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  1. I love taking the train to Chicago. And, if you book early, it’s only $20-25.
  2. When you've got a 6'10" guy who can pass well, and hit 40% of his 3s, I'm all in.
  3. If ‘Grease’ is the last movie someone ever sees, it’s not a bad pick.
  4. Dick Vitale is the backup option.
  5. I would’ve been happy with Ben McCollum, but he’s off the board. If it’s not Shertz, I’m worried.
  6. It was actually Chris May on the phone. ”Hey Coach….we’re good, right?”
  7. That freakin’ Globetrotter weave frustrated me to no end. I remember mentioning this, two seasons ago, and having another poster tell me that I “didn’t understand the college game.”
  8. I want Schertz. But, if he gets an extra $1 million a year from Louisville, I’m okay with it. As long as we use the buyout money on some players, and bring in McCollum.
  9. I'm hoping Gibby will return, especially with the positive vibes that the new coach is already cultivating. If he gets the cash, I think he stays.
  10. We need to talk about your TPS Reports, Peter.
  11. It's coming. Everyone gets one.
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