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  1. I could definitely see it with the number of different looks we could give teams on the wings. Yuri, JP, and Okoro are most likely gonna get more minutes than the rest. I could see an even rotation of Nesbitt, TJ, Fred, Jimerson, and maybe even Markhi along with Linssen backing up Okoro.
  2. Yuri, Nesbitt, Javonte, TJ, and Okoro as the starting five with TJ able to retain the outside shot he showed last season is something I would love to see.
  3. Couple things I noticed in this video: 1. You can really see how big JP got 2. A few good clips of Nesbitt and JP going head-to-head
  4. Agreed. Even without the experience in football, all of French’s best qualities on the court (athleticism, physicality, good footwork for a bigger guy) should translate very well as a tight end. I think with the right development he could see some NFL playing time.
  5. So what do we think the starting lineup will look like next year? Yuri, Nesbitt, Thatch, Perkins, Okoro? Maybe swap out Thatch for Jimerson?
  6. Fair, and to be clear I like Chapley. I just don't want to get my hopes up for a Nesbitt commitment and end up with the news not being that big of a deal. Just a small gripe in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Name a better duo than Chapley and inducing unnecessary speculation. I’d prefer that he would simply just report it once it’s confirmed.
  8. Lol yeah you’re right, that was a dumb question. A better question is would he be interested in coming to slu. Did we ever have any sort of chance?
  9. I know he had a rough first year, but would we want to take a flyer on Love in case he wants to come back home?
  10. I’d bet money this is what happened to Fletcher and is probably going to happen to Nesbitt next
  11. Goodwin got suspended his freshman year, too... To be clear, I’m not saying Goodwin is a head case, I’m saying that getting suspended as a young 18 year old doesn’t make you one
  12. Considering that Fletcher did well when he actually played, I think that speaks more to his and Cal’s relationship rather than his playing ability
  13. Yeah but to say he’d be riding the bench for us is pretty far fetched
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