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  1. Did we even recruit Kalkbrenner from Trinity? Just was reminded about him. Shouldn't be losing guys like that to Creighton
  2. This is 100 percent accurate. And to the users who somehow marked this is a "troll post" when it was not negative on the bills and generated 2 pages of comments, can the mods please address them. I am really tired of the user bias here. This was a frustration post, a frustration all die hard bills fans felt. We were totally robbed in that game. If Has isn't taken out we win or at least go OT.
  3. The jobbing these refs did today, on Has especially, has to be an all time worst. So tired of these corrupt A10 refs. They stole that game from us today. Made it a totally different ballgame. All to protect Dayton's seed. Incredible.... I don't know where wed go but there has to be a better conference..
  4. Which isnt true at all as I've been around all season, but you can lie if it makes you feel good
  5. Do you not understand my point? If that shot rims out I think we are 5-0 since. Beat davidson and duqies. Momentum
  6. 6 Seconds left in OT....6 seconds from the best win in the Ford era and finally breaking through. Then that damn shot goes down. Since then, 2 losses to decentish teams, and 3 wins over absolute dogs, 2 of them just barely. Imagine if that shot didn't fall....
  7. Who is ready to run the table in brooklyn?
  8. Duquense has losses to crap teams....but looks like tournament material vs us... I guess they played dayton tough too
  9. We either come back and pull this out or any at large visions are done. Im so sick of this Duq team. Even our good squads gagged against them
  10. So we are going to crap away the season at home against this dog team...
  11. Why cant we ever just handle this team. And bigs just kills us.. lasalle guy, weathers, etc
  12. And we need "Good Jacobs" the rest of the year
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