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  1. Okay, they just announced a 10 person incoming recruiting class. Do we have 10 roster spots available??? I know we also had some transfers incoming. Does anyone know how this class is ranked?
  2. We hit seven home runs today???? Damn!!!!!!
  3. No. I went to the 3 in Florida and the 3 in Memphis
  4. To the St. Louis peeps…GO SEE THEM PLAY!!!!! Bring a seat cushion…not that bad..they are 6-0 with me watching…I’ve done my part….my next look is the New Orleans trip.
  5. WIU loads the bases in the 9th but SLU wins 8-5! 7-0 BABY!!!! We obviously aren’t great but this team is gritty as hell. Several key hits all weekend. Go see them play if you can. They are a blast to watch!!!!
  6. Drew Winters hits dramatic grand slam. 7-5 SLU. 9th inning
  7. SLU offense silent today, trailing 4-1 through 5
  8. Weber got shelled in the 3rd, gives up 4 runs, although the scoreboard says 3. Strange double play to end the inning 4-1 WIU in the 4th
  9. SLU scoreless through two. Wind blowing in hard. Tyler Fogarty just had a possible homerun knocked down in the wind. Low scoring game today might be possible. Charlie Weber already has 3 Ks for SLU and looks good at the start
  10. Closer game today. SLU overcame 3-1 deficit in the 6th. They blew it open in the 9th. Tommy Ray struck out 8 before tiring. Dude is going to be a stud starter.
  11. Cole Smith another grand slam in the Top 9…17-3
  12. That should do it. Grand slam. Drew Winters. 12-3 SLU top 9th
  13. Not as windy today. SLU scoreless through 2 innings
  14. After SLU was up 18-1, I drove down to the U of Memphis to check out their ballpark. They have been pretty equal to us in the past several years. Urban campus, not a lot of space….absolutely spectacular baseball facility. We could have if we had some competent leadership.
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