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  1. Thank you Travis for bringing him in, long overdue
  2. We used to have a good Aussie pipeline but decided to close it because that assistant coach left. Maybe we outta re-open it. Kevin Lisch or Loe on line 2?
  3. Final post for me. This is officially the worst NCAA tournament in my memory. Can't ever remember this much chalk and one fake cinderalla in Oregon. Wow. Well, Ill be skipping the games next weekend for the first time ever. Hopefully next year the Bills and other teams that are interesting are in the sweet 16. Don't need to watch the same old teams battle it out. Not sure of the Rick Barnes love from some of you
  4. Vatech is the luckiest team in this tourney. First we can't shoot for a half, now liberty forgets how to shoot for a half. Duke will route them, especially being woke up now
  5. Meanwhile, what the hell happened to Buffalo. They should have gone Sweet 16 at least.
  6. Well, As they say Ball Don't Lie. That shot clock situation should have been a waived off basket. It didn't touch rim. Then the heartbreaking roll off the rim at the end. Zion missed a free throw and they can't get it. Duke lucky..but probably will steamroll to title now sadly. They should've lost..but then they shouldn't of due to that shot clock deal. UCF didn't play smart in the final minutes. I so wanted Duke to go down though. I just knew something would happen there. Tacko not being in at the end was huge. Would have gotten either the FT rebound or dunked the putback
  7. Yea it got in his head. Missed wide open ones too.
  8. Wofford hanging in there. Fletch has no 3s...that should change. Maybe big second half Well looks like Magee picked the wrong day to forget how to shoot...whole Wofford team forgot how to shoot. Wofford would have won this game if Magee even has a half normal day. Unbelievable.. 0-12
  9. Players if you are reading this, thanks for the guts. It was a ride this year and you all dealt with a lot. To pull an NCAA upset everything has to go right. I mean Liberty had a guy go for 31 who averages 13, and a back up center who barely plays go for 13. The first half was brutal, but the comeback attempt was valiant. Those of you coming back, next year we should be a lot stronger. Thanks to the seniors. And to coach Ford, thanks for all your work. VATECH honestly didn't look that impressive in the second half. First half we just go blitzed. But coach, thanks for keeping the group together, and making this team what looked to be a real family. Go Bills. Joey (Former Troll) PS Coach Ford PLEASE try to make adjustments before halftime next year...we can't always dig out of a hole! But great job.
  10. I know, I was so mad when they were the opponent. Better to sneak up on someone. Having to play them sucked. Ford did his best coaching job in that game last year. Doing it again was gonna be tough.
  11. Yea, and more importantly, the A10 wasn't that good. VCU may get beat by double digits by UCF, and they were the best.
  12. Need one more upset in San Jose. Nice job Liberty
  13. Either the Drejaj 3 or the win against Louisville when Perry hit the game winner.
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