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  1. good enough for me. SLU to the BE confirmed.
  2. message boards are no place for facts and statistics, please stick to wild conjecture.
  3. Scrolling through that twitter account always gets me way more riled up than it should about bad calls
  4. Being self appointed internet humor czar seems exhausting
  5. I happened to be in the car when he was on, plugged Billiken madness. Coach was asked about Yuri, mentioned again he is a true old school PG. coach was asked about the loss of JB and TI as leaders, said he is more than confident with Goodwin and French leading, and he stated that what we lost in experience we have replaced with talent and athleticism. this is my best recreation
  6. Objective Take On The On Topic post the classic OTOTOT Post
  7. They suck, their fans are goons, and they can watch the states only tourney team on TV.
  8. You guys know we are playing in the NCAA tourney this week right? We should be busy promoting everything Billikens and trolling Mizzou fans, then you wouldn’t have time for this distraction. Go Bills!
  9. Getting in Friday at four. Fingers crossed for flawless travels -straight from the airport to the bar to the game! Let’s Go Bills!
  10. is there a watch party for the game tonight?
  11. Yup. But it has to have the classic upside down bud light bottle perfectly clogging the toilet
  12. I love this take. The loss of humps is not just a huge cultural loss, but a citywide health and safety issue! We need to get the soccer moms on this one.
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