothers. One of whom is a top 100 frosh, and another a former top 100 guy who transferred from Providence. They will probably add a grad. transfer big. Their 2nd best player in 2018/19 was Wynston Tabbs, who got hurt in December. He was electric, and he sat out the entire season. If he somehow gets back to what he was, BC is probably a tourney team. Given they're usually ravished by injuries, they'll probably be something like 12th in the ACC next year.
  5. That's a good comp. J-Good is one of the weirdest and most enjoyable players I remember watching. I think of a kid from BC named Ryan Sidney who played alongside Troy Bell. Great rebounder, great off-the-ball defender. Shot a set shot from the outside. Was unbelievable as a post-player and open court player. A power guard. Goodwin's greatest strength is his motor. He never seems tired. Preternatural on the offensive boards. His mid-range game has been solid this season. His shot does not look great. Laterally he doesn't move that well, and 1-on-1 he takes a lot of risks and his guy gets by him, but rarely scores. As a ball-handler he seems a little shaky, but makes a lot of good passes and sees the floor well. Strange combo of a total winner and okay decision-maker. There's something Westbrook about him, as you'd never want to curtail that ferocity even though in a few games you want to bang your head. I'd go to war with Goodwin every day of the week and 2x on Sunday.
  6. Um, we had multiple Fox News hosts calling it a hoax and the President saying it would be down to zero. It's politicized because politicians from the No Nothing Party ignored scientific consensus for weeks, cut funding to the CDC, and endangered millions. We can talk about all of the bad decisions governors and mayors have taken, right on down to Pestello (he's been really good, IMO). It's a matter of public health, meaning that politicians make decisions, some of which are good, others not. There's a difference between acknowledging this reality and demagoging the eff out of it by calling it the Chinese Virus.
  7. I read all 19 pages this afternoon. It's been fascinating to chart the whole thing and see the reactions. Sports is a distraction and refuge for all of us. It sucks to see this dream of season possibly ended. I'm thankful for the people who've provided good information. I hope those who are in power make wise decisions to minimize the impact. As somebody who came to St. Louis largely because of Hurricane Katrina, I can say this: airborne diseases and hurricanes have no political agenda. I can say that the decisions of politicians and of media and its influencers will have a tremendous impact on the level of disruption and death that results. I myself work at SLU and was thinking it would be great to take my kids and my wife to see my mom in the coming weeks.... cheap flights, all that. But just in the process of thinking this through, I realized what a risk I'd be taking. Not to my kids or myself, but to my mom, who's nearing 80 and has had bronchial issues. To go from a plane + rental car directly to her house, or even two days later, runs the risk of exposing somebody to a disease that would have a 10% chance of killing her. Those who compare this to the flu aren't totally off, with the exception of the extreme vulnerability of the elderly to this disease. Stay safe, Billiken nation.
  8. Stanford losing tonight to Cal would be a good thing. Tomorrow will be huge for the Pac-12 and Big-10 bubble teams.
  9. My guess is that if guys got the same # of votes, they didn't have a tie-breaker. I got the SLU guys right, but botched the rest of it. I don't know the point of calling it A-10 awards and evaluating non-conference. Gudmundsson was amazing in conference and clearly does more for his team than Grady. Whatever. Glad to see the Billikens get the respect they deserve. Remember J-Good's tweet at the beginning of the season when he was picked 3rd team? I don't get Blake Francis on any team? High volume scorer, not very efficient, and does nothing else, who missed 1/3 of conference games? And Lofton on the 1st team? I didn't even know who that guy was on Saturday.
  10. We need 8 guys if we're going to beat 3 straight teams in Brooklyn. Especially given how many of our guys have gotten in really bad foul trouble this year. Let's hope Jacobs continues to play steady and smart, but with just a bit more of an edge. Also, has anybody noticed how high he gets on rebounds when they hang in the air? His vertical is ridiculous.
  11. It would jump the NET far more than a loss in the finals would drop it. Even to Duquesne. There's Duquesne's NET, and then there's their NET after knocking off URI and Richmond, presumably. That's probably a 15 slot jump I'll continue to be pro NET and pro the committee. The two big problems with the A-10 and bids: (1) the team with the 2nd strongest OOC profile was VCU, but then they imploded. If VCU had finished top 4, they'd be the 2nd team; (2) nobody beat Dayton. Think of Dayton as a 10 point NET jump. Dayton's NET is still top 10 if they go 16-2. SLU's NET would likely be in the 30s, and URI's in the 40s with that win. Richmond probably needs two wins, as does SLU.
  12. I make my evaluation 100% on conference play (I know the actual committee isn't bound by that, but to me it's silly). Gudmundson has been way better in conference, and when URI was 10-1, there was reason to reward Fatts with 1st team, but the Rams crapped the bed 2x against Dayton, and also against SLU, and Fatts was not good in those games. Not by a long shot.
  13. Hughes instead of Weathers was just a brain fart. I meant Weathers. That dude eviscerated us. Thanks for reading.
  14. They don't ignore NET. They put it context of other things. Clearly Minnesota can't be a tourney team despite a NET of 47.
  15. MY PICKS... First Team: Toppin, Crutcher, Mitchell, Gudmundsson (top 10 in rebounding, scoring and assists; sorry Fatts!), and J-GOOD (3rd in reb, steals; 9th in scoring, 14th in assists) Second Team: Fatts, Ryan Daly, Hughes, Gilyard, and HASAHN FRENCH (2nd in blocks, 1st in rebounds, lock for 1st team All Defense Third Team: Grady, Carry, Lofton, Golden, and JAVONTE PERKINS (top 15 in FG, FT, and 3PT%) Rookie: Battle, Hyland, Collins.... Questions: will Javonte get passed over because people don't think 3 Bills deserve it? Will Santos-Silva get grandfathered in? Can't think of a worthy Dayton 3rd fiddle
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