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  1. I had the same thought but I’m hoping that we won’t look as bad. We have a lot more depth, which could potentially offset a lack of conditioning, and can always play bully ball to win if the shots aren’t falling. Trying to stay optimistic at least.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, the 7 day return to action protocol is to monitor a player’s health for any unexpected complications from the virus. With the reports of the virus causing myocarditis and seeing Florida’s Keyontae Johnson collapse suddenly after having the virus months ago, I don’t really think that this protocol is a bad thing. Our players’ health is much more important than missing a couple more conference games. This probably wouldn’t be as noticeable if 80% of the team didn’t test positive either.
  3. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/built-like-a-tight-end-french-pursues-basketball-dream-at-slu/article_52d92325-584a-57db-a378-fd96d5d62e59.html Found this article from 2017 on French. It looks like he played in middle school but isn’t clear if he played at all in high school.
  4. SLU at 12 in the first NET Ranking of the year
  5. With how much it seems that he’s improved his jump shot, I’m not surprised at all. I’m happy for him and hope that he kills it wherever he ends up after this season
  6. We’re on break until January 28th. I definitely see why big donors would be prioritized, but at the same time we’re paying close to 60k a year to attend SLU. I think that we deserve some priority too, especially considering that we’ve already lost almost a year of our college experience to this point.
  7. Glad to see that they’ve recognized this and Javonte is making adjustments. I’m definitely not the most technical expert when it comes to basketball but I did think this was a factor in some of his recent struggles.
  8. I agree, it’s just the fact that it was an airball and he’s had quite a few bad misses as of late. Concerned probably isn’t the right word because he’s most likely fine, but just something I’ve noticed.
  9. That shot by Jimerson has me a bit concerned. He’s been missing badly a lot these last few games, and as another poster mentioned he’s shooting around 30% over our last four games. Not sure if he’s just a bit off or if it could be something bigger. Also, I think the lack of 3pt success can directly be attributed to the fouls. Outside of Jimerson, Perkins is our best outside shooter. He sat for much of the second half with four fouls, one of which I clearly remember as a bs charging call. In fact, I don’t think Perkins was as ‘off’ as people are saying; the man was getting hit every
  10. Hard to beat a team and the refs at the same time....
  11. Couple things I’ve noticed: 1. We look miles better with Thatch in the game. 2. The refs are atrocious.
  12. Carr off the floor. Let’s take advantage.
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