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  1. All i know is the team we thought was our best ever probably won't even dance. Can we win the A10..sure...but playing it in richmond and dayton will be tough. We might as well just rest players these next 2 games and play strickland and hargrove and see what we got. Unless we could drop into the play in game. Seeding does not matter at this point
  2. The refs stole the game....BUT...we shouldn't have been in position to have it taken. They had 20 points missing from the floor. Should have been an easy win. Letting it stay close was the dagger. And Yuri did look like no match for Ace
  3. This game was literally stolen. French and Yuris last 2 fouls were insane
  4. I guess the refs don't want us dancing. The last 3 fouls were unbelievable.
  5. That ball was in the basket before that supposed "Foul"
  6. Between the refs and them making some 3s they shouldn't this is where we are at
  7. Who is this fool anyway? Go back to the fields down in Virginia and chew some tobacco
  8. Rich I would change it but it has become too much of a novelty now. We have to ride it out now...
  9. Even better.. "Da News Is Just-in SMOAK the Spidahs" A little homage to one of my favorite one week fantasy baseball pickups, the great Justin Smoak.
  10. "fealing" as good as you my friend. Started drinking early for this one. Gotta love working from home right!
  11. Hopefully out of the stadium with their heads down
  12. You guys made my day. Watch us win big. Then we will have to let me post the GDT every time. Can't break a streak.
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