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  1. I thought the clock doesn't start until a player touches the ball
  2. https://twitter.com/studurando/status/1502503253774376965?t=Bjvb03mcQFTDKG-Zh0WFFg&s=19
  3. He walked away after the first shot too. Must have thought we had a time out.
  4. Nesbitt forgot to box out the shooter, but all is forgiven since we ***** won.
  5. Dumb foul by Yuri. Gotta trust the help defense.
  6. Getting outcoached for sure. Mooney pushed all the right buttons at half.
  7. I'ma big fan of Yuri, but he needs to be smarter.
  8. Real refreshing seeing us not being the team that struggles on FT.
  9. These announcers have no idea whose who on SLU.
  10. Any news on Strickland? Surprised he doesn't get in here.
  11. Man, Thatch's shot is not even close.
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