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  1. You are correct...even with the height difference. I think prepping hargrove for him would be interesting though. He has the athleticism to do it
  2. We can beat Dayton if we properly plan for Toppin. Getting Hargrove ready will be key for that. Because French and Bell are not chasing him out to the perimeter. KC, Hargrove or possibly perkins will need to guard him.
  3. Martin might be the worst game coach in the country. This was a joy to watch. JT finally has it figured out, maybe he can graduate early and come over here next year. Doubtful with his academics though. Martin never has his players prepared to play...ever
  4. Absolutely. Honestly, I thought Ford coached his ass off today. And what he is getting out of Bell, who most of us thought would barely crack the roster this year, is a revelation. The D came to play in the second half until the big run. They are learning. I was negative about bad D when it was warranted, but to go on the road and win this was nice. I want to know where the Gotham title banner is as well. 4-0 baby
  5. What a crazy day. Dayton slams VT the day after VT upsets Sparty. Belmont loses to Eastern Wash, making our win look not as good. And then Duke. What an upside down weird season its been. Anyone can beat anybody this year
  6. Is richmond that good? Or Wisconsin bad? I wish Toppin had left last year. Not looking forward to those Dayton games
  7. Coach Ford, appreciate the gutsy ugly defense when we needed it. Finally had a good game plan to physically punish what was clearly a finesse team. French was a man among boys. Yuri had his worst game yet but it still felt..ok... The 10 second call was horrible but he made up for it by locking down their go to guy on the final possession. He will be ok. If we can get thatch healthy and consistent and our top 5 minute getters are Thatch, French, Goodwin, Yuri and Gibby this team could win the A10. And of course we have to keep playing defense... Perkins could steal minutes too, hes hard to figure out. But congrats all around, good victory. Lets go up to Boston and WIN THIS TOURNAMENT
  8. THANK YOU for some sanity. This game should've been 80+ to about 35 or 40. They are AWFUL.
  9. Spurts..Im talking about a full 40 minutes
  10. We haven't played defense since game 1. Not even in the exhibition. I don't know whats going on but it better get figured out in 48 hours or it will be a bloodbath saturday. I love collins and jimmer connection. Goodwin is a stud...and French of course. But this D is a mess
  11. Belmont seems to be sneaky good every year. Their coach is a legend.
  12. Thank you. And I agree with others that sure it isn't easy. But it has been a standard for this team. Should have had better prep in the summer. And Goodwin surely knows to play D. Perkins should too from all his experience. Freshman are freshman but they can be coached too.
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