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  1. No love for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks, I noticed. Typical of today’s biased sports media.
  2. What is the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks?
  3. That’s okay. Name wouldn’t have fit on the jersey anyway.
  4. My guess is that, as soon as Yuri took his name out of the Portal, an order for about 4000 ‘Run With Me’ hoodies were made by a Mr. Bill I. Ken.
  5. The Tennessee basketball program produces stars. Kevin Nash played for the Volunteers. He went on to become a 6-time heavyweight champion, and one of THE actors in the history of film.
  6. I hate the way Yuri handled the whole process (notifying the coaches via text is insane), but I understand what his goal was. College players are, now, essentially on a series of 1-year contracts, with a ‘player option’ for the following year. We will see the number of athletes in the Transfer Portal go up every year. It’s the player’s way of seeing what other options are out there (more money, more playing time, building Miami Heat-style super teams to chase a National Title). If the player doesn’t like what’s out there, they’ve got a roster to return to. If they find a better situation, they leave. It freakin’ sucks, but it’s the new order of things. I’m sooooo glad he’s back, but I too worry about team chemistry.
  7. Yep. Rashad was trying to keep us calm, and we refused to listen.
  8. That horrible suit he’s wearing is a non-starter for me.
  9. Love how we’re breaking the Jimerson reel, like it’s the Zapruder Film. And I’m totally here for it.
  10. I’ve never peed on a Yuri Collins urinal cake, in the bathroom of a Hot Shots, so definitely not the same.
  11. Unfortunately, I can’t ever see myself directly contributing money to bringing ANY player to SLU. It’s not anything to do with Yuri, specifically.
  12. I’m sure the big schools will say it’s for the athletes’ help in running summer camps, outreach programs, etc. But, you’re right. It’s actually just legalized bribing.
  13. NIL (something that I was in-support-of for years) has now allowed larger programs the ability to ‘buy’ players from smaller schools. If something isn’t changed, schools like SLU will be fielding new and/or subpar rosters, every year. So, what’s the fix? Should there be a ‘cap’ on what a player can make, from NIL, in a year? Should the university be totally ‘hands off’ when it comes to securing deals (meaning, the player can seek out whatever he/she wants, but has to do their own legwork)? Do we bring back the rule where you have to sit out for a year, if you use the transfer portal? Maybe make it so you cannot earn NIL money until they year is up? I’m sure some court would shut these ideas down, if the NCAA tried to implement them, but something needs to happen.
  14. This is exactly my current feeling. I got excited to see a player grow through the program. Maybe he struggled to get minutes his freshman year, became a solid role player his sophomore year, a double-digit scoring starter in his junior year, and led his team to an NCAA bid in his senior year. Those days, for SLU at least, may be done. If/when a player DOES show great improvement, they will ‘graduate’ to a P5 program, where they can make 50-100K a year, and upping their profile for pro scouts. The Nesbitt thing was odd, but not surprising. Losing Yuri is a bummer.
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