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  1. Somehow Hyunjung Lee comes in at 9:
  2. True but the board has proven time and time again that it can’t handle any discussion regarding COVID without it quickly going off the rails.
  3. Imagine if he keeps up the same shooting stats that he had last season… towel me
  4. Idk man, I could really see that being Nesbitt
  5. Should I be excited about Andre or concerned about Rashad’s defense?
  6. Funnily enough, the former president of Vianney that green lighted the project is now an accounting professor at SLU.
  7. Bills schedule has three teams in the top 25? You love to see it
  8. So now that it seems that the consensus is that Nesbitt will be a starter, what do we think about the 5th starter? Would love to hear some insight from anyone at the open practice yesterday.
  9. I'd like Skip too but wouldn't mind Ollie either. So long as they don't make Yadi a player-coach like Facebook wants them to.
  10. Lol I know that my optimism is very reckless. But at least in my lifetime, these are the sorts of seasons when the Cardinals win the championship.
  11. This right here is why I'm really excited for this team and think they could be better than any Goodwin/French team. The roster still has the capability to be good defensively with much better offensive pieces.
  12. If the Cardinals win tonight, I think they take the whole thing. The Dodgers are the only team that truly scares me in a five or seven game series. Glad that we have the chance to take them out in one game.
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