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  1. And I agree that Okoro shouldn’t be positioned in the high post. He’s not good-enough of a passer for that.
  2. I don’t think we have to win the conference tourney to get into the tournament, but we DO need to win the conference (or, at least finish 2nd WITH a win over Dayton).
  3. We should be up by 10. Terrible free throw shooting.
  4. He’s definitely forcing shots. He’s been doing it all year. He’s frustrated that he can’t do the things he did before the injury.
  5. Auburn always has a rowdy crowd. Unfortunately, I think refs are intimidated and/or influenced by that.
  6. Forrester looks amazing against the bad teams, and truly looks lost against good teams.
  7. Hughes. Thames. Jam Time! Hope we get to hear a lot of that in the next several years.
  8. Ever since the UMSL game, the thing that's stuck out for me is the insane amount of open 3-pointers that we allow. Is that an effort thing (not rotating quickly enough), or is this a flaw in CTF's overall defensive strategy? Against UMSL, Murray St., and Evansville, we seemed to allow a bunch of open 3's, and we just lucked-out on the fact that bad offensive teams were shooting them. In the Memphis game, most of the shots were contested. So, I'm unsure what the issue is. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing the kids more (especially Kellen and Larry), particularly in the first half. Bring that energy and enthusiasm early, and keep your top 6-7 fresh for the 2nd half. Having said that, I'm sure we'll be 28-1 (give or take) heading into the NCAA tournament, so I'm not worried.
  9. Perkins is invisible, again. Collins is trying to drive on guys twice his size. Defense is allowing wide-open 3’s. Maryland is winning every ‘hustle play.’
  10. Agreed! At first, I was worried that Perkins was hurt (when he didn’t play, down the stretch). He forced several drives (in the 2nd half), trying to make something happen, which lead to wild shots or turnovers. Probably feeling a bit of pressure (only having 2 points at that time), which is understandable. I’m happy that Coach Ford didn’t feel pressure to keep Perk out there. We probably don’t win this game, with Perkins playing down the stretch. He just needs time. He’ll be a beast by conference tournament time. Having said that, it feels great to know that we can beat a good team, even when Perkins has an off-night.
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