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  1. What type of cable subscription do you have? I used to get FSMW thru YouTube.tv but now that's no longer the case.
  2. I mean... I don't think it's intentional.
  3. Poured a shot and cracked a beer to start the game. Turns out the game is at 8 central and not 8 est. Guess I'll just be drinking until game time.
  4. Goodwin answered someone on Instagram, saying that this is his last year. Post dispatch ran an article on it. Haven't seen info on French.
  5. Jimmerson rims out a 3 to take a 2 point lead, and in a split second we're down by 6.
  6. https://collegepolltracker.com/basketball/team/saint-louis-billikens/2020
  7. Strickland in. Ready for a windmill, 360 dunk.
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