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  1. So a few weeks ago, my wife and our friend we share season tix with figured there was no chance we'd make it to the tourney so we booked a trip to Vegas to watch the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. Fast forward to today, and the Billikens are dancing! While a bit sad we now can't go travel to watch them first round (trip is largely prepaid), still super stoked that we'll be able to wear SLU gear in Vegas during March Madness with pride and laying down a few bucks on the team. Anyway, there won't be a Knights Inn story from the first round this year. But hopefully the tea
  2. Perfect turnover by Isabell to end the game. Microcosm of this season.
  3. I am completely deflated right now. This might be the most gutwrenching loss I've ever seen.
  4. Hey guys! I know, I know...long time and all. Some of you that were on the board a few years ago during the NCAA run may remember West Pine Jim. He was a fairly regular poster who would usually attend watch parties and road trip games. He even went to a few OBC lunches. (Oops, we're not supposed to talk about OBC. My bad.) Well, over the past couple of seasons, his health has taken an unfortunate downturn and he's now confined to a wheelchair. But despite his poor health, he still makes sure to attend Billikens games. For those who've met Jim and/or engaged with him on the board
  5. I'll be at Fieldhouse tomorrow with Mrs. Bizzle. We plan on getting there closer to 1 PM to make sure we nab a table. Haven't seen Taj since the Michigan State game in Columbus. Look forward to catching up!
  6. Plan on going. Gonna likely take advantage of the deal just publicized.
  7. I just don't have the words. St. Louis has truly lost a treasure. RIP, Joe.
  8. I rarely post here anymore for many of the reasons FDL highlighted, since you all are looking for examples.
  9. How is that not a travel by Wattanabe?
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