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  1. I think they should. Especially for mid majors like Utah State and Hofstra finally getting over the top.
  2. No, the difference is the party in power here in the USA. I am no fan of DJT, I cast a ballot for bernie the other day, but when Obama was in office during the H1N1 nothing like this happened. And a whole lot of people died, albeit primarily those who were sick already.
  3. Corrections, thousands died IN CHINA only...where thousands dying of the 1.2 billion people there is nothing. And now its basically fading out in China.
  4. What is there to be contained..other than a sickness? The common cold and flu spreads just as fast..probably faster. People are panicking because its new and different. In 2008/09 nothing like this happened with H1N1...and it was way worse by the numbers. A lot of people are going to have and get it, but 97-99 percent of them will recover just fine, unless something changes. This is all fear of the unknown. At this point, I guess the 2020 election is gonna be cancelled too so does the president and senators/reps all just get an extra year? That is where this is heading
  5. When July 4th hits and the death rate in the US hasn't even hit 1000 people, and almost all deaths are pre-existing conditions, are we gonna look back on this and shake our heads? Thanks China....
  6. I am not a "truther"..this should not be politicized. I just don't ever remember people freaking like this for anything else ever... Like someone said, they played the tourney through WWII. Hopefully all is well.
  7. People didn't die in large numbers in China even. China has under 5000 deaths out of 1 billion plus people, and its slowing down. I am not saying it isnt bad or we shouldn't be concerned, but its not to the level people are making it. Older people with health issues should for sure stay home and away from planes and sports arenas, but that is just common sense.
  8. I never said it wasn't worse then the Flu, but its not the black plague either....
  9. Based on what? A death rate of under 5 percent worldwide, that is concentrated with people over 70 who have health issues? Death rate under 50 is less than .5 percent? What makes it a big deal?
  10. This is the biggest crazy panic I've ever seen. 2009 swine flu was way worse and no one acted like this. Young healthy people are fine..its a bad flu..thats it. This is insane acting like its the end of the world. People get sick every day. Take precautions and live your life. I cannot believe we are going to lose games over this.
  11. Clicked in your post, hit quote selection.
  12. I hope Keith cries all night... no love for that guy
  13. The DOOR IS OPEN. Lets go BOYS. Good to see Francis keep rolling after missing the month from the injury in our game. If we face Rich lets beat them at full strength.
  14. Love BIG SHOT Hargrove. That 3 settled things back down. Just think..hes only going to get better as a shooter. And his D his come so far since Maryville game.. What a stud he is going to be
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