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  1. In 1998, I brought a friend to a SLU game. I believe it was SLU vs. Memphis but I am not sure. SLU lost and as we were walking out of the Saavis Center, my friend, who is a Mizzou alum and a big Tigers basketball fan said something to the effect of Memphis should take the bus up I-70 and play a real school. Mizzou also lost that day, a game against Kansas State that they lost 110-120 or something to 55. That was the single most lopsided loss in Mizzou history.
  2. In the early days, athletic programs were funded almost entirely by ticket sales so overselling the stadium was common. Teams often divided the ticket sales 50-50 so both schools had an incentive to do so. Admission to the games cost $30-50 per person (inflation adjusted) and both schools had seasons in which they cancelled basketball games because they did not sell enough tickets to the football games and therefore did not have the money. The history of SLU football is interesting, including the age-old legend that SLU invented the forward pass. Reportedly, Coach Cochems clai
  3. As an aside, SLU should retire the jersey of DC Wilcutt, the second best player on the 1948 NIT championship team and a high school coaching legend.
  4. It has been an incredible turn-around. I happen to be looking at the Massey Ratings and for the heck of it... SLU is ranked No. 18 with an SOS rated at No. 54. This does not include the 0-0 tie with Missouri State, a team that is 11-0 and rated at No. 7. This includes a loss against No. 22 Notre Dame, a team that SLU maybe should have defeated and No. 1 SMU. No. 3 rated Virginia will be a good test. Is the A-10 tournament ever coming back to campus?
  5. Well, Webster University baseball plays at GCS Credit Union Ballpark so the upgrade is probably part of a larger facility upgrade and probably sponsored. You should go see Grant Gymnasium for perspective. I like the Webster campus but SLU is better facilities-wise in nearly ever way.
  6. You are the man! That program had been out on Ebay for a while. I am glad to see it going to a Billikens fan and one that will likely keep in the family for a while.
  7. I admit, it is crazy expensive, but the vendor is accepting offers and this program is from the 1948 NIT championship in which SLU defeated NYU in front of their home crowd. There has got to be a fan here who cannot live without this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-NCAA-Basketball-NIT-Final-Program-St-Louis-vs-NYU-VGEX/331866313851?hash=item4d44c6147b:g:NJEAAOSwKfVXKjIi:sc:USPSFirstClass!63119!US!-1
  8. I think that is right. I think SLU needs to be more creative in getting out the crowds, especially with an MLS team on the way. Heck, invite students from the public schools. I am guessing that if Kalish had recruits in the crowd, they were impressed.
  9. It helped that SLU offered $5 tickets and gave away tickets to every Catholic elementary and high school in the region. It was fun though and this team looked good. The Bills nearly scored prior to the Irish counter which led to the 1-2 deficit. By the way, I do wonder if $10 is the market price. I cannot help but think it is in the $7-8 range.
  10. How about we get PRG-Schultz International to buy the naming rights. PRG-Schultz Arena at Chaifetz!
  11. SLU is going all out to get people to the Notre Dame game. I like it. $5 tickets on Ticketmaster with the code soccer for those who might be interested in one game a season, but not necessarily paying attention.
  12. No, they offered more money than usual and more than they can offer over the next few years.
  13. SLU offered more financial aid then usual. It was absolutely intentional. SLU greased the wheels in hopes of building momentum for the next few years.
  14. Southern Methodist is 2-2 on the season having lost to Providence and Denver. It is too bad that the Louisville game was cancelled due to severe weather, but this should be a good test (provided that this game does not get cancelled due to severe weather).
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