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  1. Anybody else find it funny that 2 guys who have posted on this board over 36000 times combined have the gall to complain about what someone else posts? Especially when Courtside's posts are actually informational and not some crackpot opinions from the couch or holier than thou posts on the way things ought to be.
  2. I dont think so but I am not 100% sure. Someone on a Memphis board was upset they let him come to campus early because it basically gave him a "get out of jail free" card.
  3. All of the pessimism and anger is obnoxious. But realize that it is just an ego-protection strategy. I do a lot of internal eye rolling.
  4. This is all about clicks and social media engagement
  5. This is all about clicks and social media engagement
  6. I agree with NH that we have seen improvement. Also, Taj you answered your own question when you cited Goodwin and Bess. The players have to choose to put in the work in the off season. I believe coaches can only mandate and be present for 8 hours of skills work per week including weights and conditioning. These guys just played an entire season where almost all of their free time was eaten up by basketball and school. Some guys have the work ethic and desire to will themselves to improve and others need a break.
  7. I agree. Thatch and/or Hargrove could see Mo Jeffers type year over year improvement In scoring if asked to do so.
  8. I think this is sarcasm. Pretty good summation of this thread. Bottom line, the entire team had a bad game. Both the beauty and heartbreak of being a fan of a "high" mid major college basketball team is every game means so much. One or two bad ones really hurt.
  9. All of the teams you mention have conference tournaments this week and, honestly, could help their cause more by getting deep into their tournaments than playing us. It is why the thought of an extra game looks a bit like a pipe dream right now. I am hoping something works out.
  10. I doubt running and gunning would have worked tonight. During his press conference, Ford said the team lacked energy from the tip and that it was very unusual that he had to try to get guys going during the first timeout.
  11. That is a strange question. Why don't you? They had a bad game.
  12. More streams at this link if you are having issues with those posted
  13. You are clicking on the popups. You need to keep closing popups - sometimes there are as many as 4 - until you clear them all to get to the actual stream. If you are not doing so, I suggest you use an adblocker which will cut down on the amount of popups.
  14. https://sports24.stream/ncaab/st-bonaventure-bonnies-at-saint-louis-billikens-cbss.html
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