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  1. Are you becoming old conspiracy theorist guy?? This is Alex Jones level logic. Sure this is all possible but not that likely. You could make the same argument about college basketball players and ask all the same questions. Make sure you buy your Patriot Seeds from Infowars.com before they come for you.
  2. This isn't football. There is no such thing as A10 specific referees who only work A10 games. Referees are employed by multiple conferences and the referee is usually selected for geographic reasons. It is why we ocasionally get some of the better known college referees like Ted Valentine, Bo Boroski and Jamie Lucky who you also see reffing P5 games. So if we changed conferences we would likely see many of the same referees.
  3. Is Yuri best Billiken freshman contributor since/other than Hughes? I cant think of a better one
  4. Most of these streams are NBCSN and the game is on CBSSN
  5. I don't understand. Why is this important to you?
  6. Javonte also seem to be very even keel in his demeanor that it appears the highs and lows don't affect him. No flash and no frowns. He just keeps plugging along until he finds something that works.
  7. I dont know what else would explain the hardest working player on the team looking, as someone else called him, lazy, uncharacteristically missing bunnies and making more bad decisions than normal
  8. I think he is exhausted. He has played 100 more minutes than any other Billiken
  9. Sinquefeld was along the baseline across from Bills bench
  10. Was there some special event today for the Billikens' wealthiest donors? They made a special courtside section for Rex Sinquefeld behind the basket, the courtside seats were full, Biondi was courtside and a lot of other shiny guys were present.
  11. I wish the school would post these post game press conferences on youtube like every other school does
  12. I agree he needs to get stronger. I sit behind the basket and he was either bumped out of the way or outmuscled a few times for rebounds when he had position. As to his defense, he gave up at least 2 blow by straight line drives to the basket for layups. But, it was still great to see him play and show what he can do.
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