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  1. For anyone that was at the open practice, they marked the seats of new season ticket holders with a white piece of paper. Wasn’t a huge amount of them but enough to be noticeable (at least to me)
  2. Much older crowd going to SLU games than Blues games. And a different vibe altogether, I’d imagine the Blues fan base would be a lot less worried about COVID.
  3. It’s not truly quantifiable but it undoubtedly had an impact. I think this year will be a true litmus test. We finally have a team that’s getting national attention in a year where fans can attend, there’s no vaccine requirement, and COVID is not getting the same attention as it was a year ago.
  4. 3 of your top 8 players from the last decade being under 6’2 at the D1 level is pretty notable.
  5. For reference how often do we see guys post pics in SLU uniforms and they don’t commit? I can’t remember any but I know I’m probably overlooking somebody
  6. Adding links to the players’ social media and some of their NIL stuff is a great touch.
  7. Previously committed to South Carolina with Will Bailey as his lead recruiter. Originally class of 22 but re-classed to 23. Maybe some smoke to this?
  8. https://archapparel.com/collections/slu Looks like arch apparel has released their SLU gear. Not sure how long it’s been out but just found out about it from a friend and wanted to make sure everyone saw it
  9. It was a scary sight to see Thatch handle the ball in the non-con last year. A turnover waiting to happen. But he really improved in conference season in all facets, including his playmaking. I’m sure y’all remember this: I’m confident he can continue making strides in that department and be a part of the Yuri back-up committee.
  10. https://www.theonion.com/conference-realignment-continues-as-florida-state-joins-1849177542
  11. Dayton, Loyola, VCU, and Davidson all have enough name value in our conference to be big draws. I’m hoping that all four games on are on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Hell, nobody knows about St. Bonnie outside of the A10 AND the game was at 8 pm and there was still a good crowd for it last year. Good A10 teams + good scheduling will draw the students. You’re right about non-con but it’s usually fickle anyway. Memphis could be a decent draw but if it falls on winter break like the Auburn game last year, will probably be lightly attended. I’m sure that we’re gonna have some buy games but maybe we can get one more team with a good name for the non-con.
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