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  1. I'm all for collegiate athletes getting money in their pockets. It was long overdue (especially given how much money they generate for the schools). To me, the bigger issue is the ease of transfers. I liked when an athlete had to sit-out for a year, if/when they transferred. It truly made an athlete think about their decision, and if it was worth the time spent off-the-court. Also, give the athletes ONE transfer opportunity, not multiple.
  2. If Ford can't recruit, then he's worthless. Because he sure isn't an X's and O's guy.
  3. I've got a Cricut machine. I could, easily, make shirts for anyone who wants one.
  4. This is the thing that stuck out to me. When Parker went down, I (mistakenly) thought the offense may actually function more fluidly. My thought process was, “Parker NEVER passes the ball. At least this new situation would force more ball movement, more screens, and less standing around and watching Sincere.” Boy, was I wrong.
  5. His size will hold him back (but, if he was bigger, he wouldn't be HERE), but Medley looks like a player. I'm excited about his future (assuming he'll be here all 4 years). Also excited about Curcic. Plays with intensity on both sides of the floor, looks to have a sweet shot, and has a bit of an edge.
  6. Ridiculous, but not unexpected. Classic Travis Ford game. Dude is a loser, who refuses to make adjustments in second halves. The frequency with which this happens is unreal.
  7. Damn. They look exhausted. Lazy passes, lazy picks, lazy defense.
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