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  1. Yeah. If you can score 10 runs against UR's 2nd pitcher in a Holmes start, you really have to win. This just sucks!
  2. Well that sucked. Not sure about using Litman instead of Bell or Gray today. Litman always looks like he is about to get lit up. Didn’t take advantage of the bye and now have an uphill battle.
  3. I always track the SLU players after they graduate. I think this is the first year in a long time we won't have any players in the affiliated minor leagues at all this season It was disappointing that pitchers James Norwood and Miller Hogan didnt catch with any organization, despite I think some life left in their arms. I did see that infielder Mark Vierling is playing for Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League which is an independent pro league. Cameron Pferrer is on the protected list for Florence in the FL but he doesn't appear to on the active roster. Thats meager for a pretty good program. Anyone know of any other players I am missing? SLU does a pretty poor job with providing any updates. I also heard that Pat Clohisy will be playing for Hyannis in the prestigious Cape Cod League this year. I didnt get that info from SLU, I got that from the play-by-play guy on the UMass baseball broadcast. Some years SLU announces where the kids are playing summer ball but mostly they don't. I guess there is an outside shot Clohisy gets drafted and doesn't return. That would be interesting We've have the bye for the A10 Tournament which means you have to win 3 games in 4 days against teams that will be all be playing on less rest. This is definitely doable. I've never been to a SLU Regional before and would REALLY like to go. I think the last few times they advanced, they were at Ole Miss and South Carolina. That would work. Please no Palo Alto regional. Give me some SEC or ACC schools! But there is a lot of work that needs to be done before that becomes a possibility.
  4. True. That would be pretty cool. They need to get Clohisy as many ABs as possible. So nice to have him back.
  5. HANG ANOTHA BANNER!!!! CONFERENCE CHAMPS!!!!!! Since an at large is out of the question, lets play some freshman, get rested up, and win the damn tournament!!!!
  6. YES! YES! YES! Rhode Island takes out Dayton in the first game of their doubleheader 8-6. Now the only way we don't win the outright Atlantic 10 Championship and earn the buy is if we get swept by UMass and Dayton wins their remaining two games against RI. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Slight correction - VCU could also win the conference with two wins over Richmond and 3 SLU losses. Also NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
  7. No game today. Doubleheader tomorrow. We have a 1.5 game lead on Dayton with three games to play. Dayton meanwhile is playing a double header today and a single game Saturday. If Rhody somehow sweeps them today, I believe we would be conference champs. GO RAMS!!!
  8. Doug Gottleib to Wisconsin-Green Bay. Weird.
  9. This would move Mo State into the Football Bowl Subdivision. They have been a mediocre football team in the FCS. In order to be a decent FBS team, you have to have a ton of NIL $$$$ committed to football. They better have a plan to win and generate a bunch more revenue. That CUSA tv revenue isn’t that much. Wow! It’s a ballsy move. Where is that Valley fan now???
  10. Amusing - there is a pretty popular Italian restaurant near me in Jacksonville, FL where the owners are all from St. Louis. You can get a pizza very similar to Imo's there, which I will on occasion when I am missing home. Its actually a little less greasy than the original which I appreciate. They also serve TRavs, Mayfair salad and gooey butter cake. When I tell people that this is a cool St. Louis style restaurant, no one cares.
  11. Thats the point. Valley upgrades to A10. A10 upgrades to BEast. The next team that goes from the A10 to the Valley will be the first. Temple and UMass left for football, not basketball.
  12. Good lord dude. Even your own schools want out of the Valley when they get a taste of success.......Creighton..Loyola..Wichita...
  13. That is amazing and really cool! I didnt think anything would be more of a surprise than us getting a bid in the WNIT, but here we are....
  14. Latest D1 Baseball projection. That would be pretty awesome. Obviously we have to win the A10 Tournament.
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