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  1. Cool, just so we're clear. You call it about 20 times per game.
  2. I think French's jumps/moves are more predictable, easier to block.
  3. Dude. Just don't post, this is $h!t is annoying
  4. Also wanted to thank the announcers for not emphasizing on our FT woes.
  5. Can you take your posts to the test forum? Don't need this negativity.
  6. Anyone see Weaver mad as they were walking to locker room? Must have had a run in with Dayton player
  7. Why Hightower over Weaver? Weaver did well in short minutes.
  8. Just made it home from work. Fat pour of stagg Jr to calm the nerves. Let's gooo!
  9. Yuri was key tonight. 7:2 assist to TO ratio. Help hold Gilyard to 2pts, 1 assist, 5 TO.
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